9-1-1 RECAP: “Let Go”

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The second episode of the new FOX drama 9-1-1 aired last night, focusing on people who – like the title states – “let go.”

As the episode opened, we saw two guys waiting in line to ride a roller coaster at a state fair. One friend was very excited about the ride, but the other friend was less so. Since it is 9-1-1, naturally, deadly trouble ensued. The ride malfunctioned with the excited friend being pulled off the ride while the other was found hanging on for dear life as the 6-seater car was stuck dangling upside down.

Further in the episode the fire department responded to a man who was ready to jump from a high-rise building because his girlfriend cheated on him. Thankfully, that incident had a happier ending although the guy threatening to jump was literally kicked off the balcony and into his apartment by a risky maneuver.

Let’s take a look at what was happening with the main cast members throughout the episode:

Evan “Buck” Buckley

He is the new kid on the block at the fire department, and while he is apparently good at his job, he is a mess in his life. Can’t keep his pants on around women, but in this episode I was nearly ready to give him a second chance especially given the fact he was unable to help the scared guy on the roller coaster who was dangling off the stuck car. I also was ready to give him the benefit of the doubt when that guy’s sister blamed him for her brother’s death – when it clearly wasn’t Buck’s fault. Not to mention he was actually really nice to Abby when she phoned him. All that being said, though, he had sex with his trauma counselor during their first therapy session. Really? Granted, I’m just as upset with the counselor because – as she said – it was “beyond unprofessional” of them to be intimate.

Abby Clark

She is dealing with a lot – a tough job as a 9-1-1 operator/dispatcher as well as being the caregiver to her mother who is suffering from Alzheimer’s. That is so not easy. Thank God for Carla Price, the new caregiver. Carla was able to – in very quick order – help Abby with a very stressful home-life situation but also urge her on in her private life. Is Carla crossing a line – perhaps – but I think Abby was appreciative none the less.

Athena Grant

She’s dealing with a husband who has announced to the family that he is gay; something that she admitted to their couple’s therapist she, deep down, knew all along. She also was able to catch a home burglar, who she inadvertently allowed to get away. But the big shocker was finding her teenage daughter collapsed on her bedroom floor from an apparent overdose. Good grief, the aftermath of that is going to be heartbreaking, I’m sure.

There wasn’t as much focus on the other main characters – Bobby, Hen and Howie – but it certainly looks like there will be plenty if next week’s clip was any indication.

I’m still a little torn about the show. I like the women characters and I’m warming up to Bobby, but Buck is still the one character that I want to like if he could just keep it in his pants. What did you think of last night’s new episode?

The next new episode of 9-1-1 will air on FOX on Wednesday, January 17 at 9/8c.

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