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After last week’s..ahem…EXPLOSIVE… episode, one might think that this week’s episode might go for slightly less dangerous stakes. And one would be correct, to a point, as we traded nukes for only hotel-leveling shrapnel bombs instead as the team rushes to thwart a crook who is using refugees as scapegoats for terroristic activity in order to make more money exploiting the whole refugee situation. Pretty diabolical!

The tattoo case of the week – framing refugees for terrorism – was very on point (as usual) for the current political climate as Congress argues over immigration.

Leah: It is very timely and I thought actually a clever case. I am not going to get into how Roman knows these things are happening so far in advance as to set up the whole tattoos, but I do appreciate that everything is starting to gel together when it comes to a big bad.

Lisa: Yeah the timing for this case was on point and definitely made you think. I feel like we are getting little pieces to the puzzle each week where Roman is concerned and I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds.

Rueben:  I’m with Leah – how the hell does Roman know all of this so far in advance.  We could say the same thing about how Shepherd knew all that she knew for the originals tattoos.  That part is a bit frustrating not to mention mind-boggling.  But the subject matter was obviously timely; and makes you wonder – just a little – how much true to life (in some instances) that whole situation could actually be in real life.

Cay: yep, disbelief must definitely be suspended! But bombing public attractions and framing refugees/immigrants for it is a pretty brilliant way to further stoke the tensions in our country.

BLINDSPOT — “Balance of Might” Episode 310 — Pictured: (l-r) Tori Anderson as Blake, Luke Mitchell as Roman — (Photo by: Barbara Nitke/NBC)

Does Roman really care for Blake, or is that all part of the act?

Leah: Nah. Definitely a means to his ends. She is attractive though so that’s a plus.

Side note: Blake yelling at Roman for having PTSD….what was that about? Seriously? You don’t get how that probably isn’t the right route to take? Also for a charity lunch you didn’t end up needing him for anyway. My word!

Lisa: Yeah she was pretty ballsy for yelling at him like that, but in a weird way I think he liked it. lol I feel like he might be getting feelings for Blake, but then I have to remind myself that he is a master manipulator and I’m probably getting sucked into his spell. Damn!

Rueben:  Agreed, he doesn’t love her; but he sure loves pretending that he does.  That whole being upset was just foreplay as far as I’m concerned.  She was pissed at him – sure – but it was all for show and nothing more.

Cay: I think he finds her attractiYeah, the part about Roman trying to get out of it was weird – was it just that he didn’t want to be photographed and end up on the internet/in the media? And if so, why didn’t that bother him at the earlier charity function, as Blake pointed out? I do think it wasn’t cool of her to berate him for it, but it seems that she was mostly mad because she didn’t seem to buy it/thought he should have told her about it before.

Big reveal that Jane had an affair with Clem while she was on the run.

Leah: This actually upset me. Jane ran because she wanted to keep Weller and his child/family safe. She didn’t run because she was abused or unhappy. Having an affair. Not okay. Coming back to his hotel room in the present time? Also not okay. Keeping a secret after you got mad at YOUR HUSBAND for keeping a secret. Not okay.

Lisa: I agree. I was pissed that she had an affair and why? For a roll in the hay? Lame! She had no business doing that to Weller and lying about it. Maybe they aren’t as perfect for each other as I thought. Ugh…

Rueben:  I didn’t like it either.  It’s quite hypocritical of her to be pissed at Weller for lying to her about Avery while she’s keeping this secret about Clem.  Just not right!!

Cay: Maybe that’s part of why she’s so mad at Weller? Because it taps into her own guilt about keeping a secret from him? I definitely didn’t see that coming! She left him, not the other way around.

BLINDSPOT — “Balance of Might” Episode 310 — Pictured: (l-r) Rob Brown as Edgar Reade, Reshma Shetty as Megan Butani, Hubert Point-Du Jour as Akol, Emma Claye as Winny — (Photo by Eric Liebowitz/NBC/Warner Bros)

Predictions on what’s going on with Avery? Is she really Jane’s daughter? If so, and she helped fake her own death, then why is she a prisoner?

Leah: What part of I’m Taylor Shaw does Jane not remember? DNA DNA DNA Until I see that DNA and then they run it again I am not convinced. Also it doesn’t bother anyone that an 18-year-old managed to track Jane down as effectively as a trained FBI agent? Give me a break.

And on a side note: I’m adopted. It really bothers me when people who have no idea what they are talking about write adoption scenes. If Avery was really raised by “parents that loved her and she loved them” then she wouldn’t feel abandoned by Jane. She was adopted as a baby. There is no time for abandonment to “set it”. It’s ridiculous.

Lisa: Wow Leah I never knew that you were adopted. I always knew you were special. 🙂 As far as Avery is concerned, I agree with Leah. Show me the DNA! If she was accepting money from Roman who knows who she is or what she is into. I don’t trust it.

Rueben:  I didn’t know that either about you, Leah.  Your analysis on Avery gives us something to think about.  And, I agree about the DNA.  Until you’ve got documented proof that she is really Jane’s daughter, she’s not Jane’s daughter.  I have a feeling that – given the picture of Avery meeting with Roman – that she is a plant and she’s being held in Germany as part of Roman’s elaborate plan.

Cay: Ditto. We need proof. That picture seemed to suggest that she was a plant, but even so, how did they fake her death to convince Weller and why is she still a prisoner? It makes sense that Roman would set up Weller to get leverage on him and bonus that it’s something that could really hurt Jane.


Leah: I’m giving it to Weller. He was convincingly upset, apologetic and heartbroken.

Lisa: Not Jane. I’m not happy with her for cheating on Weller. So I’ll have to Weller as well. He broke my heart.

Rueben:  Weller for that whole racing to get that bomb into the deep freeze alone is enough to give him the MVP for the week.

Cay: Agreed, he had some great physical scenes as well as a lot of emotional scenes this week.

BLINDSPOT — “Balance of Might” Episode 310 — Pictured: Reshma Shetty as Megan Butani — (Photo by Eric Liebowitz/NBC/Warner Bros)

Favorite line or scene?

Leah: I’m going off script and give you my least favorite. Reade’s girlfriend. She started the episode ignoring the refugee’s calls only to then get all in their business and insist on being in “interrogation” with them. This is after she heard gunshots and run towards them to see if Reade was safe. Seriously? With the people the gunman were after you ran towards the gunshots? After Reade found you a someone safe hiding spot. Then you get all uppity and act like you are the be all end all on human rights. UGH!

Lisa: Right? She should have been smarter than that. Going towards gunshots? yeah she was my loser of the week too. My favorite scene mainly for the steam factor was Roman and Blake pre-gaming if you will in her dressing room! That was a super spicy scene and I don’t think I will ever be surprised at how charming and hot Roman is. 😍

Rueben:  Yeah, I think we should have a loser of the week instead and Jane takes the cake.  How could she cheat on Weller, keeping it secret and then leave Weller for his keeping his own secret.  Just wrong on so many levels.

Cay: I’m with Rueben – Jane was just acting like a spoiled brat this episode, especially since Weller wasn’t the only one keeping secrets and his “crime” was much more understandable in my opinion!

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