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BLINDSPOT Round Table: Evil Handmade Instrument


The fall finale (they expect us to wait until February for a new episode) aired last night and it was a good one. Here’s where we are on the episode title anagrams: “Woe Has Joined” (alternate title for the pilot): “Who is Jane Doe?” “A Stray Howl”: “Taylor Shaw” “Eight Slim Grins”: “The missing girl” “Bone May Rot”: “Or maybe ... Read More »



It’s that time of week again – We gather round and pick our favorite women from this week in TV. Bre-Z who plays Freda Gatz in Empire Nominated by Lisa: This week was the big rap battle Freda vs. Hakeem and she killed it! She is so talented. It is so refreshing to see a female artist showcase her talent without ... Read More »

QUANTICO Poll: Who do you think the bomber is?


You know that Seinfeld quote,“Maybe he’s an enigma, a mystery wrapped in a riddle.” That describes Quantico to a tee. Honestly, we are 8 episodes in and I’m still not sure who the killer is. I’m hoping you have a better grasp than I do. Let’s breakdown what we know or more accurately don’t know about our main players: Alex: I’m pretty ... Read More »


Another week of Fall TV down and another solid week for women in TV. We gathered a few or our favorites for this weeks Women of the Week. Genuine Emotion Ming-Na Wen from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. As Agent Melinda May Nominated by Liz: for her very emotional and heartbroken portrayal. She was raw and real. Her own Prince Charming Emily ... Read More »

BLINDSPOT Round Table: Persecute Envoys


Blindspot was all new last night and we gathered to discuss it. Before we get to our thoughts on the episode let’s cover the basics. The anagram of the title tonight was “Suspect everyone” That gives us this so far: “Woe Has Joined” (alternate title for the pilot): “Who is Jane Doe?” “A Stray Howl”: “Taylor Shaw” “Eight Slim Grins”: ... Read More »


I still find the best way to recap Quantico is to ask all of the million of questions I have when watching this show along with a few observations. Let’s get started! The list of people who are Team Alex is growing, isn’t it? Ryan sure has a thing for shower sex. How did we get from Alex being his ... Read More »



Here at NiceGirls we watch a lot of TV – obviously. We don’t always agree on or take away the same things from the shows we watch but this week two characters really resonated with us. I give you our Women of the Week: Out of this World Elizabeth Henstridge from Agents of SHIELD Character Name:  Jemma Simmons Nominated by Liz: This ... Read More »

BLINDSPOT Round table: Cede Your Soul


We are 6 episodes into BLINDSPOT and I swear more is revealed in the episode title/anagram than in the actual episodes themselves. We are hooked though so let’s see what we have so far: “Woe Has Joined” (alternate title for the pilot): “Who is Jane Doe?” “A Stray Howl”: “Taylor Shaw” “Eight Slim Grins”: “The missing girl” “Bone May Rot”: ... Read More »



It’s time for us to reveal our picks for Women of the Week. Let’s see who made the list this week: She’s had it up to “here”! Emily Bett Rickards from Arrow Character Name: Felicyt Smoak Nominated by Rueben: The love of Oliver Queen’s life finally had enough of her sweetheart and John Diggle, who have been acting like 5-year-olds, ... Read More »

BLINDSPOT Round Table: Split the Law

Blindspot - Season 1

Okay – if you are playing along at home you know the titles of the episodes are anagrams. So far we have: 1×01 “WOE HAS JOINED” = WHO IS JANE DOE 1×02 “A STRAY HOWL” = TAYLOR SHAW 1×03 “EIGHT SLIM GRINS” = THE MISSING GIRL 1×04 “BONE MAY ROT” = OR MAYBE NOT 1×05: “SPLIT THE LAW” = WILL ... Read More »