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BITTEN is Back!


Bitten is back and they fit a lot into two hours. The season starts right where they left off, searching for Malcolm. Turns out Malcolm isn’t too hard to find, but it doesn’t matter because we have a new “problem”. Witches. They arrive at the werewolves door in mist as the best witches do. It’s gloriously scary. Scary enough to ... Read More »

SCANDAL “I’m Just a Bill” Poll


I want to recap last nights Scandal but I can’t…yet. I am annoyed and I have too many emotions to work through before I can get my thoughts out in a coherent post. While I stew about last nights episode I thought I’d put it out to you guys – what did you think? How is it possible that Olivia ... Read More »

Nice Boy of the Week: Greyston Holt


Our Nice Boy this week is Greyston Holt. The Canadian born actor can be seen on his current show Bitten which airs its second season Friday, April 17, on Syfy. In contrast to his brooding character Clay, Greyston is what my editor would call “cheeky”. Check out our Q&A below: Q. What is Clayton’s nicest quality? Greyston Holt: His loyalty. Q. Is there anything you ... Read More »

BITTEN Season 2 “The Undoing”


Syfy is one of the better networks when it comes to additional content. They go all out with their extras. This is especially true with Bitten which premiers it’s second season Friday the 17th. Before you watch the new episodes I suggest you click here to check out The Undoing. The Undoing dives into the rich back-story and mythology of the series ... Read More »

12 MONKEYS Recap: Arms of Mine


12 Monkeys does not waste a single second of their finale by the time we get to the end you will be so very happy to remember they have been renewed for a second season. Aaron – he reaps what he sows. Cole and Cassy beat some information out of him before leaving him to succumb in a fire. I ... Read More »

12 MONKEYS Season Finale “Arms of Mine” Sneak Peek

12 Monkeys - Season 1

12 Monkeys freshman season is coming to a close tonight with a spectacular finale. Our friends over at Syfy sent us the following sneak peek. Cole and Cassie confront their enemies, while everyone at the facility in 2043 face a new threat. Arms of Mine – Sneak Peek Tweet along with us over at @nicegirlstv during the finale and check ... Read More »

BITTEN An Interview with Greyston Holt & Laura Vandervoort


We had the chance to chat with lovely Greyston Holt & Laura Vandervoort about the upcoming season of Bitten before the second season premieres April 17th. We also have some cool Bitten content coming out next week so be sure to check back. Witches: Greyston Holt: I think it just – it broadens all of our horizons a little bit you ... Read More »

NEW GIRL Recap: Par 5


Fawn is back and she is rubbing Cece the wrong way. Of course it is because Cece loves Schmidt but still – Cece isn’t entirely wrong. Fawn is controlling. Fawn also has a charity golf event to go to in the morning, something Jess invites herself to. Seeing as Jess doesn’t golf this should be interesting. Fawn is immediately embarrassed ... Read More »

12 MONKEYS Recap: Paradox

NUP_166400_0086_595_Mini Logo TV white - Gallery

2015 Jones is meeting with her father and talking about a new job offer she has working on quantum splintering. He tells her, “You can’t live by science alone.” When she gets home Cassy is there waiting, she needs Jones’s help. While Cassy is out on this mission Aaron starts to pitch his idea of saving the ones you love ... Read More »

SCANDAL Recap: Honor They Father


Scandal is a twisty show and I’m not always sure how the best way to recap it is – this week we are going to take it one story at a time: The Case of B613 vs The US Attorney General “If you don’t testify I can’t protect you.” Not a good threat to level at Jake. David uses Quinn, ... Read More »