Lucifer: Til Death Do Us Part Roundtable

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Lucifer and Lt. Pierce got married! Or did they? No matter what their relationship is, they have great chemistry and we like it! Find out all the shenanigans they got into as well as what Nice Girls Karen, Leah and Mel and Lisa had to stay about the episode Til Death do us part.

Did your feelings towards Lt. Pierce change after finding out that all he wants to do is die but can’t? 

Karen: Hmmm. My thoughts changed when I found out he was Cain specifically, and not *just* the Sinnerman, so I guess my answer is yes. Some of the puzzle pieces fell into place, and the storyline became very clever. He’s still kind of a douche, and I don’t get any kind of chemistry feel between Pierce and Chloe, but I’m understanding the motivation behind his character now. Tom Welling is even putting more into the part as well, or is that just me?

Leah: Am I the only one who feels like sure, he was Cain, that’s bad. Instead of then repenting though he went ahead and became Sinnerman. What the actual heck? That is no way to end your eternal damnation. So you want to die now, but you can’t? That’s too bad.

Melissa: Yeah, why didn’t he repent? I don’t have a lot of sympathy for Pierce/Cain. Or any sympathy, really. I am enjoying how uncomfortable he is around Lucifer. During the suburban dinner scene, I think his shoulders actually touched his ears.

Lisa: I don’t have any sympathy for him either and I’m glad he can’t die because I am truly enjoying his relationship with Lucifer. And yes, Karen, I agree that Tom Welling is putting more into the part and I like it.

Maze, Detective Dan and Charlotte in a 3-way. Wow! Are you glad this didn’t happen or would you have preferred some awkward sexual/comedy relief?

Karen: SO GLAD it didn’t happen. That was just awkward. Especially since it turned out that Maze was getting some kind of Demon pheromone from her that had nothing to do with sex. I think Charlotte and Dan would have REALLY regretted any dalliance with Maze in the morning. It was rather amusing though to see the squirminess.

Leah: Just yuck. Not okay at all and so awkward.

Melissa: Dan should be so lucky! Maze’s reaction to Human Charlotte was bemusing. I couldn’t quite figure out what it was about Charlotte that she was responding to, until Maze figured it out herself.

Lisa: I don’t think Dan could handle both of them! lol The entire scene with the three of them at the restaurant was so funny and awkward, but I am glad it didn’t happen. That would have been a super hot mess!

Lucifer did everything he could to try to get to know Lt. Pierce including a fake marriage. How did you feel about them as a domesticated couple? Were you a fan of their bromance?

Karen: Adorbs! I laughed OUT LOUD when Pierce came to the door. I’d love to see a bromance develop between them, at least a temporary one. I don’t think Pierce is in it for the long haul – show-wise. Lucifer trying to psychoanalyze him was amusing as well. Using all the catchwords he’s learned from Dr. Linda… hilarious. Maybe they could do couples counseling?

Leah: May have been the only good part of the episode for me.

Melissa: I do enjoy them together, but something isn’t quite clicking for me. I think I need Tom Welling to commit to his role or something.

Lisa: I agree with Karen. I love them together! They were so funny and I would be all in for a couples counseling scene with Dr. Linda! Yes! that would be awesome. More LuciCain bromance please!

Thoughts on Dan and Charlotte? He shared his feelings for her and seemed genuine. Do you think they have a real shot?

Karen: I like them together. Especially now that she’s the real Charlotte. I think he could be the person that helps her reconcile her missing months with her new lifestyle. Dan’s sensitive, and she needs that.

Leah: Meh – He has been pining for her since they slept together when she wasn’t herself. Just move it forward already or let it go.

Melissa: They’re kind of sweet together for the reasons Karen noted, but I’m not super invested.

Lisa: I wasn’t a fan at first, but they are growing on me. I couldn’t see where the real Charlotte fit in to the story, but maybe it is with Dan. I’m interested to see where it goes.

Lt. Pierce told Chloe that he wasn’t relationship material but admitted they shared a real moment. We know Pierce is afraid of letting anyone in for fear of losing them. Thoughts?

Karen: I’m just not buying the whole attraction thing between them. It’s just not making sense to me. Maybe the writers will make it click as we move forward, but right now it looks like Chloe is fumbling and he’s unmoved. Unattractive.

Leah: I’m with Karen.

Melissa: Same. It would be one thing if we saw actual chemistry between them, but as it is this psuedo-pairing makes Chloe look like a teenager. Do not like.

Lisa: We are all in agreement! There is absolutely no chemistry between them. I just don’t buy it.

Favorite scene or line?

Karen: I enjoyed seeing the armory open up and the trial and error as Lucifer tried out all the weapons on Pierce/Cain. Especially the revving of the chainsaw. Then switching to Maze’s delight while describing her methods and disappointment when she learned she had to put them all back? Amazing. I also got my answer about other-worldly weapons and whether they’d work on him. Solid no.

Melissa: Lucifer telling Pierce that “everyone has their Kryptonite” made me chuckle. Maze getting all up in Charlotte’s personal space was weirdly delightful.

Lisa: Yeah, Maze’s demon lust for Charlotte had me cracking up. It was comical.  Also I thought a great line was when Luci was referring to sticking it to his dad and said, “it would be like an epic loogie in the old man’s eye.” Gross but effective. lol


Karen: Lucifer. After last week’s disappointing “back to season one” Luci, I saw more of the new and improved man we’ve grown to love. Thank goodness they didn’t keep him stunted.

Melissa: Agreed.

Lisa: It was a Luci/Cain combo for me. I love their budding bromance.

Additional comments/predictions?

Karen: So what’s Cain’s weakness? Wild theory of mine: we keep returning to Ella being “different,” could she be his Chloe? Ella and Pierce definitely have a relationship, such as it is. We know already how it’s gonna turn out, he’s going to have a weakness, and it’ll be the way to fulfill Lucifer’s promise. Unless they decide to leave the curse alone and force Cain to continue his eternal journey.

Melissa: Oooh, interesting theory. If Ella does turn out to be his Kryptonite, will she be given that knowledge? She’s definitely more open to the idea of angels and demons and celestial beings than Chloe is.

Lisa: Karen you rock! That is a very interesting theory. I look forward to seeing who or what his weakness is and if it is Ella? That would be awesome.

Lucifer airs Mondays at 8/7c on Fox.

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