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As January comes to an end and shows are well and truly returning for the Winter season, who had us wowed by their performance this past week? Read on to find out…

Nominated by Ange: Sarah Drew as April Kepner on Grey’s Anatomy

All season I’ve been waiting for April to get a proper storyline and this week I finally got my wish and boy did actress Sarah Drew nail it! When the episode’s opening monologue was not done by the show’s heroine (Meredith Grey) but rather April, there was no way we would know how bad of a day it would be for the trauma surgeon – first she is tending to renowned doctor Paul Stadtler who was involved in a hit and run, then she tends to a pregnant woman about to give birth who turns out to be the wife of the man she left at the altar four years ago (#awkward), then a 12-year-old boy is brought in after being shot at by police while trying to get into his home. All three patients end up dying and for someone who is so optimistic and believes that things happen for a reason, this seriously rattles her faith. Not only did Drew keep us captivated with Kepner’s hope that things will turn out okay and her despair when it didn’t, but her “screw it” moment at the end where she decides to forget about being the good faithful girl and hooks up with one of the interns – it’s a sign that the sweet April Kepner has been replaced by someone darker and as terrible as it sounds, I’m looking forward to seeing April spiral cos I know that Drew is going to bring it!

Ange is the Girl from Oz who travelled the States. Teen dramas, rom-comedies and superhero shows are her weakness. She also loves a good crime and medical drama and probably watches more TV than she can handle... You can contact her at

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