Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Roundtable: “The Last Day”

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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is back, and so are the Nice Girls with another roundtable discussion. Let’s jump in and talk about “The Last Day”.

Any preconceived notions as to the meaning of “The Last Day” before you saw the episode?

Karen: The writers were insanely clever with title and content here. The title means so many things. The preview hinted that it was the last day they were seen together, and it was mentioned in the show. I assumed it also meant the day Daisy destroyed Earth, as in – we might get more info as to how that happened. Maybe not a clear picture, but more. And we did, just not much. The main meaning was something I wouldn’t have ever guessed. It was the last day of Robin’s life – at least that’s how I interpreted it. I love layered storytelling, and we saw it here in a novel and unexpected way.

Roz: I had no idea what the title means as I started watching, but I like that an answer is hard to read – or open to many different reasonings – because this show is always making me question what should and shouldn’t happen.

Rueben:  Nope, didn’t have any preconceived notions; but it was sure interesting how they overlaced what it could have meant.  I certainly wasn’t expecting it to be centered around Robin, though, as that’s what I think it ultimately meant to signify.

We learn more about May and Robin in the past. Let’s talk about that.

Karen: I think it might be a product from the guilt over what happened in Bahrain – at least partially. While almost everyone else is incensed by her doomsday predictions, May stands firm in her protection, actually taking her in and raising her. In return, she’s rewarded with a poignant gift on Robin’s deathbed, the answer to saving the world. SCORE! (Too soon?)

Roz: One I want to applaud little Robin! I last saw her as annoying Ava on Girl Meets World, but she’s good here. As to what she and May have together, I think it’s May’s attempts to understand what happens to them – Robin has answers, even if they don’t make sense at the time.

Rueben:  Yeah, that was pretty interesting.  I wouldn’t have expected May to take Robin under her wing, but as the flashbacks played out, it made more and more sense that May did step up to take care of Robin.  It also made so much sense that Robin FINALLY told May what they need to do to save the world, et al.

About Robin, we see her in several timelines, past and present. It’s jumbled up, but we get the jist. Do you think the team will put it all together?

Karen: She gave them all the clues, now they have to assemble the puzzle. How do all the players work together to save the world? (Also, I gotta ask, where are all the superheroes in the past? Eating cheerios? Reading the paper in the john?)

Roz: Yeah, I think they’ll have to think about all of those memories to put everything together, but I don’t know how much time they have for that.

Rueben:  There was quite a bit of jumping around, wasn’t there?  I have to agree with Roz do they have enough time to put all the puzzle pieces together?

Hmmmmm…. Deke’s father isn’t back yet and conspicuously, they never named him. He seems important. Thoughts?

Karen: I immediately went to Bobbi and Hunter as his parents. We saw him earlier in the season, and it may have been foreshadowing. I think it would be awesome to see an aged up Hunter.

Roz: Oh that could be an awesome spin, but I can’t help but think we’re being led on for a red herring.

Rueben:  Oh boy, I sure hope it’s not a red herring.  And, I have to admit I kinda like the Bobbi and Hunter idea, Karen.  I can’t imagine they would spend the time they spent on talking about Deke’s dad and not at least give him some screen time.  It’s just a matter of when and where and what kind of role he will play in the rest of the story.

We know from the flashes that Mack somehow doesn’t make it, and Coulson isn’t in them either. Do you think it’s a changeable outcome or does it mean we’ll lose them in the end?

Karen: Whedon. ’nuff said.

Roz: Well, those flashes also have Jemma dying and she’s still not, and we see Mack and Coulson. I don’t know what all of it means, and that’s sort of awkward and frustrating.

Rueben:  Yeah that is true Karen; but I won’t to hedge my bets and believe there is another answer.  We’ve had enough death so far this season.  I’d actually like to see a different resolution to what could have happened.

Flint is going to be a lynchpin during the events to follow. Do you like his character? (Also, shotgun axe is awesome, right?)

Karen: I figured he might be when they left him on the base. Can’t have the whole team together or it’s too easy. He’ll be the saviour of his people, and then hook up with the other guys – then it’s clobberin’ ti… oh, wrong team. Anyway, he’ll hook up with them soon enough I think. I definitely like him. It might be cool if they take him back to the past. They’ll end up changing the future so much it might not matter. Who knows.

Roz: I like him – and I like that these answers feel like a slow build. He’s going to do good work with Mack and Yoyo before Coulson and the team can get him to help them.

Rueben:  I like him too and it was obvious when they flashed back to young Robin with her muttering about Flint that he was going to play a much bigger role in the overall story it’s just a matter of how much.

There are so many other things going on in this episode, I can’t ask about all of them. Kasius and Sinara, FitzSimmons, Fitz’s engineering, the Earth survivors turning on Daisy, and lots more. Give me anything you’ve got here:

Karen: I love how proud Fitz is of his engineering skills, and Deke downplaying them when he says he’s not a pilot. How many of you (including the readers) knew Voss & Co. were going to betray our team? Raise your hands… *raises hand* Yeah, not unpredictable. Kasius and Sinara had a brief appearance, with Sinara going off to kill May/Daisy/Simmons (all of the above?). We got all timey-wimey with flashback, present day, and flash-forward timelines. I love timey-wimey, but it definitely made me watch several times to put things together. Crazy stuff, and a lot packed into 45 minutes for sure, but I dug it.

Roz: I have little capacity for mind games this week so I can’t process everything (I might later, but who knows) but yeah, there was so much stuff in one episode I feel like we’re on overload.

Rueben:  There was a lot of story in this episode; almost too much to decipher and take in.  I loved the brief alone time between Fitz and Simmons.  It was a nice moment of levity when Deke verbally shot Fitz down for only being an engineer.  The timey-wimey stuff is my favorite too as long as they don’t make it too twisty.  I SO want to see May and Daisy end Sinara!!  And then I want the whole team to eviscerate Kasius.


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