THE X-FILES: What we loved & hated about Plus One

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This week we got the first standalone episode of the new season and it didn’t disappoint. Creepy, cool, violent, this was a true X-files episode! And, even better, it’s not quite like anything other episodes that I remember.

11.3 Plus One

What we loved:

  • Back to a good old-fashioned creep-fest
  • Evil twins!
  • The witty banter and the physical comedy (take care to avoid the Dookie)
  • Scully managing to talk her doppleganger away by being rational
  • The Scully-Mulder dynamic and the “what happens when we’re old” discussion – so heartwarming – like a real partnership/relationship of that many years should be

What we hated:

  • Pretty much nothing – this was a great episode

What were your favorite and least favorite parts? Tell us in the comments!

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