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12 MONKEYS Recap: The Keys


This episode takes place predominately in 2015. CIA Headquarters – A briefing on the origins of virus strain M5-10. It was found in the remains of a person found in the Himalayans in the 80’s.Of course we weaponized it and now are going to test it. What better way than to use it in order to kill a guy, Wexler, ... Read More »

12 MONKEYS “The Keys” Sneak Peek


It’s Friday and that means 12 Monkeys is all new tonight. We’ve got a sneak peek from the episode below. Cole, Cassandra and Aaron go to Chechnya to stop the virus from being released as a bio-weapon. The Keys – Sneak Peek 12 Monkeys airs 9/8c on Syfy Read More »

NEW GIRL Recap: Spiderhunt


Nick apparently can cook a sauce. A fabulous sauce. A sauce so good Schmidt is having Nick make it for Fawn who is coming over to the loft for the first time. Let that sink in – Nick is cooking for Schmidt. Cece is avoiding Schmidt, due to the liking him and all. Winston is so pleased to be in ... Read More »

SCORPION Recap: Going South


Nauseatingly long opening sequence – Check. Walter pulls the team together to show them an interview he did, an interview where he talks mainly about himself. When the team does get mentioned, very briefly at the end, the interviewer doesn’t even get the facts about them straight. You can guess how well that went over. Case of the week involves ... Read More »

HELIX Recap: M. Domestica

Helix - Season 2

I’m filling in for our darling Mynda this week who is a little under the weather. Don’t worry though; she will be back next week. Helix is a trip and man do they fit a lot of goings on into an hour show. Let’s talk about what I “learned” this hour. Ilaria is oddly like every other major clandestine corporation ... Read More »

SCANDAL Recap: No More Blood

Scandal, ABC

Well what do you know – Olivia speaks Farsi. Suppose she picked that up from Rosetta Stone? She uses her handy little skill to play her kidnappers and the Iranians, that won her in the bid, against each other. It works. Meanwhile the CIA has an extraction plan as well as a termination plan. Not a very good extraction plan, ... Read More »

NEW GIRL Recap: Oregon


Jess’s Dad is getting married and Jess and the gang are heading to Portland for the shindig. Jake Apex is going to be at the wedding as well. Apparently he was Cece’s high school crush. Like she couldn’t get out a single coherent word when he would speak to her. Side Note: I’m pretty sure the all pharmacist a capella ... Read More »

JANE THE VIRGIN “Chapter Fourteen” Photos & Synopsis

Chapter Fourteen

Trust and long term feelings are the name of the game on tonight’s all new episode of Jane the Virgin. Michael (Brett Dier) is convinced that Rafael (Justin Baldoni) is helping to hide his father and puts the thought into Jane’s (Gina Rodriguez) head as well, making her grow suspicious of Rafael’s recent actions.   Elsewhere, Jane forces Xo (Andrea Navedo) ... Read More »

SCANDAL Recap: Full Circle

Scandal, ABC

This episode can be summed up in four simple words: Olivia’s really in trouble. We start with Abby figuring out something is wrong with Olivia. She immediately heads to OP&A. Quinn and Huck freeze her out, “You’re not a Gladiator anymore.” Cyrus has Fitz sign a number of Executive Orders – one to fire his whole Secret Service staff (the ... Read More »

REIGN “The End of Mourning” Photos & Synopsis

The End of Mourning

Love triangles abound on tonight’s all new episode of Reign. As Mary (Adelaide Kane) and Francis (Toby Regbo) investigate who was behind the poisoning of King Henry (Alan Van Sprang), they unearth secrets of the past which force Mary to confront her feelings for Condé (Sean Teale) as she attempts to move forward. Catherine (Megan Follows) finds herself in the ... Read More »