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SCANDAL Recap: An Innocent Man


Now – before I get into this week’s recap I have a comment about the episode from two weeks back, an episode I’m ashamed to admit I just watched about two hours ago. Does anyone else have a problem with this Jake story line? Correct me if I’m wrong – Last season Rowen told Fitz that Olivia’s Mom killed Jerry. ... Read More »

HAVEN Exposure Sneak Peek & Video Clip


It’s Friday which means we have a sneak peek of tonight’s all new episode of Haven along with a look inside last weeks episode. Tonight on Haven, Audrey seeks help from a familiar face, now that she is no longer immune to the Troubles. Haven airs 7/6c on Syfy Exposure – Sneak Peek Inside Haven Read More »

SCORPION Recap: True Colors


First things first, in case you missed it – Scorpion was picked up for a full season. Yay Team Scorpion! Oh and secondly, now that they have been picked up for a whole season I have to admit I’m not sure how much longer I can listen to that opening sequence. It’s all very redundant and reminds me of Burn ... Read More »

CONSTANTINE: Comic Con Press Room Highlights


Everyone is in the comic reimaging game right now and NBC is no different. They have adapted the DC Comic Constantine for their fall line up. Some of you may remember Keanu Reeves playing the title role in the 2005 movie of the same name. In case you don’t remember – “Seasoned demon hunter and master of the occult John ... Read More »

HAVEN “Nowhere Man” Sneak Peek and Video Clips


It’s Friday! And that can only mean one thing  – the Syfy Original Series Haven is all new. On tonight’s episode, “Nowhere Man” Audrey and Nathan are finally reunited, but a terrible Trouble could tear them apart forever. Below you can watch a sneak peek of the episode as well as an Inside Haven video clip from last week. Be sure ... Read More »

SCORPION Recap: Plutonium is Forever


About a mile outside the Montero Nuclear Reactor a man is wandering around. When the military gets there to stop him – Humvees and helicopters and automatic weapons – oh my! The man says he wants to talk to Walter O’Brien. Gallo bring Walter to Fort Daniels Military Base where they are holding Mark Collins. He is the man they ... Read More »

NEW GIRL Recap: Landline


Apparently a new building is going up next to the building our quirky group lives in. This is seriously affecting cell service, in fact the only place they can get service is by the window next to Nick’s bed. Nick just wants to take a nap, as he puts it his room is not a business center. The gang doesn’t ... Read More »

SCORPION Recap: Casino Heist


Team Scorpion is heading to Vegas. A casino there hired them to do their thing. Agent Gallo is skeptical of them heading out on their own so soon but Walter is adamant, and well he’s super smart therefor always right. I’m pretty sure this will come back to bite him but I’ll try to act surprised when it does. The ... Read More »

HAVEN The Old Switcheroo Part 1 Sneak Peek and Video Clips


The Syfy original show Haven has moved to Friday’s and you won’t want to miss tonight’s all new episode. Below you can watch a sneak peek of the all new episode, “The Old Switcheroo” as well as Part 2 of Haven Origins. In the first-part of tomorrow night’s episode, Vince and Dave head to North Carolina to investigate Dave’s past, ... Read More »

SCANDAL Recap: Inside the Bubble


Cyrus and his hair runs into Michael the Hooker (I’m pretty sure that’s his government name) at a local restaurant. Michael assures him he isn’t stalking Cyrus. I refuse to believe that Cyrus is naïve enough to think running into someone you recently had all but naked in your bed is a coincidence. Mellie, wearing yoga pants instead of sweats ... Read More »