THE BRAVE Season One: Our Favorite Things

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The Brave ended it’s season one run Monday. The episode left a team member in the hospital and another crossing a line they may not be able to come back from. We love The Brave. We compare it to other shows, “This is how you should be!” so as the season has wrapped up and the shows fate is still undecided by NBC we thought we would leave you with our favorite things from this season.

Rueben’s favorite thing about the season: The Team
Sure they are actors playing roles, but from the very beginning I believed they were a skilled military team. There was no machismo like in other military shows; just a solid team doing what they were trained to do. We’ve gotten to see a lot of their strengths, some of their weaknesses; we’ve gotten to see them fight for each other, support each other and even joke around with each other. The only thing I would have liked to see a bit more of their personal backgrounds. Maybe in season two! C’mon NBC, give The Brave a renewal!
Leah: The Brave has come up in more than one conversation this season as the way women should be portrayed in TV. This is a military show so that is seriously saying something. The way the team worked together, no ego, despite being an elite team was perfect. The actors all gelled so well together.
Cara: I agree. We saw the team recovering from the loss of a team member and adjusting to a new team member, so from the beginning we saw that the team was strong and would work to be strong again. And together they are strong, and good. The whole is better than the sum of its parts, and that was what made us care about the team and what they were doing.

Leah’s favorite thing about the season: Patricia
It’s so rare a woman is portrayed as a badass with brains without adding in some sort of aggression or overt sexuality. Thankfuly neither are the case with Patricia. She was a boss and handled her business with strength and grace. So maybe my favorite thing was the writers, either way I am a fan.
Rueben: I agree with this. Patricia is a flawed woman, but very, very good at her job. She is smart and savvy; she’s tough and badass when necessary. She is the right combination of strong and flawed.
Cara: Patricia is the best example of how well women have been portrayed all season. She is just such a badass professionally, but also a caring and compassionate human being. She struggled with her own loss and didn’t hide that. I think Leah identified what it was, strength and grace.

Cara’s favorite thing: The Tone
My favorite thing was that this was a military drama that managed to be more about the team and the individuals involved in each mission, and less about the politics and countries involved. We’re coming back to writing again here, but a good part of it is acting too. Each episode was a tale of humanity and the struggles of human beings, not military might or victory, and the show was much better for it. Fingers crossed for a renewal.
Leah: I completely agree. It is a refreshing take on a military drama. They deserve a second season!
Rueben: Yep. You are so right! The show really did a good job of not being overly political or dwelling too much on the countries in which the teams found themselves. It was about the people – the team and the victim or person of interest or person in jeopardy. I’ll say it again, c’mon NBC, give The Brave a second season!!


Leah reads constantly, sing incessantly and watches TV what her Mother would consider an unhealthy amount. You can find her on twitter @IamPollyP or contact her via email at leah@nicegirlstv.com


  1. Ken Kates

    February 3, 2018 at 9:37 am

    You all are correct on all counts. I must admit to being mesmerized by the acting chops of the cast…..who other than Natacha Karam could have played Jaz in Episode 10?

  2. Cara

    February 3, 2018 at 3:42 pm

    Jaz is a role that could so easily have gone wrong. I was worried in the beginning, but you’re right, Natacha Karam was excellent. It was great the way different actors were given the opportunity to shine throughout the season.

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