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NEW GIRL Recap: Julie Berkman’s Older Sister

New Girl - "Julie Beckman's Older Sister"

The boys are all getting on each other’s nerves but Jess doesn’t have time for this nonsense and it is nonsense. Nick has a crystal bowl full of orange juice pulp – that kind of nonsense. Her Dad and his new girlfriend are on their way over. They need to tighten up and find the french press for heaven sakes! ... Read More »

SCORPION Recap: Single Point of Failure


This episode of Scorpion was all about family. The case of the week involves the Governor and his child. They arrive at the Governor’s house to find the CDC there. Walter and Paige meet the Governor and his very sick daughter. Her organs are shutting down and she has less than 24 hours to live. On her computer is a ... Read More »

SCANDAL Recap: Life’s a Beach


You know those recaps that succinctly retell the main plot points of an episode? This is not one of those recaps. I ramble and I make assumptions and I call characters names. Wanted to let you know what you were in for. Now – on to the episode. First can we talk about the music? Scandal only uses music from ... Read More »

HAVEN: Video Clips and Sneak Peek “Spotlight”


Haven is all new tonight and that means we have a sneak peek at the episode “Spotlight”. In tonight’s episode Dwight and Duke deal with a new danger that threatens to burn the town to the ground. Meanwhile, Nathan helps Mara hide from a mob of angry Haven citizens. The darlings over at Syfy also sent a behind the scenes ... Read More »

NEW GIRL Recap: Dice


Two separate stories on tonight’s New Girl so let’s take the B line story first, shall we? Winston needs to make friends at the academy and he is having some trouble doing that. He asks Cece, Nick and Coach to come to a barbeque with him to help him make friends. Unfortunately for Winston, Nick, Cece and Coach got high ... Read More »

SCORPION Recap: Pilot


If Scorpion can keep up the pace they set in the pilot episode it should be a fun ride. We meet Walter as a 9 year old boy who has hacked into NASA because he wanted the shuttle blue prints for his wall. You know, just like every kid does, right? As he is about to be detained by armed ... Read More »

HAVEN: “Speak No Evil” Sneak Peek and Video Clips


Haven is all new tonight and the good people over at Syfy have sent us a sneak peek as well as a look behind the scenes of Haven’s first episode. Tonight’s episode titled, “Speak no Evil” finds Nathan devising a plan to kidnap Mara. Meanwhile, Duke is the only person who can protect the town from a new danger. Speak No ... Read More »

NEW GIRL Recap: The Last Wedding


New Girl is back! Was it as funny as season one? No. Was it better than last season? Yes. Summer is wedding season and the gang have attended eleven so far. They have one more wedding to attend but Jess is tired. She is considering having a party for herself, one that showcases how seriously she has committed herself to ... Read More »

HAVEN: A Chat with Emily Rose & Lucas Bryant

Haven - Season 5

The Syfy original series Haven has started off the Fall TV Season and if you aren’t watching, well shame on you. You’re only one episode behind though, so there is plenty of time to catch up on one of the most interesting shows on TV. Thanks to the good folks over at Syfy we had a chance to speak with ... Read More »

HAVEN “See No Evil” Season 5 Photos and Video

Haven - Season 5

Syfy’s original series Haven is back this Thursday September 11th and what a great way to kick off the fall TV season. When the series returns for its fifth season, Haven’s protectors are thrust into uncharted waters: Duke (Eric Balfour) is now a ticking time bomb, fighting to contain the Troubles within him, while Nathan (Lucas Bryant) faces his greatest ... Read More »