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Covert Affairs, now in it’s 5th season on USA, is one of the most fantastic summer shows on TV. Year after year the show has delivered briliiant storylines, solid acting and great guest stars. This year has been no exception. USA ordered 16 episodes of Covert Affairs this year and we are about 1/2 way through the season.Nothing is ever ... Read More »

SPOOKED: A Web Series from Geek & Sundry


Web series are popping up all over the place these days and quite a few of them are excellent. One of the good ones, SPOOKED, can be seen on Felicia Day’s Geek & Sundry channel on YouTube. SPOOKED is a ghost hunter parody of sorts. I say of sorts because while they do poke some fun at the ghost hunting ... Read More »

The Musketeers – Summer Show Obsession


Below is my love letter to BBC’s The Musketeers. Try to stay with me while I ramble on about all its greatness. I like TV. If I were a teenage girl I’d say, “I like TV…like…like like it.” My DVR is always full. There are shows I watch 15 minutes after they air so I can skip through commercials, there ... Read More »

WAREHOUSE 13 Recap: Endless

Warehouse 13 SDCC 13

Warehouse 13 ends its run tonight with what might be the most perfect episode – ever. I was going to do the normal recap but I am not sure I can do it justice. Instead I’m going to run down a few main points and urge you to watch it (if you haven’t already). If you have watched it I ... Read More »

WAREHOUSE 13 Recap: Cangku Shisi

Warehouse 13 - Season 5

Benedict is back and he has taken Claudia’s sister. He took one of the tuning forks from Artie when they were in the alternate timeline so that he wasn’t erased when they realigned things. He has been hiding out in his own room in the dead agents vault all this time. Benedict uses an artifact to control Claire so that ... Read More »



Our Nice Boy this week is Saul Rubinek. Born in Germany in the late 40’s his parents moved to Canada shortly after he was born. He has been married to Elinor Reid since the 90’s as is a father of two. In the 80’s he started to find recognition on TV and in movies. He was in Oliver Stone’s Wallstreet ... Read More »

ABOUT A BOY Recap: About a Birthday Party


It’s time for Marcus’s birthday. He doesn’t have a very good track record with parties though so Fiona says they are not going to throw him one this year. Will thinks that is crazy talk and insists they have one for Marcus. Fiona actually pulls out a notebook that documents all of the disasters that have happened over the years ... Read More »

NEW GIRL Recap: Cruise


The season finale of New Girl takes place on a cruise ship. Nick and Jess had booked it when they were together and now that they are broken up they don’t’ want to go alone. The package was non-refundable so they talked the cruise line into letting them bring four other people. Coach spends most of the cruise freaked out ... Read More »

WAREHOUSE 13 Recap: Savage Seduction

Warehouse 13 - Season 5

The Warehouse 13 team splits up this week to handle two cases. Claudia and Steve take on a frat that possesses an artifact that will split someone into two parts. A fun party self and a serious study self. Of course while attempting to get the artifact back hijinks ensue. Steve gets split in half. He is quite grumpy and ... Read More »

WAREHOUSE 13: Sneak Peek “Savage Seduction”

Warehouse 13 - Episode 5.04 - Savage Seduction - Promotional Photos (4)

Warehouse 13 airs, what might be the funniest episode to date, tonight. In “Savage Seduction” Pete, Myka and Artie try to help Pete’s ex-girlfriend Kelly Hernandez when her grandmother gets trapped inside a telenovela. Below is a sneak peek of tonight’s all new episode. Warehouse 13 airs 9/8c on Syfy Savage Seduction Read More »