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The Nice Girls Reveal… My First TV Crush

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It’s February, the month for romance, and here at NGTV HQ we have some fun features on deck. First up is, appropriately, a confessional of our first TV crushes! 

The Nice Girls have been watching TV for a long time. TV is our jam. Lurking in our earliest memories of watching flickering images on the screen is that special someone who first tickled our fancy. In honor of February and romance and puppy love, here are the men and women we couldn’t get enough of on our TVs.

Melissa’s First TV Crush: John Schneider as Bo Duke, The Dukes of Hazzard

First TV Crush: John Schneider as Bo DukeI was eight years old when my dad brought home our first television. Prior to that I’d seen a few movies – Disney, of course – at our little town’s single movie theater, but TV was an unknown quantity. We didn’t have cable where we lived just outside of town, so it was through our trusty rabbit ears that we watched the only two channels available – CBS and PBS. 

We watched The Dukes of Hazzard every week, even though it was already several seasons into its run. My brothers were all about the car chases and beating Boss Hogg, but I was smitten by Bo Duke and his infectious smile. The Golden Boy with that sunshine hair and sky blue eyes and cherub face, Bo was the epitome of male perfection in my (very) young eyes. I remember a period of time when I’d drawn his face (crudely; drawing is not one of my talents) on the family chalkboard and kissed it every night before bed. Much to my brothers’ chagrin. ML + JS 4-ever!

Rueben’s First TV Crush: Davy Jones of The Monkees

My First TV Crush: Davy JonesThe Monkees was rebroadcast on Saturday mornings alongside the Saturday morning cartoons in the early 70’s and I was hooked on the silly romps, the music and how cute he was. From the age of 8 through my early 30’s I collected thousands of dollars worth of memorabilia – including original albums and 45’s, books, magazines, photos, and so much more – most of which I sold in order to make my move out here to California in 2000. I’ve seen them in concert about a dozen times or so (including the tribute concert that the remaining members put together after Davy’s passing); traveled to New Jersey in the late 80’s for a fan convention – to see Davy, Micky and Peter in person; traveled about 4 hours outside of my hometown in the late 80’s to stand in line for HOURS to see Davy in person, get his autograph and a photo taken with him for the release of his autobiography and spent several years (pre-internet days) working on a lyric book of ALL of their songs with a friend. To say the least, I’ve been a MASSIVE fan for most of my life and still am! I was devastated when the news broke of Davy’s passing in 2012. If my car hadn’t broken down that day and it HAD to go to the shop, I would not have made it to work because I was so upset! 

My online “handle” of Rueben is also thanks to The Monkees. Davy and Peter did a spoof on Batman and Robin in one of their more obscure episodes. Peter was Frogman and Davy was Rueben the Tadpole. I decided to take on the name of Rueben (spelled different so as not to spell it like the sandwich) as a fan nickname and when the internet came along it became my online “persona.”

Leah’s First TV Crush: Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman

My First TV Crush: Lynda Carter as Wonder WomanI lived a sheltered childhood, think one farm away from being Amish. We were allowed to watch five TV shows and one of them was Wonder Woman.

The idea that a woman got to be so badass, travel around the country, and generally be amazing was so different than my small town life. I so wanted to be her. I would spin around my bedroom and sit on my bed in my invisible jet. I was Wonder Woman for a number of Halloweens and if I still dressed up I would be her still.


Karen’s First TV Crush: Bruce Boxleitner as Lee Stetson, Scarecrow & Mrs. King

First TV Crush: Bruce Boxleitner as Lee StetsonIt started my love affair with the love/hate oil and water romances that I still love today. When Amanda King stumbled into an active spy operation, she was recruited by “The Agency,” and Scarecrow became her handler. They were partnered on many missions where her “real woman” alias was an asset, and true love blossomed after several seasons of will they/won’t they. They were actually a big deal before Moonlighting, but I’m glad they don’t use this show as the “shark” standard for romance failures. Lee was always frustrated by Amanda’s abilities to bungle the mission’s goal, and despite her clumsiness, she usually saved them in the end. I loved this couple so much back in the day, and Bruce was the dreamiest. He’s still looking pretty good for a guy in his 60s.

Cara’s First TV Crush: Luke Perry as Dylan McKay, Beverly Hills, 90210

First TV Crush: Luke PerryIt’s cliche, but it was probably Luke Perry’s Dylan McKay on Beverly Hills, 90210. He was just so dang rebellious and sulky. I like him as Fred Andrews on Riverdale, but the spark just isn’t there for me anymore.

My strongest, longest standing, and possibly still lingering, TV crush was Chris Stevens on Northern Exposure. I loved his easy-going philosophical take on the world, and John Corbett is no slouch in the looks department.   

Lisa’s First TV Crush: Kirk Cameron as Mike Seaver, Growing Pains

My First TV Crush: Kirk Cameron as Mike SeaverI’m almost embarrassed to share my first TV crush because it will age me a little bit lol, but I fell in love with Kirk Cameron as Mike Seaver on Growing Pains. He was so cute! I used to have his posters all over my wall when I was a kid and he was my first real TV crush.

We’ve confessed our first crushes, now it’s your turn! Who was your first TV crush?

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