The Brave Recap: Desperate Measures

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The Brave is easily my favorite new drama from the fall season and I am so glad it is back! when we saw them last Jaz had been captured and things were not looking good.

Dalton and The Team
If I am ever in trouble I’d like Dalton to be the one to head my rescue mission. The look on Dalton’s face when Jaz and her capture drove by him was heartbreaking. What I really liked about the rescue though is I don’t feel like Dalton would have worked any less for any member of his team. Sure, there is some tension with him and Jaz, but The Brave never makes it feel like anyone is….less. Team first, gender second.

Holy crap! That all white room, Jaz doing her best (and it was really amazing) to look unaffected by the torture. She is a bad ass. Her look of relief when the team did get to her came across as so genuine. It was just an all around amazing performance and I was riveted from start to finish.

The D.I.A.
Another great thing about The Brave is the team in Washington always has the team on the grounds back. Patricia may be in some trouble for her actions in helping the team, but that is realistic. She gave Hannah and Noah a chance to not be a part of the rescue op and they, like everyone else in this show, opted to stay in. Do what is best for the team….always.

Now I’m not good with character names so I’m not sure what the name of the man was who was the teams “guide” in country, but he made the ultimate sacrifice for the team. Giving his life so they could make it across the border. Having had lost his daughter to violence/fighting he was not about to let Jaz, or the team, get recaptured. I know, I can’t remember his name, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t get any less teary eyed while watching.

The Brave airs Monday 10/9c on NBC

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