THE X-FILES: What we loved & hated about the first 2 episodes

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As we mentioned in our X-Files preview, this season seems designed to make up for many of the mistakes of last year’s reboot. The first episode, My Struggle 3 , started out with the premise that last year’s finale was all in Scully’s head but showed enough of it to be true to set the stage for this season. The second episode, This, was bizarre as only The X-Files can do, but had some good moments, especially between Scully & Mulder. Here’s what we loved and hated from both episodes:

11.1 My Struggle Part 3

What we loved:

  • Scully-centric episode
  • Last season’s finale wasn’t real, or was it?
  • Mulder hell-bent on protecting Scully
  • The return of Spender and other references to the bigger picture/overall mythology

What we hated:

  • Last season’s finale wasn’t real,  or was it?
  • Scully in danger (again and again!)
  • And the WORST: Mulder isn’t Williams’ dad and the Cigarette Smoking Man basically raped Scully – drugged her and impregnated her with alien DNA.  That sound you hear is millions of X-Philes barfing/screaming simultaneously.


11.2 This

What we loved:

  • Mulder & Scully just hanging out at his place, comfortable in their own skins followed by their very coordinated (and well choreographed) response to the home invasion by the foreign goons
  • The scavenger hunt of sorts in Arlington leading to Deep Throat’s grave
  • Scully pretending that Mulder was a perp to gain access to the “secret” passageway to Titanpointe
  • Lone Gunman references
  • In the alternative reality of the simulation, the New England Patriots never, ever win (I’m a Steelers fan living in Boston, this one played great in my house!)

What we hated:

  • The plot in this one was hard to follow. It seemed jolting after the end of My Struggle, with no continuity. And how a bunch of foreign agents were able to run all over the place trying to kill Mulder and Scully was also never clearly explained.
  • And then there is the whole simulation in the first place – a lot of WTF moments, and not in a good way.
  • Thinking there is another way my smartphone could be invading my privacy

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