50 Thoughts While Watching VIKINGS ‘The Message’

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1. OOF! That’s gonna leave a MARK!
2. Running camels are hysterical to watch!
3. What’s this??? Is Astrid flirting with Harald? Is he FINALLY going to get lucky???
4. NOPE! Cock Blocked by Ivar! I’m sure his heart will smile with the knowledge.
5. Heathmond, my friend. You look AWFUL!
6. LOVE seeing Ivar up and about! He has the makings of a truly fantastic leader if he can keep the crazy away.
7. Ivar’s lips say kind words, but his eyes scream MURDER!
8. Even in chains, on his knees Heathmond will not yield. It is simply impossible.
9. That kind of unbreakable faith will shatter his mind if he does not learn to bend.
10. EVERYTHING with Ivar is calculated. It has to be. One could argue it was his very infirmity that made him what he is today. It kept him from resting on his father.
11. “What is it you really want Ivar Lothbrok?” Revenge. Not only that. Oh it’s much more!
12. “What is it about the word king that makes even reasonable people behave like idiots?” WELL. DAMN. SAID. Ivar.
13. Floki you are SO BUSTED!
14. What will Lagertha do?
15. Floki’s eyes when he spoke of his imprisonment……I felt that to my very soul.
16. Who can argue with the gods? Lagertha has always followed her faith.
17. GOD! She is fierce and her heart is true.
18. For an instant there was a shadow of their old relationship. That hurts.
19. Who IS that yellow haired heifer?? She is gonna get hers soon!
20. I hope for everyone’s sake Floki is right and the trickster himself has not been led astray.
21. Ivar and Heathmond together are pure gold. BUT, the Bishop is NO ATHELSTAN.
22. Ivar speaks the truth of his heart to Heathmond, but only because it serves his purpose. Nothing is wasted with this guy. Respect.
23. If anyone could sway Heathmond it would be Ivar.
24. Well, that was fast! Arrived so soon!
25. Heathmond looks as if he is tip-toeing around the edges of insanity.
26. What will Astrid do? Her eyes betray.
27. King Harald deserves a win. Sadly I don’t think this will end well.
28. Alfred shares his fathers heart.
29. Astrid. You play a very dangerous game.
30. “Can you make it worth my while?” He means MORE than coin.
31. Called it! “For what man doesn’t want to have sex with a queen.”
32. Now Astrid is in a VERY DANGEROUS Spot. No going back now.
33. Bwhahahaha! Floki is experiencing the Vikings version of “Are we there yet?”
34. “The land of milk and honey.” Biblical shadows. Very much like Israel and Moses and their 40 years in the desert.
35. This is NOT going to end well for Astrid!
36. She has no choice. I feel sick.
38. She. Has. No. Choice. Damn.
39. Yes. Ass hat. How is Astrid?
40. I hope he chokes on his meal and dies a very slow death.
41. Ubbe knows he also has no choice.
42. Lagertha faces the coming doom like a TRUE Queen.
43. Blond chit deserved that and more from Lagertha!
44. Bjorn! Where are you going?
45. Heathmond here is your reckoning. How will you choose?
46. Ivar wins either way. He’s got all the cards in this situation.
47. “Nothing is keeping you alive but me.” In other words. CHOOSE Bitch!
48. In spite of his faith. Heathmond is too prideful to be a martyr.
49. Ivar called it true!
50. OH THIS is going to be GOOD!

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