BLINDSPOT Roundtable: City Folks Under Wraps

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This week on Blindspot the team had to save Patterson while Hirst tried to frame her for Stuart’s Murder.

Roman’s plan is starting to come together, I guess. Do we have any idea what his end game is?
Rueben: As soon as they showed it was David Morse who was talking to Hirst, I knew he played a part in it all. Then it became very apparent before the reveal that he was Blake’s dad, that he was Blake’s dad. There wouldn’t be any reason to feature him in the beginning if he didn’t play a big role in the story and Roman’s plan. I still have NO idea what he’s got planned, but given how powerful Blake’s dad seems to be, it’s going to be a big take-down.
Cay: I love the connection between Roman and Hirst. And that at least for now, Roman and the team are on the same side. I’m feeling pretty bad for Blake – seems like this will end badly for her, caught in the middle. OTOH, maybe Roman does care for her and will free her from her father and leave her be after he accomplishes his goal.
Roz: I guess I’m going to give Roman some credit because he knew of the connection between Hirst and Blake’s father, but besides knowing her father is that connected, I don’t know what Roman really wants. I guess a take down of Blake’s father is in the works but I don’t know why yet.
Lisa: I am also glad that Roman and the team are on the side for now. Like Cay I feel bad for Blake because she is headed down a road of danger and disappointment. But I still can’t figure out what Roman’s end game is! What will he gain from his plan? It’s going to be big, that’s all I’m sure of.

Are you sorry to see Hirst go? Is it the last we will see if her?
Rueben: It was quite a display of cat and mouse (so to speak), but it felt good to see them finally take her down, but I don’t think that will be the end of it. She seemed extremely upset when she told them the basic line of “they have no idea what’s at play.” Blake’s dad is going to find out what happened, and I have a feeling it won’t end well for the team.
Cay: This was definitely one of the more exciting episodes this season! I actually expected that they would have dragged it out another week. Poor Patterson! She was the perfect person to frame, but of course she’s the one that we’d all feel the worst about being framed.
Roz: The whole setup reminded me of an Ocean’s movie so that was a fun way to spend an hour, but I’m not sad to see Hirst go. She’s been pulling too many strings when it comes to cases that the team could be working on. Stuart didn’t need to go for sure!
Lisa: Good riddance Hirst! Bye! I won’t miss her at all although I doubt that’s the last of her.

Berlin is a little more than just knowing Jane had a daughter. How in the world will this play out? I don’t see Weller being a cold blooded killer.
Rueben: I can’t imagine that Weller is a cold-blooded killer either. I’m sure there was some kind of extenuating circumstances that caused her death OR perhaps Roman made it appear to Weller that he killed Jane’s daughter, but he didn’t – Roman only made it look that way. This would give Roman the leverage over Weller that he seems to need for whatever nefarious plan he has planned.
Cay: It’s hard to imagine that Kurt would have killed her, unless something pretty crazy went down. At least he finally told Jane the truth?!? But, I guess that better explains why Kurt was so reluctant to tell her what he knew.
Roz: Part of me thinking Kurt lied about killin Jane’s daughter to buy them some time, but I don’t know for what purpose he did that. Everyone is really good and selective truths.
Lisa: Me too. When Weller said he killed her I thought “why is he saying that?” I feel like he’s keeping Jane away for another reason to protect her but I don’t know why. I don’t believe he killed her.

BLINDSPOT — “City Folk Under Wraps” Episode 308 — Pictured: (l-r) Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe, Sullivan Stapleton as Kurt Weller, Ennis Esmer as Rich Dotcom — (Photo by: Barbara Nitke/NBC/WarnerBros)

Thoughts? Favorite line? (since Rich was in the episode)
Rueben: I don’t have a favorite line, but the scene of Rich being questioned about Patterson – and his making up the story of them having sex in the vents – while being a gross visual, it certainly was a funny scene. He knows how to pull strings with people.
Cay: I love that Rich stood by the team, not that I expected that he wouldn’t. He’s quickly becoming my favorite character AFTER Patterson, that is. I really want to get more info on exactly what he and Patterson were up to during the time jump. We’ve gotten some of it recently, but I think there might be more.
Roz: It wasn’t really a line, but Zapata speaking to that owl for help with one of their other members to get that tape of Stuart’s death. Watching her talk and get texts made me smile.
Lisa: Any time Rich is in a scene, he pretty much steals it. He cracks me up! The sex/vents scene was funny but I loved seeing Weller take Hirst down at the end. Payback is sweet!

BLINDSPOT will return Friday Jan 12th 8/7c on NBC

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