Ksenia Solo Cast in LOCKE & KEY – EXCLUSIVE!

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Hot on the heels of her provocative guest turn in the CW’s Nikita, NiceGirlsTV has learned that Ksenia Solo has been cast in the highly anticipated Locke & Key pilot, currently being shot in Pittsburgh for FOX.

Based on the comic book series of the same name by writer Joe Hill and artist Gabriel Rodriguez, Locke & Key follows the Locke family as they deal with the aftermath of their dad Russell’s brutal murder and a subsequent move to his old family home in Massachusetts. There, they are pestered by an evil entity that’s determined to hold the family hostage one way or another until it gets what it wants. Also starring are Miranda Otto as mom Nina Locke, Jesse McCartney as son (and series lead) Tyler, Sarah Bolger as daughter Kinsey, and Skylar Gaertner as youngest son Bode.

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