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Ascension 1.02 – Insanity Trips & Inside Men


WARNING: This is a collection of thoughts and spoilers. I don’t usually feel the need add a disclaimer, however, if  you are reading an article about a show you haven’t watched then….you get what you get. Last nights episode was as much of a wild ride as the first. First off, can you imagine if you were Stokes and one ... Read More »

SCORPION Recap: Dominoes


Honestly Scorpion when we get back from our mid-winter break I had better not have to hear your opening sequence again. I get it, Walter is smart. We all get it. Also, I do not need to see that poor forlorn kid version of Walter being walked out of his house in handcuffs. Come on! It may be Christmas but ... Read More »

HART OF DIXIE “Kablang” Synopsis and Photos


Guess what? Hart of Dixie is back! Below is the synopsis and photos from the season premier, “Kablang”. Zoe (Rachel Bilson) is excited that Wade (Wilson Bethel) has decided to stay in BlueBell. However, she is struggling with getting him to notice her attempts at romantic gestures. Brick (Tim Matheson) is surprised when he gets a knock on his door ... Read More »

NEW GIRL Recap: LAXmas


Its Christmas time on New Girl and the gang all has plans to get home for the holidays. Jess is making out with her hot British secret boyfriend when he suggests she come home with him to London for Christmas. She thinks it might be too soon to meet the parents but he goes on about the fun they will ... Read More »

SCORPION Recap: Revenge


Criminals in bird masks – so basically my worst fear – break into a safe manufacturer, shoot a few people and set off a few bombs before taking off. At the crime scene Team Scorpion meet up with an Interpol Agent who explains that this was the work of “The Ghosts”. Super criminals. Scorpion is on the case. Not without ... Read More »

THE ORIGINALS “The Map of Moments” Synopsis and Photos


The Originals is all new and we have a synopsis and photos from the episode “The Map of Moments” below. Be sure to watch tonight. When Rebekah (Claire Holt) notices an unusual change in Elijah’s (Daniel Gillies) behavior, she asks Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) to meet her at their safe house, reuniting them with baby Hope. After ... Read More »

HAVEN: “Chosen” Sneak Peek and BTS Video Clip


It is already midseason finale time on Haven. We find Nathan and Audrey devising a plan to stop Mara once and for all. The good people over at Syfy have sent over a sneak peek of tonight’s all new episode along with a behind the scenes look at the cast talking about last weeks phenomenal episode. Haven airs Friday 7/6c on Syfy ... Read More »

THE GOLDBERGS “I Rode a Hoverboard” Synopsis and Photos


A new episode of The Goldbergs airs tonight. We’ve got photos below so check them out and be sure to watch the episode live. Adam tells a wild story to the kids at school to explain his broken arm, but his lie ends up threatening his friendship with Emmy Mirsky. Meanwhile, Beverly worries that her family won’t eat at home ... Read More »

ARROW “The Brave and the Bold” Synopsis and Photos


Part II of the Arrow and The Flash crossover is happening tonight and if the below photos are any indication it is going to be a great episode. Oliver (Stephen Amell), Arsenal (Colton Haynes) and Diggle (David Ramsey) track down the location of a boomerang-wielding killer named Digger Harkness (guest star Nick E. Tarabay) but are surprised when they come ... Read More »

NEW GIRL Recap: Girl Fight


Let’s take it story by story shall we? Jess, Cece, Schmidt & Coach The girls get into a fight over a purse. It’s a fight like Schmidt has never seen. When the guys fight they argue until someone punches someone else in the stomach and then it’s done. When the girls fight it is all passive aggressive, lasts three days ... Read More »