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This week’s casting couch features the following guest stars: Actor Christopher Heyerdahl (Hell on Wheels, Supernatural, Sanctuary and Stargate: Atlantis) will guest star in an upcoming episode of Beauty And the Beast, playing Dr. Nicholas Markus, a respected physician and medical mentor to Vincent Keller (series lead Jay Ryan). The next new episode of Beauty And the Beast will air ... Read More »



This week the casting couch features a handful (or so) of actors who will be showing in some of our returning fall favorites and new favorite series: Actor Grant Gustin (Glee) has been cast in the role of Barry Allen, aka The Flash on The CW series Arrow, which will be back for its sophomore season on October 9. Actor ... Read More »

FRINGE: Producers & Stars Share Scoop From WonderCon {VIDEO}


This past weekend the executive producers – Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman – and most of the main cast – Joshua Jackson, John Noble, Blair Brown and Seth Gabel – of the fan favorite FOX drama Fringe took the stage at WonderCon to a very enthusiastic and anticipatory audience. First, though, they were treated to an eclectic montage of scenes ... Read More »

FRINGE: A Comic Con Chat with Anna Torv & John Noble


Fringe star Anna Torv sits down, almost apologetic in her manner. She had been standing nearby, waiting for co-star John Noble to join her before deciding to go ahead and start without him. She is friendly, gracious, and easy to converse with as eager reporters present start engaging her in conversation from all directions. Noble soon joins and immediately instructs ... Read More »

FRINGE: John Nobel & Christopher Lloyd Tease Tonight’s Episode

In the sci-fi series Fringe, John Noble plays the slightly befuddled, yet brilliant Dr. Walter Bishop. As this season has revealed, there is — not only a nearly identical alternate universe paralleling ours — there is also a battle looming on the horizon as to which universe will be allowed to survive as they appear to be colliding– and only ... Read More »

Fringe Executive Producers Talk Season 3 Secrets & Reveals

During a recent conference call with NiceGirlsTV, executive producers Jeff Pinkner and J. H. Wyman talked about what the third season of Fox’s super hot sci-fi series Fringe will reveal. The biggest reveal was that this season episodes are going to alternate between the two different timelines.  One episode will take place here and then the next will take place there.  ... Read More »

“Fringe” Tuesdays Are Back!

“Fringe” returns tonight and it couldn’t be soon enough for us Nice Girls. If you haven’t been following the show all season, not to worry. You can jump right in tonight and enjoy it along with the rest of us, and you won’t be lost on what’s going on. Our friend, Daniel, the TV Addict, encourages you this way: Oh ... Read More »

Dollhouse & Fringe at New York Comic Con

Joss Whedon is scheduled to take Dollhouse on the road in February, appearing at the New York Comic Con on February 8 at 12:45PM to premiere the first episode (a week before it airs on Fox) and participate in a Q&A session. Get more information at the NYCC blog. Most of the cast of Fringe are also scheduled to appear, ... Read More »

Video: John Noble On “Fringe” Return

It’s always a delight to see and hear John Noble talk about a character he’s playing, and this video from IGN is just another treat for Fringe fans. Take a look. Read More »

MoWe and GG on WWK

Do you have your secret decoder ring for that article title? No? OK, I’ll decode it for you: My Own Worst Enemy and Gossip Girl on Watch With Kristin. (Go ahead and write that on your NGTV cheat sheet, I’ll wait…) In this week’s episode of WWK on E! Online, Kristin chatted with Christian Slater and Saffron Burrows about MoWe, ... Read More »