THE X-FILES: What we Loved & Hated about Ghouli

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This week’s The X-Files definitely lacked the levity and fancifulness of last week’s. It was an interesting hybrid episode – a monster episode while also an important mythology one. We finally meet Scully’s son William and he’s definitely not normal. In fact, he’s much less normal than I expected, even with some alien DNA. And he had the same vision that Scully had about the virus and the alien ship on the bridge!

What I loved:

  • We finally meet William, after all these years
  • The idea of someone who can make people see him as someone or something else isn’t exactly new to the show, but was used to good effect here, particularly in the beginning with William’s girlfriends in the boat
  • Scully realizes that she did get to meet William after all
  • The symbolism of the snow globes was cool
  • Skinner finally filled Mulder in a bit on Cigarette Smoking Man’s plot that led to William’s birth

What I hated:

  • It’s excruciating to see Scully so devastated! That speech in the morgue…
  • I would have liked for William to be decidedly less supernatural
  • It seems that the Feds are now hot on William’s tail although his special skills will make him hard to catch I would imagine.

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