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Pierce revealed his motives to Lucifer and Dan goes surfing. Doesn’t sound connected but it all came together in this episode of Lucifer. See what we had to say below.

1. Luci is helping Chloe for selfish reasons, and it ultimately ends up being benevolent. That’s his SOP. Do you think they changed it up this ep, or was it just more of the same?
Karen: I had a “Groundhog Day” deja vu feeling, and it wasn’t a great one. I admit, there was a long chuckle when Lucifer was doing all the paperwork etc. at her desk, but also much frustration at the repetitiveness of the “me me me oh yeah, you” mantra. I almost wonder if they highlighted it here as a meta-reference, or even as a hint that it’s going to change, but perhaps that’s just wishful thinking.
Cay: I know it’s Luci’s MO, I mean why would the devil care about anyone other than himself, right? That said, it’s still getting kind of tedious. Although I would love to know where to get a copy of that shirtless Luci on a bed wallpaper that he put on her computer…
Mel: It harks back to our complaints from the first half of the season that Lucifer is regressing. He showed such growth by the end of season 2; now he needs to relearn all of those lessons? Did that knockout punch cause amnesia?
Lisa: I’m with Cay. I want the wallpaper! Lol I am getting sick of the selfish Luci, but why would we think he would be anything else?

2. Sad Ella is sad. I hated seeing her so defeated after Pierce’s verbal shut-down. How ’bout you?
Karen: Oh man, Ella went from -100 to “YOU GO GIRL” in 45 minutes. I agree that sometimes she is WAY too perky, but Pierceman was insanely harsh. I like that he apologised, but it’s cool that she stood up for herself first. Best of both worlds.
Cay: I was surprised that Charlotte actually not only gave Ella good advice, but actually confronted Pierce as well. Her character, unlike Luci, seems to remake herself every week.
Mel: That was rough. Like kicking a puppy. It did give us an opportunity to see some character growth for both Ella and Charlotte, though. And I guess Pierce, too. Still, let’s keep the puppy kicking to a minimum, ‘kay?
Lisa: That was so harsh. I have to say Charlotte sticking up for Ella was my favorite part. Ella did not deserve that.

3. Okay, Dan and his surfer bod. /rawr.
Karen: I highly enjoyed Kevin Alejandro’s cut surfer look in this episode. First, we got to see another side to his character – first time since improv? And secondly, omgsixpack. I’m terrible for objectifying, but dude, they laid him out there, how am I supposed to resist? As good as Tom Ellis looks in a three-piece suit, Kevin Alejandro is drool-worthy on a board.
Cay: Yes, that part was fun. One of the writers tweeted out that Kevin really does surf and so this was their chance to work it into the show. And women are usually the ones being objectified, and certainly are in Lucifer (part of Luci’s character), so I’m all for equality.
Mel: Yes! The female gaze gets more play than usual on this show, and I appreciate that move toward equity. As it pertains to the story, though, what a great way to get Dan undercover in a believable way. The circle thing they did (what was that called?) was very sweet. I think Dan actually cared about Moondog’s death even though he didn’t know the guy.
Lisa: Woohoo! Bring on that male objectification! Lol He looked good on that board. All I kept thinking was “he kissed me at Dragon Con!” 😂

4. How shocked were you that Amenadiel’s encounter with the hooker would come back and bite him in the… ass?
Karen: It makes sense that he could catch an STD. He’s lost his powers, so he’s weakened. And what an awkward conversation with Linda. Now Maze has seen them together – after the whole girl-bonding “you didn’t take my ex” thing, and that will be trouble with a capital MAZE. I do NOT want to be in either of their shoes.
Cay: I feel like Amenadiel has been the one trying to keep the supernatural stuff on the down-low, so him just spewing “I’m an angel” to his doctor with no pretense seemed weird. I think it would have been funnier if he was then sent for a mental health exam, ala Luci in the mental hospital with God Johnson. Normal people don’t go around telling people that they are angels and being shocked that they have gotten sick.
Mel: I think Amenadiel was so stunned that he contracted a disease, he just blurted out “but I’m an angel!” without thinking. I’m glad it was a false-positive, because Big A is going to have enough to deal with now that Maze knows he and Linda are still together.
Lisa: I just thought it was hilarious that he was with a hooker anyway. I didn’t believe that he had an STD when he said it because that is too far fetched. It was pretty funny though.

5. So, we get more info about Pierce/Cain and why he’s in LA. That also makes sense. How about the wings and devil face?
Karen: After we learned he was Cain (which was brilliant by the way, I didn’t see it coming), I thought about his being shot in front of Chloe. I’d wondered if he’d gotten hurt because of her “special-ness”. Turns out that’s his whole reasoning for being here. Nice tie-in to the main Lucifer story. Learning that he has nothing to do with the wings and devil face, at least not directly, was a surprise. Is it daddy controlling Luci’s strings? Does Luci have the power to grant the favor of Cain’s death? And what kind of favor would Cain possibly be able to return? Where’s the sword from last season?
Cay: This was a cool plot twist! Now Luci’s the only one who knows/will believe who he really is (although I can’t remember if he told Dr Linda, but assume he will) AND he will in theory owe Luci a favor, although I can’t imagine what. Maybe teaching him how to actually fit in as a human as he seems to have that down.
Mel: Lucifer did tell Dr. Linda that Pierce is Cain at the top of the episode, so she knows WHO he is, but not WHY he’s there. Really curious why Chloe’s presence didn’t effect Cain like it does Lucifer. There’s some mythology rules at play here that haven’t been fully explained yet. Oh! And how about all those files Cain has on supernatural beings, huh? Those have to be foreshadowing some storylines to come.
Lisa: Yes the files! I can’t wait until that comes into the story line.There is so much they can do there. I also wonder why Chloe didn’t effect Cain. Can Luci really love her?

6. Gimme any other thoughts here.
Karen: I love the new file labels. (Obvious Killers, Tedious Evidence, Hot Suspects, Ridiculous Alibis, Boring details, Graffiti, and Boring Crimes). Charlotte and Ella are becoming a great duo surprisingly. Charlotte is quite protective of Ella, getting all up in Pierce’s face at the coffee machine. Is the knife Maze gave Dr. Linda going to come into play at some point? Because dunDunDUN?
Cay: Ha, the file names did give me a chuckle! I am a bit worried for Dr Linda – when a friend gives you a deadly blade as a legit gift, what will she do if she sees you as a threat? There is also the chance that she’ll go after Amenadiel and not Dr Linda…
Mel: Ella and Charlotte together is surprisingly terrific. I like the sort of double mentor/mentee relationship they have going. Meanwhile, have we dropped the whole “Chloe needs to believe that Lucifer really is who he says he is” storyline? Or will that come to bear as her crush on Pierce escalates? (She was practically heart-eyes emoji in this episode!)
Lisa: I don’t like Chloe crushing on Pierce. I’m not into it. But my biggest worry is for Dr. Linda. Being on Maze’s bad side is the worst place to be. Scary!

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