THE X-FILES: What we loved about The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat

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After a fun creepfest last week, this week’s standalone episode explored the idea of what is the truth and does the truth matter anymore  in our “po-co” world. After two viewings I’m going to put it solidly in my list of favorite X-Files episodes. One of the very appealing things about The X-Files has always been its ability to make fun of itself and this episode did it in brilliantly – it was hilarious and acknowledged the show’s dedicated fans as well as the ridiculousness of the show and the world we currently live in – a satire of both the show and our world. While other episodes this season have been slyly political, this one was blatant. It remains to see how well it plays 10 years from now, but for today it was pretty spot-on satire that is likely to resonate with most, but certainly not all, of the show’s fan base.

What we loved:

  • Nostalgia – so many call backs to previous episodes!! plus old cell phones, lawn darts, etc.
  • General ludicrousness- it reminded me a lot of the brilliant but gonzo Jose Chung’s From Outer Space from season 3. It’s been a long time since I’ve laughed so much during an hour of TV (or thought to myself “WTH?”)
  • Political satire – in an age when the lines between truth and fiction have blurred for many and faith in science seems to be at an all-time low while belief in conspiracies and “fake news” is rampant, this episode was a sharp satire
  • Super witty banter – that the show can have such intelligent dialogue in the midst of a ridiculous premise has always been a strength
  • The visuals – videoshopping Reggie into all those iconic old scenes, the montage of Reggie in his cubicle working for various agencies, how deliciously corny the aliens were

What we hated:

  • Whatever the heck that was around Dr. They’s eyes?
  • Those creepy statues (which are actually a landmark in Vancouver, where the show was filmed)
  • Pretty much nothing else – this was an awesome episode!

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