Agents of SHIELD: Rewind {Roundtable}

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There’s no new Agents of SHIELD this week, but with the holidays, let’s see what the Nice Girls thought of last week’s episode.

After seeing most of the team on a ship in the future, the show allowed the audience to see what happened to Fitz, still on earth. With the help of Lance (Nick Blood), Fitz (Iain De Caestecker) manages to get answers to why most of SHIELD disappeared.

1. LANCE! I’ve missed him so much. What did you like best about him helping Fitz’s cause as Lance stayed behind?

Rueben: I didn’t realize how much I missed him until he showed up. It was quite fun to see them working together especially the escape from the base and that RV. The really funny part was Lance saying “I love you” to Fitz as he went into that cyro chamber and Fitz said, “I know. ” Priceless, right?

Karen: YESPLEASE! I’ve missed them so. Let’s get him and Bobbi back for realsies! I’m still a little bitter that their show didn’t get made. It’s perfect that he and Fitz communicate via soccer fanzines. And the Star Wars reference? *flail*!

Roz: I just like having Lance back in the first place. I mean, Mack is great, but Lance and Bobbi are missed. But on a structural level, it was great to have someone there for Fitz since Hale is well, not doing well.

2. We see an Inhuman return for another purpose this week. How do you feel about the little girl and her power?

Rueben: Well, it explains the drawings on Enoch’s fridge from the season premiere, huh? And it ties back into their past – especially Daisy. She obviously inherited her father’s power ten-fold. They needed an explanation for why the team (except Fitz) was sent into the future; and this was a great surprise, as I wasn’t expecting it to be that little girl.

Karen: It was nice to see that callback, and the fact that Robin gets to help save Daisy is heartwarming. I have to admit, when I saw the carving, I got a tiny bit choked up. The episode with Daisy and her father was very emotional.

Roz: It’s convenient to have Robin back, but it is good for that explanation of why Fitz didn’t get taken with Enoch before. But her powers are sad – I love a pre-cog but when she loses all other ways to focus with the world, that’s heartbreaking.

3. What the hell is with General Hale?

Rueben: Yeah, that was shocking; but I have to admit that I had a bad feeling during that scene with the two of them sitting in those chairs with General Hale standing over them. It was an unsettling scene, for sure, but one that you kind of felt coming, am I right?

Karen: She’s a piece of work. Nothing we haven’t seen before though. As soon as she started reading Evans and Lucas the riot act, I knew they were done for.

Roz: I’m just trying to figure what her plans are with thinking she can turn Fitz and why she is so aggressive about it. Haven’t we learned that any of these generals messing with SHIELD doesn’t end well.

4. I’m going to feel personally attacked with Hunter and Fitz doing Han and Leia. You?

Rueben: Yep, as I said above – that was priceless!!

Karen: Thirded. And you have to give “Release the ferrets” a honorable mention, right?

Roz: I watched this after seeing The Last Jedi (again) and it was all sorts of feels I wasn’t expecting.

Agents of SHIELD returns for new episodes on 5 January on ABC.

Roz lives in the Los Angeles area, and has been a long time California girl. Despite her better judgment, she enjoys shows about the shallow sides of her home city, but will also find time to watch iZombie, Jane the Virgin, and much more. With a love of history, she also watches anything that is grounded in real life, including Victoria and black-ish. Having worked with children, she also follows shows she knows they watch (reminding her of those days of yore for her in the process). Contact her at


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