ONE CHICAGO Women: CHICAGO MED “Over Troubled Water” (3×07), CHICAGO P.D. “Captive” (5×12) & CHICAGO FIRE “Foul is Fair” (6×09) recap

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It was one heck of a dramatic week in the ONE CHICAGO world this week! Read on to find out what went down with the leading ladies of CHICAGO MEDCHICAGO P.D. and CHICAGO FIRE

Pictured: S. Epatha Merkerson as Sharon Goodwin — (Photo by: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC)

Sharon Goodwin:

Following the incident that went down last week with Dr Reese, Goodwin ends up calling Dr Charles to her office for a status on Reese’s probation. While there, Dr Charles mentions that he heard her ex husband and his partner Lilah were back at Med, to which Goodwin tells him she’s aware. Halstead is the one treating her ex’s partner and it doesn’t look good. With the woman signing a DNR and Goodwin being the classy lady that she is, when she goes to see Lilah, she begs Goodwin to look after her partner aka Goodwin’s ex, when she’s gone. Awkward. When Goodwin’s ex loses it at Halstead, claiming he’s not doing enough to save his love, both Goodwin and Maggie have to step in to calm him down. When Lilah quickly gets worse and sadly passes, Goodwin grimly watches on in the doorway.

Maggie Lockwood:

The charge nurse’s paramedic ex is still on the scene and still trying to get her to go to dinner with him. She once again tells him no and he can’t understand why, seeing as she had drinks with him. Maggie points out that drinks is not a date but dinner is. The paramedic is persistent, we’ll give him that. Always the sassy one, Maggie tells him “I know you think that this charming, it’s not” and he refers back to their first date where they had Mexican from a food court and tossed pennies into a pond, Maggie retorts that too bad their story ended up with him cheating on her. He claims that he has changed since then and she tells him so has she – this time she is smart enough to draw the line. All hail Queen Maggie! That being said, at the end of the episode as they are walking out, Maggie sees her ex with some colleagues at a food cart and asks Goodwin if she thinks people can change. Maybe she will cave after all?

Pictured: (l-r) Oliver Platt as Daniel Charles, Torrey DeVitto as Natalie Manning — (Photo by: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC)

Dr Natalie Manning:

This week once again opens up with Manstead – they’re asleep at her place when his alarm goes off, indicating that he needs to leave before it’s morning so that Nat’s son doesn’t see him. At work, she and Dr Choi tend to a woman brought in giving birth but in hysterics, yelling for the newborn to be taken away from her because “it’s a monster”. It turns out the young woman is a heroin addict and sadly her dependency on it was so strong that it turned the baby into an addict too. When the baby is fussy because of withdrawal, Nat thinks that the biological mother should hold the baby because studies show that skin-to-skin contact can help soothe them. Dr Choi is opposed to the idea and Dr Charles backs him up. He does however later have a change of heart and manages to talk the mother around into spending some time with the newborn but things get a little messy when the mother gets attached to the baby and child services come around to take the baby to potential foster parents. Nat watches on as the woman once again becomes hysterical. The end of the episode mirrors the opening, only this time Nat tells Halstead to stay when the alarm goes off – this is a big step for the pair!

April Sexton:

With her brother Noah having a hockey game, April passes on hanging out with Choi after work. She remarks that “those things” might not be of interest to him but they are to her. Confused as to what she’s referring to, he thinks she means recreational sports but no, she means family. Ouch! At the end of the episode, he ends up opening up to her, showing a picture of a young woman on his phone – it’s his adopted sister Emily. He reveals that she kept making bad decisions in her life and so he decided that he wouldn’t get involved anymore. As he reveals that it has been four years since he has seen her, he tears up and also admits maybe it’s time to reconnect with her.

Pictured: Rachel DiPillo as Sarah Reese — (Photo by Nino Munoz/NBC)

Dr Sarah Reese:

Currently on probation, Reese is taking a course in hospital safety as well as undergoing individualized therapy. However, once her suspension is over, Dr Charles will no longer be her supervisor, opting to pass her on to another fellow psychiatrist to expose Reese to other clinical methods.  The new supervisor is all about theories, charts, watching and listening in, rather than diving in and practicing skills through experience, so you can tell that Reese is not going to last long with her. Reese ends up going to see Dr Charles in his office, telling him that she would prefer to stay on his service and that if he feels guilty, her issues are for her to deal with. He was the one who brought her into psychiatry and he is the psychiatrist that she wants to be. She already almost lost him once and she doesn’t want to lose him again. Despite these impassioned pleas, he stands by his decision and so she leaves his office in tears. Towards the end of the episode, obviously affected by the case he consulted on, Dr Charles finds Reese studying charts in the cafeteria and admits that he feels responsible about what happened with her as his job was to guide her so he feels like he let her down. With the situation of the mother and baby weighing on his mind, he tells Reese that some relationships are better to be kept in tact and that when she returns from suspension, he would like to be her mentor again. For the first time in weeks, we see a genuine smile from Reese. Yay!

Pictured: (l-r) Jon Seda as Antonio Dawson, Marina Squerciati as Kim Burgess, Patrick John Flueger as Adam Ruzek — (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC)

Kim Burgess:

The episode begins with Burgess not impressed when Platt reminds staff that they have mandatory de-escalation the next morning, which also happens to be a Saturday. That’ll be the least of her problems come tomorrow though. In the meantime, on this Friday night they’re going to Molly’s to celebrate Platt’s birthday, where Burgess enjoys some shots with Ruzek. The following day, Ruzek is concerned when Atwater, who didn’t show up to Molly’s the previous night, also doesn’t turn up to the precinct. When Burgess, Ruzek, Halstead and Atwater make their way to the last place Atwater’s phone was pinged, they’re concerned when there is evidence of a struggle and blood at the scene, which ends up being Atwater’s. Further digging sees a link to an incident where Atwater shot a kid while on duty back when he and Burgess were patrol partners. She’s not playing when they bring in a person of interest and has no qualms about yelling “SHUT UP!” to them as they try to talk themselves out of interrogation. When it reaches the 32-hour mark since Atwater was last seen and they’re no closer to finding him, Burgess is understandably fretting about Voight’s orders to keep it in-house and as Ruzek tries to reassure her that they’ll find him, his undercover phone rings and it’s Atwater. Yay! It isn’t that simple though and when they go to meet one of the guys involved in Atwater’s kidnapping, the guy panics when he realizes he has been made and refuses to stand down so Antonio shoots him. Ruzek freaks out because the guy was their chance to find Atwater and this time it’s Burgess’ turn to calm him down. Thankfully Atwater ends up escaping and reunites with his unit and Burgess greets him with a big hug from behind. Aww! On this week’s FIRE, we learn that there is a bullet proof vest of Burgess’s that hangs on the wall at Molly’s.

Pictured: (l-r) LaRoyce Hawkins as Kevin Atwater, Amy Morton as Trudy Platt — (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC)

Trudy Platt:

FINALLY Platt gets something to do this season! (PS how nice was it to see her in street clothes too this week?) First off, her colleagues are celebrating her birthday at Molly’s, which has just installed a karaoke machine and Burgess thinks could make for a fun night. Platt disagrees and tells her when pigs fly, citing that it’s a bad idea because it will attract the wrong crowd. Besides, her husband Mouch is sick so she’s won’t be having a late night. Cut to Platt at Molly’s, enjoying the karaoke machine and singing a bit of “Car Wash”. Ha! The following morning at de-escalation training at the precinct, Platt doesn’t hold back on the snark when Ruzek shows up as everything is wrapping up. When he reveals he’s late because he’s worried about Atwater, Platt immediately goes to ping Atwater’s phone to get a location and ends up joining Intelligence as they work to find their missing colleague. We need more of Platt working with Intelligence! When Atwater is finally found, he’s more worried about apologizing to Platt about missing her birthday rather than his kidnapping ordeal. Pretty sure it’s water under the bridge as she goes to give him a big tight hug, obviously relived that he’s alive and safe!  In this week’s episode of FIRE, Mouch reveals that he and Platt are discussing turning their back room into an Air BnB.

Hailey Upton:

When Burgess, Ruzek, Halstead and Upton are searching the place where Atwater was last traced, it’s Upton who finds Atwater’s police badge and ID under furniture. Ruzek says that one of the first things that they learn at the academy is to ditch your badge if you’re caught in a hostage situation so that they don’t know you’re a cop. Obviously this discovery doesn’t exactly fill the Intelligence team with optimism.

Pictured: Monica Raymund as Gabriela Dawson — (Photo by: John Tsiavis/NBC)

Gabriela Dawson:

This week’s episode opens up with Casey waking up at 2am to find the other side of the bed empty. He goes into the lounge room to find Dawson on her laptop, still trying to find Bria aka the missing girl from last week. She asks if it’s okay that Kidd fills in for her on shift so that she can keep trying to find Bria. Although Casey okays it, you can tell things are off between the pair. It doesn’t help when Casey talks to Severide the next day and realizes Dawson left some details out about her search fro Bria. Not wanting to get into the middle of it, Severide tries to reassure Casey that Dawson probably didn’t want to start anything up with him because she knows how he feels when she gets too close to patients. Ouch! Dawson does keep Severide in the loop though and the duo follow up on the various leads they’ve got, Severide having m0re luck than Dawson. Dawson’s leads take her to Joliet to Bria’s aunt, who says the teen is better off without her dad. At the end of the episode, Dawson, Casey and Severide are at Molly’s discussing Bria when Dawson gets a call from the morgue – a teen Jane Doe has been brought in. Severide gets up to go with Dawson but Casey tells him he’ll go. Hopefully this will help the married couple fix the tension between them.

Pictured: (l-r) Miranda Rae Mayo as Stella Kidd, Kara Killmer as Sylvie Brett, Yuri Sardarov as Otis, Christian Stolte as Mouch — (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)

Sylvie Brett:

This week there’s a foul smell at Firehouse 51, which Brett smells immediately even if Cruz can’t smell it. “Well you’re blind, or whatever the smell equivalent is,” she tells him. Also this week, Brett and Kidd are partnered up on ambo again and are getting along pretty well. Brett tell Kidd about her field techniques, which Kidd agrees with, prompting Brett to declare that as great as Dawson is, it’s awesome riding with Kidd because they click. Don’t go braiding best friend bracelets yet though girls – when the duo’s latest call takes them to a home where a woman has mixed chemicals to clean her floor and unknowingly caused a nasty gas, the Hazmat team are called in and their lieutenant catches both womens’ eyes. When they return to 51 and the smell is still there, they “suggest” to Boden calling Zach, the lieutenant over to take a look. He tells them to go ahead and after they call Zach and he says he’ll be over soon, Kidd calls dibs on him and Brett disagrees. Kidd says that she needs this, she has had zero luck in love and has been friend zoned by Severide. Brett argues that she has just broken up with Antonio again and needs to get over him. May the best woman win…

Stella Kidd:

We enjoyed seeing Kidd and Brett team up and even their friendly competition over Zach was fun to watch. As the girls compete for his affections, Kidd nicknames Brett “Dorothy” (like from The Wizard of Oz) and when it seems like Brett might get the upper hand with Kidd getting called in by boss Casey as they see the Hazmat liteutenant off, little does Kidd realize that Brett has a change of heart and puts in a good word for Kidd, telling Zach that Kidd is fantastic and gives him her number. After shift, Kidd meets Brett for a drink at Molly’s and gloats that Zach called her and they’re going on a date. When she realizes that Brett was behind it, she worries that it was a pity thing but when Brett assures her it wasn’t, Kidd hugs Brett and tells her she’s the best. Aww!

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