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Warren Christie of Syfy’s Alphas isn’t just a pretty face. In fact he is also quite charming and funny, which is never a bad thing. I was lucky enough to chat with him last week and I’m excited to say Warren made mention that he has signed on for an upcoming episode of the CW’s show Arrow. What the role is he can’t reveal yet but that is something to look forward too. Be sure to keep watching Alphas in the coming weeks, they are having a great season and Warren is a big part of that.

Guest Stars and Nice Girls

NiceGirls: Hey Warren.
Warren Christie: Hey Leah, how you doing?
NiceGirls: Good, how are you?
Warren Christie: Good. Nice Girls TV?
NiceGirls: Yes, you know, we are nice to your face and then talk behind your back. You know, like all nice girls do.
Warren Christie: I love it.
NiceGirls: You guys have had some really great guest stars this year. Do you have a favorite that you’ve gotten to work with?
Warren Christie: Oh, that’s like asking me to pick my favorite child.
NiceGirls: Every parent has a favorite child. *laughs*
Warren Christie: Yes, you know – yes, let’s not lie about it. *laughs* Oh man, everyone’s, you know so unique and so interesting that comes int. I think that…
NiceGirls: How about one you’ve gotten to work with more than another. Does that…
Warren Christie: Yes, that definitely helps. So that way I can judge them. *laughs*
NiceGirls: Yes, there you go.
Warren Christie: Well, you know, I haven’t worked with (Lauren Holly) much but I’ve chatted with her. We have a mutual friend and she’s very, very sweet, but I haven’t work with her. And then I can’t – I mean, I can’t tell if it’s something I’m going to be giving away…but I don’t think so. Because if I remember the last episode, there was a quick clip of someone’s face.
NiceGirls: Yes, in Stanton’s memory.
Warren Christie: In his memory.
NiceGirls: (Sean Aton).
Warren Christie: Okay. So it’s out there. And if it’s not, you just ruined it. So… *laughs*
NiceGirls: If they don’t know, they weren’t watching it close enough. *laughs*
Warren Christie: That’s it. But as long as all the blame’s on you, I’m comfortable now.
NiceGirls: Oh, well thanks.
Warren Christie: He and I have a bunch of stuff that comes up in the further. I think most people know, I mean, he came out at Comic-Con. So, he’s going to do…Yes, he’s going to do a couple of episodes and he and I our paths cross quite a bit. And he’s just a very, very cool guy. He’s very funny. Incredibly, incredibly sweet. Very fun to work with, just likes coming to work and bring that energy with them. So, you know, he’s just a fun guy to be around and we had a lot of fun doing the stuff we did and we were in a couple of what commonly would be described as remote locations. And so, the last thing you want to be is stuck out there with some, you know, boring guy.
But he was great and we had a lot of fun. And then like, you know, to go back to a question had earlier, you know, Pyper – John Pyper-Ferguson, he is going to show up more and we’re going to get to interact with him and, you know, he’s nice. You know, at this point, he’s not a guest start popping in, you know, but he’s someone that is always great to be across from.
You know, great guy so, we’ve had a lot really great people come in and we’re fortunate, you know, in that way just as we were in the first season that people want to come to our show and they want to have -you know, I think we have a fun show at the end of the day and I think hopefully that draws more people to it.
NiceGirls: Great. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me.
Warren Christie: No problem. Now are you going to go say things about me behind my back?
NiceGirls: Well, I don’t know, you’re blaming things on me so we might – we’ll see how the fallout goes from that. *laugh*
Warren Christie: So we have an understanding then, all right perfect.


The stunt work is one of my favorite things. It’s always a challenge and we have a really incredible stunt team that, you know, obviously, coordinates these things and then teaches it to us. It’s – you know, we’re a character-based story and that’s important but the stunts, I think, you know, can really ramp it up. I mean, we’ve had some incredible ones this year and I’ve got to say we’ve got some really, really big ones coming up in the upcoming episode. So it’s always something that I like the challenge of. It’s a nice mix, you know, between the character and what’s going on but it’s always exciting to show up one day, see how something’s written in the script and then see what our stunt coordinator, (Jamie Jones), brings to us because he always heightens everything and it’s really an amazing challenge.

His character Cameron’s Similarities to himself

Oh, well I think he A, is a lot cooler than I am. But, he – I think there’s a part in Cameron that’s, you know, we’ve seen him go through a lot. In the first season and the second season, there’s been a lot of subtle changes in what happens with the second half of the season is really, really some amazing things for him. But from the beginning, even from the onset, you know, I think he’s a fighter. I think he’s -you know, he lost his way a little bit and kind of isolated himself. But I think that once he was given, especially in the season he’s really been strangely enough the one who really wanted to hold the group together at the beginning of the season when he was so, you know, adverse to joining in the first. But that fighter mentality, that, you know, trying to overcome type of thing, I like to think I have aspects of that, you know, in myself as well.
But like I said, he’s a lot cooler than I am. He can do a lot more – I can’t run off a wall, I tell you that much.

Where things stand with Cameron and Nina

Yes, Hicks and Nina. You know, we learned at the beginning of the second season that they weren’t together and then the few episodes past we learned why. You know, they – I think that Hicks’s main focus is trying to, you know, create this life with Dani, like, I mean, Dani Rosen. I mean, he’s fallen for her and he really wants to make it work. In this next episode coming up, we’ll how his son comes into play and he’s a part of it. So I think his main focus is there. You know, I think we also saw in a couple episodes that there’s still a caring there, they still have a past and a relationship and that’s a tough thing just to walk away from. He cares about Nina, you know, in a way that, you know, only past couples can. But at the same time, I really think his main focus is trying to – you know, he’s trying to be good at work, he’s trying to be, you know, the best boyfriend he can.
And we’ll see in the upcoming that he’s really trying to fix his mistakes that he’s made as a father in the past and really push forward and make things as happy for himself as he can.

Cameron and the rest of the team

I mean, he was that, you know, that isolated guy who didn’t want to be, you know, a part of things in season one. But then, I have always thought he – although he put himself in that place he craved being a part of a team, he craved – you know, we’re talking about a guy who was a former marine. We’re talking about a guy who was a semipro baseball players, these are all team things. But the past, he let them down and that was his big problem. But I always thought that he craved being a part of team and once he had it, the fact that what happened at the end of season one and the team become so fractured, I think that’s what was interesting to see him at the beginning, you know, questioning the paperwork and doing the things he had to do. I mean, he was trying to hang on to. the thing with Nina, obviously, we see the effect of that as far as the two of them and they’re not together anymore but as we saw it go long distance, there’s still some care in there and now the, you know, the events that are going to transpire. As you can see at the end of “Gods and Monsters”, Dr. Rosen’s kind of figured out where Dani is as far as, you know, her part in everything. He’s going to take a bit of a different path. I wouldn’t say necessarily become, you know, completely isolated but his agenda’s going to change massively in a certain way.

Past Projects

Oh, what did I take away from Apollo 18? Don’t ever wear a space suit because they are heavy and backbreaking. That – yes, that was a – that was probably, strange enough, one of the toughest physical shoots I’ve ever been around and emotionally. And it was, you know, we shot it in X amount of days and it was very, very high paced and a lot of stuff. And those suits are heavy. They’re ridiculously heavy and – but every day, you know, you wake – I would wake up and something else would hurt and, you know, you splash some water on your face and you shake it off and you get back at it.
It was a really intense challenge. It was one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done and Lloyd Owen, who I worked with, was phenomenal. And we would have literally moments where we were bent over in pain in these suits laughing because you get past the point and you just get to hysteria because it’s so wild. But, again, it has to do with the work and the people you work with. The director was great and we had a nice crew. And, you know, Lloyd and I, we had to laugh or we would’ve cried some days.

On the possibility of his wife doing an episode of Alphas in the future

We – yes, I’d love to see her on Alphas. She’s incredibly talented. She’s the talented one in the duo. She’s great and I’d love to see her to come on Alphas. She’s beautiful, she’s talented and I think, you know, if you find the right character, she could really blow it out of the water. We – I’m trying to think if we’ve worked together. We kind of worked together early, early on. We both first started acting not necessary worked together but we were on the same kind of cheesy movie of the week and that’s through a friend how we originally met. And then on Super Natural, we did it years apart…a few year apart because that show’s been on for 25 years, I think. But, yes, we haven’t really worked tighter too much but, I think it would be great to see her hop on our show, you know. If we’re fortunate to go forward, she – I think she could bring a lot to a character.

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