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SCORPION Recap: Crossroads


I’m not going to say anything about the opening sequence – not a word. Not one word. Happy, wearing killer shoes and a little black dress waits for Toby at a restaurant. He is sleeping on the couch and misses the whole thing. The next day Toby tries to make it right with a bouquet of wrenches while the team ... Read More »

12 MONKEYS Recap: Shonin


1987 Ramse shows up in Tokyo. He gets a quick understanding of just how difficult time travel is. Moments later Cole shows up but Ramse manages to hide. Over at a club in Tokyo, where the toupees are as plentiful as the cocaine, Leland gets a first time look at the remains the virus is later pulled from. He appears ... Read More »

12 MONKEYS “Shonin” Video Sneak Peek


It’s Friday! Syfy has a brand new episode of 12 Monkeys on tonight and they were good enough to send us a sneak peek. Watch that below and check back in at NiceGirlsTV tomorrow to read our recap of what goes down in, “Shonin”. Startling truths about the virus are revealed, when Cole travels to Tokyo in 1987. 12 Monkeys ... Read More »

SCORPION Recap: Young Hearts Spark Fire


I patiently sat through the opening sequence – well not all that patently. Longest. Opening. Ever. Case of the week – missing group of hikers. The team is going to use some tracking software to find them as the Santa Ana winds are really picking up and there is limited visibility. Sylvester refers to the helicopter they are going to ... Read More »

SCANDAL Recap: It’s Good to Be Kink


Abby isn’t happy with Leo. He’s disgusting and she’s going to handle it. Of course that means Abby is going to talk Olivia into handling whatever it is. It’s a book manuscript a very racy one featuring a number of the DC elite. It’s so descriptive that Abby makes Olivia look away when she is confirming which part is Leo ... Read More »

HART OF DIXIE Recap: End of Days


Annabeth has a dream where she is visited by the founder of Bluebell. He’s very old timey and leaves her the five signs of the apocalypse. Cricket hears about Annabeth’s dream and she takes it pretty seriously. She is sure today is the last day on earth. Lavon and Lemon try to calm her to no avail. Cricket figures the ... Read More »

12 MONKEYS Recap: Divine Move


2043 Ramse pours gas on everything in Splinter and lights it on fire. Cole is in 2015 so this isn’t good. 2015 Cassy and Aaron are having a lovely little dinner while discussing their next planned adventure. What happens next is what always happens when two hot people are alone together. Of course then in walks Cole. Aaron gets mouthy ... Read More »

12 MONKEYS “Divine Move” Video Sneak Peek


The great thing about Friday (besides the obvious thing being Friday is the best day) is it’s time for a new 12 Monkeys episode. Tonight’s episode, “Divine Move” has Ramse doing what it takes to protect his newfound family, leaving Cole to deal with the aftermath. We have a video sneak peek below. Be sure to following along with NiceGirl Mynda ... Read More »

iZombie: Comic Con Press Room Highlights


Comic book recreations are everywhere these days and thankfully Rob Thomas, the genius behind Veronica Mars, is jumping into the fray. Teaming again with Diane Ruggiero, Rob is bringing iZombie to The CW this fall. The series follows Olivia Moore (Rose McIver), a med student turned zombie, as she tries to cope with her newfound deadness. She ends up working ... Read More »

12 MONKEYS Recap: Tomorrow

12 Monkeys - Season 1

2017 Cole is walking around Chechnya bloody and battered. No one even notices though because the plague has ravaged the world. Cole sees Cassy on TV talking about how the CDC is working on a cure. She wants people who are immune to come to Baltimore, she needs their help. 2043 Jones addresses her fellow scientists and soldiers. She denounces ... Read More »