THIS IS US: “Clooney” or “That Darn Cat”

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This Is Us dealt with the aftermath of last week’s Pearson Family therapy session, finding your passion, understanding other’s pain, and an ugly cat named Clooney. Join Mel and Ange as they discuss this week’s episode.

Melissa: That darn cat. They got me right from the beginning with the mangy, scrappy stray cat running around trying to survive. It’s probably meant to be a metaphor or an allegory, but it just made me want to give my cats extra food and snuggles.

Ange: Omg that cat! Is it bad that up until this episode I had forgotten all about the cat? As soon as I saw it (and remembered that William had named it Clooney), I then grew concerned about what had happened to the cat this whole time. This show I tell you! (I am glad he found a new home in the end too by the way.)

Melissa: After last week’s explosive therapy session, we have the Big Three living their separate lives. Kevin is the one more directly confronting what happened by staying with Rebecca and Miguel. He seems to have made peace with their relationship. Or at least is starting to make peace with it. Is that how you read what was going on? Or am I being optimistic? What do you think about how Miguel is handling Kevin?

Ange: I was a bit skeptical at first about how calm Kevin seemed while talking to the therapist but I don’t think you’re being optimistic about him making peace with Rebecca and Miguel’s relationship; I do think he is slowly coming around. Like he was obviously not thrilled with Miguel being there when he first arrived but Miguel standing up for himself and Rebecca at the supermarket (which by the way kudos to him for doing that) coupled with Rebecca’s revelation that she can’t quite let Jack go with the necklace, obviously struck a chord with Kevin and made him realise that Miguel was not going anywhere and that his mother deserves to find some semblance of happiness after Jack. I am glad that we got those two scenes between Kevin and Miguel, along with the flashbacks. There obviously was a time when the two guys got along and Miguel is not the bad guy in this. We know that Miguel knows he’s an outsider in this family but it was good to see him stick up for himself and be protective of Rebecca. There is a reason why Rebecca married him after Jack and while we may not know it, at least we’re getting snippets of perhaps why. All in due time right?

Melissa: I’m glad Miguel stood up for himself and for Rebecca. “I’m her husband” –  that was a quiet but powerful reminder for Kevin. I also wanted to talk about the flashback to Jack helping Kevin suit up. Logan Shroyer who plays teenage Kevin nearly slayed me tonight. The amount of loving pouring out of Kevin for Jack was almost blinding; kudos to Logan for going there with his emotions.

Ange: That scene! GAH, I really enjoyed this week’s episode and the backstories and like you was impressed by Logan Shroyer’s performance and his ability to make us feel these emotions through his presence and actions rather than words. That scene was bittersweet too – seeing Kevin let his guard down with his dad and then knowing in a matter of weeks or months that those moments will be no longer when Jack passes. 

Melissa: My empathy for Kevin continues to grow. Meanwhile, Kate is learning that not all eating disorders look the same. I really enjoyed her storyline with Madison. She gained understanding, compassion, and empathy for Madison, and a new best friend. (Her face when Madison said that! LOL!)

Ange: I am really enjoying this storyline with Madison too! It was nice to see Kate help someone else for a change too after all that she has been through. Flashback Kate broke my heart too – she achieved her size goal but still couldn’t be happy with herself and I thought it was perceptive of present Kate to make the observation about the voice in her head and how she always needed it there.

Melissa: And now for Randall. I did not see “landlord” as his next act, but I’m excited about the possibilities for him and Beth to work on this project together. Dare I say…they remind me of Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt???

Ange: Nope, did not see that coming at all but I love the idea of him and Beth working on a project together. I do love the fact that at the start of the episode when Beth is ranting about losing the space that Randall didn’t seem too concerned about her disappointment and then he ends up finding this for her – they really are couple goals, which does not surprise me at all that you would say they remind you of Leslie and Ben, another stand out TV couple who did great things together!

Melissa: The episode ended with Rebecca feeling like they’d forgotten something at the mall. At first I thought they forgot Randall, but then we had that ominous shot of the smoke detector, sans battery. Is this why Kate blames herself for Jack’s death? Because she distracted her mom at the mall?

Ange: I also thought that they forgot Randall, but man that last shot! I hope that it’s not why Kate blames herself but it is a big possibility. I am not ready for this reveal that’s for sure!

This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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