The Brave Recap: Grounded

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This week the team heads to Colombia to deal with former FARC rebels who have taken a plane full of passengers hostage. With Patricia gone, Noah is in charge in DC and Hannah heads back into the field.

Mari Diaz, a former FARC rebel, has taken a plane full of hostages and is demanding a ransom. Colombian special forces has already attempted a failed rescue, and Diaz executes several hostages in response.

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Jaz has not been cleared to return to the field, so isn’t with the team when they arrive. They finally meet Hannah in person, and she has a plan to try to get Diaz to agree to a refuel so that the team can sneak in under the cover of the refueling.

As the refueling begins, Dalton and Preach are hidden on the back of the fuel truck, and trying to figure out how to stay out of sight. They get close to the plane, but Noah tells them hold back. A flight attendant, who previously intervened with Diaz to save a passenger, has managed to let them know that Diaz has a bomb on the plane, which makes Hannah question Diaz’s intentions.

Patricia surprises Noah by returning to DC early, and unofficially.

Dalton and the team are trying to figure out what they’ll do next. Preach and Amir head back to prepare while Dalton climbs on board. But Hannah reveals that once they have the money, Diaz is going to blow up the plane with herself, her team, and all the hostages in it. On the phone with Lalo, Diaz’s accomplice and lover, Hannah manages to plant seeds of doubt and tip Lalo off about the bomb.

Looking at the bomb, Dalton realizes that it’s more of a challenge than he expected. But that’s not his biggest concern because Diaz has learned he’s in the cargo hold and sends her men to kill him.

Back at the base, the counselor is trying to help Jaz, but she’ doesn’t want to talk. After putting him off, she finally explains that her real fear is losing her team. Her team, her “guys,” were the first ones to ever come to her rescue or help her in life. But the counselor tells her that, in spite of real risk, she has to channel her fear of losing them into being grateful to have them.

When one of the hostage takers comes to look for him, Hannah realizes that someone on the ground must be telling Diaz what they’re up to. Dalton takes him out, but that pushes the rescue timeline up significantly.

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When Preach, Amir, and McG plan to board, Hannah feeds a false plan to the team so that the informer will unintentionally mislead Diaz. As the hijackers ready for a breach, Lalo finds the note about the bomb, and confronts Diaz. She’s a true believer though, so she tries to trigger the bomb. Fortunately, Dalton has taken care of that, and when they follow the misleading info, Dalton’s able to sneak in and handle the situation.

Hannah confronts the informer about passing information, and he’s arrested before Hannah heads back to DC.

Back at their base camp, the team celebrates with Jaz, who is cleared to rejoin the team. Jaz and Dalton have a heart-to-heart about the high price of experience and reveals some of the darkness that haunts him.

Next week will be the first of a two-part season finale for The Brave, which airs Mondays at 10/9 c on NBC.

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