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WAREHOUSE 13: Interview with Saul Rubinek & Aaron Ashmore

Warehouse 13 SDCC 13

Warehouse 13 may be coming to an end but the interviews with the cast are helping ease the pain. We had a chance to do a conference call with Saul Rubinek and Aaron Ashmore. Check it out below and be sure to watch Warehouse 13 tomorrow night on Syfy. Telenovela: Saul Rubinek Yeah, we were two completely different episodes there ... Read More »

HART OF DIXIE Recap: Back in the Saddle Again

Back in the Saddle Again

NiceGirl Louise is gallivanting around Wonder Con this weekend (I’m clearly not bitter about it) so I am filling in on this week’s Hart of Dixie. The County Fair Bluebell is in the running to host the County Fair. Lavon has a miniature Bluebell with fair rides made up and he is sure he can close the deal. That is ... Read More »

SCANDAL: Season 3 Bloopers – Video

Scandal, ABC

After last nights killer season finale of Scandal I find I’m suffering from a major Scandal Hangover. To help get you through I suggest you watch the below Scandal Season 3 Blooper Reel. It premiered on Jimmy Kimmel’s after the show special last night. It’s funny – you know as bloopers tend to be – and there is a Felicity ... Read More »

SCANDAL Recap: Shut it Down

Scandal, ABC

So much happened in this episode of Scandal. So much. I’m not even sure where to start. How about the bombing first? Cyrus keeps quiet about the bomb but fortunately Jake gets to the White House in time for them to give the order to evacuate the church. Olivia watches the evacuation on the TV from the hospital where she ... Read More »

ABOUT A BOY Recap: About a Slopmaster

About a Boy - Season 1

Will gets a royalty check and takes Andy and Marcus on a shopping spree. He picks up a margarita machine because as he puts it, “If you love something you lure it to your house with margaritas.” He is talking about throwing a party and inviting Samantha aka Dr. Sam. Andy isn’t sure this is a good idea. Guesses on ... Read More »

NEW GIRL Recap: Big News

New Girl - "Big News"

Nick and Jess are post break up – Nick has it written on his hand. In fact he has a lot of things written on his hand. He’s a grown up with a law degree, right? Speaking of grown up’s Jess is in the closet changing. Explain to me how breaking up means you have to get dressed in the ... Read More »

WAREHOUSE 13 “Endless Terrors” Synopsis and Photos

Warehouse 13, Syfy

Warehouse 13 is back with an all new episode – finally! Sadly it is only a six episode “season” to wrap things up before the show ends it’s run. Be sure to tune in tonight – you will not want to miss out on any of it. Tonight’s episode “Endless Terrors” begins with Claudia facing off against Paracelsus, but he manages ... Read More »

SCANDAL Recap: Flesh and Blood

Scandal, ABC

Let’s cover the two side stories from this episode of Sandal first. Leo stoops to a new low and has a girl who goes to school with the President’s son get his DNA. She does it by sleeping with him. In exchange Leo is going to get her into Harvard. It’s very Old School. Do you remember in the movie ... Read More »

ABOUT A BOY Recap: About a Poker Night


The theme of this episode of About a Boy should be Will isn’t happy. You’ll see it pop up a few times. First off Marcus got invited to his first sleepover. Fiona of course goes overboard; this is the first night they are ever going to spend apart. She packs all of his clothes, healthy snacks, a first aid kit ... Read More »