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LOST GIRL “Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts” Sneak Peek


Lost Girl is all new on Syfy tonight and it looks like it is going to be another great episode. How could it not be when it’s episode title is a play on one of the best speeches from Friday Night Lights? Tamsin goes undercover as a college cheerleader to help Dyson with his investigation of a murdered football player. ... Read More »

BITTEN “Bad Dreams” Sneak Peek


Guess what? It’s Friday and that means tonight Bitten is all new on Syfy. A Spanish Alpha tries to blackmail Jeremy into murdering another Alpha. Meanwhile, Savannah visits Elena to reveal a disturbing premonition Bad Dreams – Sneak Peek Just when things seem under control … this happens. Bitten airs 9/8c on Friday on Syfy Read More »

LOST GIRL “When God Opens a Window” Sneak Peek


Friday wouldn’t be complete without a new episode of Lost Girl on Syfy. Bo and Tamsin disagree over a young Fae who asks for their help, while Trick turns to Dyson with a mysterious case Check out a sneak peek below Lost Girl airs Friday 10/9c on Syfy Read More »

BITTEN “Rabbit Hole” Sneak Peek


It’s Friday and that means an all new episode of Bitten tonight on Syfy. Elena is forced to guide Dr. Bauer through her first transformation. Meanwhile, the Pack and Coven try to find the location of Aleister’s hideout Catch a glimpse of what is to come in the sneak peek below: Bitten airs Friday 9/8c on Syfy Read More »

NEW GIRL Recap: Clean Break


Season finale time on New Girl. Let’s see where they leave everyone, shall we? Coach is leaving for NY. He moved a lot as a child and has a system. He calls it a clean break, if it isn’t essential then it gets tossed. “Memories are not essential. That’s what makes the system work.” By the end of the episode ... Read More »

BITTEN “Dead Meat” Sneak Peek


It’s Friday and that means Syfy has a great night of shows lined up – starting with an all new Bitten. The Pack and witches resort to dark magic to find their missing members. Meanwhile, a kidnapped Elena meets a woman who brings a new meaning to the idea of a mad scientist. Find out exactly what that means below. ... Read More »

LOST GIRL “Big in Japan” Sneak Peek


We are inching ever closer to Friday which means there is a new episode of Lost Girl on Syfy. Bo and Tamsin must protect a Japanese warrior from a fail-safe assassin. Meanwhile, Lauren deals with death threats of her own Catch a glimpse of the episode below. Big in Japan Lost Girl airs 10/9c on Syfy Read More »

NEW GIRL Recap: Panty Gate


This episode is all about breakup’s and makeup’s. May tells Coach she has a job offer in NY and she has to take it so they decide to break up. However Coach doesn’t take it well. Crying and incoherent sentences and all of that. Nick and Winston take Coach out, something they do after every one of Coach’s breakup’s only ... Read More »

SCANDAL Recap: First Lady Sings the Blues


I was annoyed last week – annoyed that Olivia, crazy smart Olivia, can’t seem to find a man her Dad didn’t pick for her. I totally understand the premise of Scandal. Olivia is this badass business woman. She handles shit, like a boss. Her personal life however is a mess and I’m okay with that. What annoys me is that ... Read More »

THE MENTALIST on DVD: The Complete Seventh and Final Season


From Warner Bros. Home Entertainment the final season of The Mentalist is coming to DVD on April 28th. Included in the 3-disc set is all 13 episodes plus a never before seen featurette; Patrick Jane: An Uncommon Man  The FBI’s masterfully manipulative criminal consultant Patrick Jane is back at it again. Formerly employed by the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Jane ... Read More »