ONE CHICAGO Women: CHICAGO MED “Mountains & Molehills” (3×05), CHICAGO P.D. “Rabbit Hole” (5×10) & CHICAGO FIRE “A Man’s Legacy” (6×07) recap

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Ready for 2018 Chihards? We’re kicking off the first week of the year with a full ONE CHICAGO line-up and considering it’s been weeks since new episodes aired, all three shows certainly made dramatic returns. Read on to find out what was in store for the women of CHICAGO MEDCHICAGO P.D. and CHICAGO FIRE this week…

Pictured: (l-r) MaameYaa Boafo as Abena Kwemo, S. Epatha Merkerson as Sharon Goodwin — (Photo by Elizabeth Sisson/NBC)

Sharon Goodwin:

When Dr Choi brings to Sharon’s attention a patient who was redirected to Med from another hospital and most likely has AIDS but is refusing to take a test, Dr Stohl advises Sharon to send the patient back to the other hospital as she’ll be wasting valuable resources at Med. Sharon does not like this suggestion and tells Dr Choi to keep trying to help the patient but also reprimands him about respecting the patient’s wishes when he tries to tell the patient’s aunt about her condition. The patient is pretty stubborn and later on in the episode Sharon ends up sharing her experiences as a nurse in the ’80s treating patients with HIV and when the patient finally agrees to take a HIV test, Sharon shares a subtle nod with April.

Pictured: Marlyne Barrett as Maggie Lockwood — (Photo by Elizabeth Sisson/NBC)

Maggie Lockwood:

Maggie may not have had a big storyline this week but she did have a presence in this episode. As well as making sure the ED is running smoothly as usual as the traumas come in, she and Dr Connor Rhodes lend their support to Noah Sexton when his patient dies unexpectedly and he worries about breaking the news to the family. Maggie also has to deal with a sudden outburst by Dr Sarah Reese when said grieving family attacks Dr Sexton and Reese declares that there should have been security around. Then as usual, Maggie is the number one Manstead supporter and commentator and we couldn’t help but be amused by this quip when it’s discovered what was affecting Halstead – “Must have been the red hair. Not a creature in the world that can resist this.” Maggie also appears in this week’s FIRE when Dawson’s dad is brought into Med.

Pictured: (l-r) Nick Gehlfuss as Will Halstead, Torrey DeVitto as Natalie Manning — (Photo by Elizabeth Sisson/NBC)

Dr Natalie Manning:

Things are still going pretty well between Nat and Halstead if the opening of this week’s episode is anything to go by where they’re making out in her car before shift like a pair of high school kids. It’s pretty cute! As the pair walk into work together, a distraught mother is demanding that her weak daughter be tended to and the daughter falls as the doctors walk in. Halstead quickly grabs her and he and Nat tend to the teen.  The two doctors are puzzled about what could be affecting her and their concerns grow when Halstead starts mimicking her symptoms. In the end, Nat figures out that it was a paralysis tick that the girl caught while holidaying in Australia and that jumped onto Halstead’s scalp when he carried the patient. That being said, his symptoms are going to worsen before he gets better so he’s to remain in hospital and isolation for the evening. The good thing about being in isolation though is the privacy and it looks like Nat’s willing to play doctor with him while he recovers if you know what we mean.

Pictured: (l-r) Yaya DaCosta as April Sexton, Roland Buck III as Noah Sexton, Colin Donnell as Connor Rhodes — (Photo by Elizabeth Sisson/NBC)

April Sexton:

April and Dr Choi are still keeping their relationship a secret and April is surprised when Dr Choi declines going to nurse Doris’ birthday celebrations that evening even though she’s going. He reminds her that it was her choice to keep their relationship a secret and pretty much says that there’s no point in him going. The pair are then assigned a patient who they suspect to have AIDS but the woman refuses to undergo a HIV test to be sure. When the patient’s aunt arrives the patient downplays her symptoms, afraid to tell the truth. Presumably affected by working on this case, at the end of the episode when Doris, Maggie and the others are leaving to go out for Doris’ birthday and ask April if she’s coming, April takes Choi’s hand and tells them that she and her boyfriend will meet them there. The cat is finally out of the bag! Also in this episode, April’s brother Noah loses a patient (pretty sure this might be his first one) so she’s understandably concerned about him.

Dr Sarah Reese:

Dr Charles has been away the last couple of weeks and rather than treating patients in his absence, Dr Reese has been working on research projects and pretty much avoiding interacting with patients. She might be in denial over the situation with the aggressive female patient last year but it is clearly affecting her and her work. When Reese’s car is broken into it, her immediate conclusion is that it was the patient and she tells the police so but they are obviously skeptical since she can’t prove it. Then when a grieving brother lashes out at Noah, Reese in turn lashes out at Maggie, asking why there was a lack of security at the hospital and how can they feel safe as they do their jobs. When Dr Charles later asks her about her outburst, she tries to brush it off as an innocuous comment made while having a bad day, but it’s clearly not when Sarah goes to buy a gun. She is surprised to find out that it takes months to get registered to own one so the store assistant offers her pepper spray instead. It looks like Dr Charles was right to be concerned about her…

Kim Burgess:

We get to see a bit of tough love Burgess this week when she and Antonio are interrogating a drug dealer and trying to get him to confess. Apart from that, there aren’t many Burgess-heavy scenes this week.

Trudy Platt:

One scene with Platt this week, which is towards the end of the episode when the DEA agents come in to take over Intelligence’s case and as she and Upton watch them do so, Platt reassures Upton that her partner’s failures are not on her. We always enjoy seeing Platt and Upton scenes so this moment helps ease the fact that Platt wasn’t really in this episode. Over on FIRE, there is a reference to Platt when Chief Boden invites Casey and Mouch over for bourbon and music to which Mouch says he’ll have to check with Platt first. Aww!

Pictured: (l-r) Tracy Spiridakos as Hailey Upton, Jason Beghe as Hank Voight — (Photo by: Parrish Lewis/NBC)

Hailey Upton:

This week’s episode of P.D. was very Halstead centric and with Upton being his concerned partner, she was also quite prominent in this episode. As you may have remembered last year, Halstead found himself in a bit of an undercover mess when he started hooking up with a suspect’s sister. After the suspect was killed, Halstead continued to see Camilla, the sister, (not that she knows that’s his actual name) and is still seeing her this week, which lands him in some hot water when a woman is murdered after leaving a party the pair attended. Upton and Voight greet Halstead at the scene and are confused/concerned as to why he was there. When Upton and Antonio Dawson later follow a lead, they learn that the victim was not a junkie but rather a DEA agent undercover and so this whole situation just got even dicier. Upton and Halstead then go undercover to try and find the drug dealer and this excursion has Upton learning that her partner is sleeping with Camilla and the pair learning that Camilla is a drug dealer. As the two detectives exit after getting the info they needed, Upton tells Halstead “We’re talking about this now” and warns him that sleeping with Camilla is a fireable offence and she wonders what is he doing because clearly Camilla is not just a CI that he’s working. Despite Upton’s frustrations with Halstead, she has his back when Voight questions her about him. She continues to protect her partner and look out for him when the drug dealer they’re questioning reveals Camilla’s name and Upton warns him against getting involved in the case because he’s clearly not thinking properly and can’t be objective about it. Thankfully Upton is and she and Voight show up when Halstead tries to get Camilla out of town. Instead, Voight puts a wire on him and gets Camilla to open up to him and when Camilla discovers that Halstead is a cop, it’s clear Upton feels bad for her partner. So much so that at the end of the episode she goes to see Camilla in the holding cell and tells her if she cooperates with her by keeping her mouth shut about being involved with Halstead and sleeping with him, Upton will find a way to make the drug and accessory to murder charges go away. She tells her she has a choice to either have a chance to have a life or Upton will bury her. Oooh so badass!

Pictured: (l-r) Monica Raymund as Gabriela Dawson, Eamonn Walker as Wallace Boden — (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)

Gabriela Dawson:

When CHICAGO FIRE wrapped up last year, Dawson and Brett responded to a call where a man had been stabbed a train station after he intervened to protect a stranger. Dawson was stunned to turn the victim over and discover that it was her dad! The show’s 2018 premiere picks up where we left off with Brett telling Dawson to drive the ambulance so she can tend to Papa Dawson. Thankfully he pulls through and even becomes a local celebrity for his heroic actions. He also seems to be handling his near-death experience better than Dawson, who is still quite rattled by the events but at the end of the episode when all his adoring fans and media are gone, Dawson pays her dad a visit and they share a heart to heart where he tells her that she is the real hero, always there for people day in and day out. Also in this episode, when a teenage girl runs into a burning building after 51 evacuates it, Dawson runs in after her and things get a bit dicey when part of the ceiling gives way due to the fire. Luckily everyone makes it out okay, although the girl is temporarily knocked out. When Dawson goes to retrieve the bag that the girl was desperately trying to save, she is stunned to find stolen drugs in there and puts them back in the supply closet before leaving. Something tells us that this is not the end of this storyline.

Pictured: Kara Killmer as Sylvie Brett — (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)

Sylvie Brett:

After being betrayed by her hometown friend last year, we’re certainly seeing a more tougher Brett in 2018. When realizing Dawson’s dad is their latest patient, Brett leaps into action to do everything she can to save her partner and friend’s father. She also remains at the hospital for support even though it means running into her ex and Dawson’s brother, Antonio. There are obviously still sparks between the exes and despite Kidd’s warnings of “Do not kiss him!“, it’s not long before Brett does exactly the opposite of that. In her defense, Antonio came to her apartment under the guise that she left a sweatshirt at his place (really it was his son Diego’s) and before you know it, the “not a good idea” turns into “a one-time thing” and then at the end of the episode after encountering each other at the opening of the new Molly’s North, it becomes clear that whatever this is isn’t a one-time thing. Here’s hoping that these two can work it out because we’re rooting for them!

Pictured: Miranda Rae Mayo as Stella Kidd — (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)

Stella Kidd:

Remember when Kidd kissed Severide when she was drunk last year and then next morning she claimed not to have remembered the night before? We totally called it and turns out she does and is trying her best to avoid him, whether it be leaving early, not going into the same room as him – awkward behavior that both Brett and Casey are picking up on. Severide on the other hand is none the wiser. Or is he? Towards the end of the episode, he arrives home with beer hoping that Kidd will stay in and watch the Blackhawks game with him but is clearly surprised when he sees her all dressed up and ready to go out. It turns out she accepted a date from a guy at her gym in return for helping Otis attempt to get publicity for the new Molly’s North. Hmm, how long can these two play this game?

CHICAGO MED airs Tuesday at 10/9c, CHICAGO P.D. airs Wednesdays at 10/9c and CHICAGO FIRE airs Thursdays at 10/9c. All three shows air on NBC.


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