BLINDSPOT: Two Legendary Chums {Roundtable}

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Blindspot ended on a big note this week. With no new episodes for a few weeks while the Olympics take over, we had much to discuss, as one of Weller’s (Sullivan Stapleton) older partners returned, Avery still has issues with Jane (Jaimie Alexander) and we see an old face again…

Avery is one angry young woman… After all these conversations do you think she needs to be this way?

Rueben: I get it that she’s upset about losing her mom and dad – that is horrible for anyone – and I can understand Avery wanting to get revenge on Crawford; but how she was manipulated by Roman…that’s just so wrong. I think that manipulation has just compounded her anger and she is directing it at the wrong people, again, because of Roman.

Leah: I’m not super happy with this storyline. It is coming across, for me, as way too dramatic. Everyone needs to take a breath and calm the hell down.

Cay: Yeah, both Jane and Avery are grating on my nerves! At least Avery has more of an excuse because she’s quite young and has had her world upended. Putting myself in her shoes, losing her parents, then running into Roman – it’s no wonder she’s got some angst and isn’t sure what to believe.

Roz: There has to be something else besides her anger at Crawford and Jane at play here, but she’s not good at talking about anything. She’s been dealt a bad go at the world, but she has chances to change her future with Jane around and Avery wants none of it.

Donald Shipley seems very far removed from what else the team has been dealing with, but he’s into some bad blood. What did you make of this tattoo case?

Rueben: Every tattoo case always seems to have layers to how it all pieces together; but this one was just weird, right? It just seemed crazy to me that each piece of that boat matched a separate tattoo on Jane’s body; and that all those pieces fit a boat that was available for purchase at so many different outlets. It just seemed even more intricate than usual. It all goes back to how did Roman lay all of this out?

Leah: I know it’s the basis of the show but the tattoos are always the most unbelievable part for me. This was no exception.

Cay: It seemed like an excuse to have a Weller-centric plot – dig into his past a bit.

Roz: Roman – just like Sheppard – has some incredible way to get these tattoos to link to cases, but it’s starting to wear a little thin. That said, I liked that we had more of Weller’s past – and that this one wasn’t so crazed was a nice change of pace.

BLINDSPOT — “Two Legendary Chums” Episode 312 — Pictured: (l-r) Darren Goldstein as Donald Shipley, Ashley Johnson as Patterson — (Photo by: David Giesbrecht/NBC/Warner Bros.)

Oh Hirst! Crawford has some wide reach but what do you think is his long game besides avoiding the FBI?

Rueben: I can’t quite figure out what Crawford is trying to do. I just wish they would start giving us some more answers so we can put some of the pieces together.

Leah: That is also my problem….give us some intel because I’m tired of guessing what is going on.

Cay: Both Crawford’s master plan and Roman’s seem awfully complicated. Good way to work Hirst back in, though.

Roz: Answers would be great at this point, I’m there with you all. What is his bigger plan? Why can’t we know that not?

Roman’s plan is falling apart with Crawford’s man. Are there too many pieces to Roman’s plan now? Or was the death of the man who had info on him too convenient?

Rueben: Sure, Roman’s plan did fall apart because of Victor, Crawford’s man; but Roman certainly seemed to be 10 steps ahead of him by framing Victor with all the stuff on his own phone – his calls to Jane and Weller and meeting up with Weller in Berlin. He didn’t even have to raise a hand toward Victor, just letting Crawford take him out. Given how much he seems to know ahead of time – if the tattoo cases are any reference – should we believe that he knew all along that Victor was going to figure out the truth OR did he want Victor to figure it all out, set him up for his own death to get himself even closer to Crawford. But, given all that set-up did Roman know, think or believe that Crawford would want the FBI team killed and he planned on being there to avert it? It’s very confusing just what Roman has planned.

Leah: I’m not even going to try to say it better than Rueben.

Cay: For a second there, I thought Roman was going to have some consequences for his actions, but the guy is Teflon – once again, it all slides off of him and actually makes him look better. That said, if Victor could figure him out, someone else can.

Roz: I’m so lost on how this can still tie into the tattoos and Jane after so long but I think that answer is never going to come. But Cay, you make me snort at how much Roman gets away with now.

Blindspot returns to Fridays after the Olympics.

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