WAYWARD SISTERS: Katherine Ramdeen on Alex and the New Relationships

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CW juggernaut Supernatural has been on the air for thirteen seasons, and as is the way of the show, characters come and go as needed. This season, the show’s been focusing on a few issues that are leading into a backdoor pilot, Wayward Sisters, which airs tonight at 8PM. The Wayward Sisters are women from the show who come together and hunt like Sam and Dean, spearheaded by Sheriff Jody Mills and Sheriff Donna Hanscum, along with Jody’s adoptive daughters, Alex Jones and Claire Novak, plus Patience Turner and Kaia Nieves.

Just ahead of this new episode, Katherine Ramdeen (Alex) answered some questions for us about the new show, working with so many women together and what she loves most about Alex as a character.

1. How would you describe Wayward Sisters to someone who’s never watched Supernatural?

It’s a group of badass women who all share a commonality: a tragic past. They form a family of sorts, and combined with different strengths and specialties, kick some major bad guy ass!

2. When you first auditioned for a role on such a long-standing show, did you know that you’d get to come back to the same character in new situations? If so, how has it been to come back to Alex in a new show with new characters around her?

Auditioning for this show, we knew that she might be back for another episode, simply because she didn’t die in her debut. Haha! But then again, this being SUPERNATURAL, nobody stays dead for very long. She was a one-off, and I had zero expectations for her story to continue to unfurl, but now with WAYWARD, it’s just unreal, and to see her somewhat flourishing, with friends and family, having a true safe place where she can continue to discover herself and her place in everything, it’s just really really exciting.

3. Based on character bios, there’s bound to be some friction between all of the girls. What’s the most important part of Alex that keeps her fighting in new situations? Is it Clarre and Jody as we saw previously or the new characters and/or new circumstances?

Alex has such a sisterly bond with Claire, but sisters have a finicky relationship, ESPECIALLY adolescent sisters. But it’s ultimately Alex’s love for Claire and keeping her family safe and together that drives Alex, even when things get daunting.

4. What’s the one thing you love most about the changes in Alex you’ve seen?

Her impressive grounded mentality. Unlike pretty much every other girl, she has a pretty strong sense of what she wants and where her future is heading toward, and that’s being with Jody. She loves her as the mother she never had, and there’s a combined yearning to make Jody proud, and learn whatever skills necessary to keep herself and her loved ones safe. Alex has this drive for life that’s so admirable. Despite her horrific childhood and past, she remains vigilant in her struggle to find stability. Being a hunter is pretty much the furthest thing from stable, but she knows that this life chose her, and Alex won’t go down without a fight.

5. Alex, in one of the last episodes we saw her in, wanted to leave the world of hunting and all things supernatural. What, if anything, draws her back into this world?

Simply put, her family, and her strong sense of loyalty and love. She’d do anything for the people she loves.

6. What do you love most about playing Alex? About being on a show with such female-heavy cast?

I love Alex’s tenacity. She knows what she wants and she doesn’t let anyone or anything get in her way, and of course her incredibly dry wit and affinity for sarcasm. She’s fun. She keeps things real. When everything around her is crazy and scary and uncertain, Alex has a way of grounding herself and remaining focused. She’s a role model. Being part of a show that has six female leads… it’s just incredible and unprecedented. I feel so incredibly proud and empowered by this cast of extraordinary actors. Going to work each day has been a dream come true, and of course, they’re all the loveliest people. Our group dynamic is so organic and effortless. We’re all just a group of women who happen to be really great human beings, and that makes my job so much more fantastic, as if it could be any more amazing.

This new episode of Supernatural airs tonight at 8PM.

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