Blindspot Roundtable: “Fix My Present Havoc”

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Blindspot aired a new, twisty episode on Friday night that started out finally showing us what really happened to poor Stuart and giving us an answer to the tattoo that he was researching (which caused his death) as well as telling us the identity of the one-eared man.

Here is the official tagline for the episode entitled “Fix My Present Havoc”:

“The team runs a covert operation out of Jane and Weller’s apartment; a tattoo leads to a doctor with a secret.”

Please join Roz, Lisa, Leah, Cay and Rueben as they go over what went down in the episode:

Well, we finally know how Stuart was killed. Were you expecting it to play out the way it did?

Roz: Once we knew Hirst was the big bad, I should have expected her to have killed Stuart, but to watch it was another thing. She’s cold-blooded for sure.

Lisa: Yeah, once we knew she was dirty, I knew she was involved but I did not think she killed him herself. That was a shock and showed just how far she is willing to go.

Leah: I did not see her doing it herself. Hirst is way more hands on bad than I expected.

Cay: If she’s willing to get her hands that dirty, she’s not going to be easy to take down, even with the whole team working against her.

Rueben: It was startling watching how cold-blooded she was in slashing Stuart’s neck so fast. We knew she was bad, but like Roz said, watching her do it…holy crap!

And, we finally get the answer as to who the one-eared guy (Eric Vance) was in all of this, convoluted though the explanation turned out to be. Did you anticipate any of the twists in that whole story line?

Roz: Blindspot doesn’t go for an easy storyline, so I think this fits with the way the show works. We can never trust the first story. I think this season has been all about fakes and double-fakes and triple-fakes so I don’t know what to believe until the end.

Lisa: Yeah, I agree with Roz. This season has been full of twists and turns and although you might not anticipate what’s next, you know that usually there is more to the story.

Leah: Can I just answer, “See answers above.” Good?

Cay: I always like when shows bring in moral dilemmas – how far would any of us go if it meant saving the one person in the world that means the most to us? He went farther than many of us would have gone, and in the process lost not only his love, but his life. Although potentially he got his husband two more years of life, maybe more, for his sacrifice. At one point does the end not justify the means? Definitely somewhere before being involved in Stuart’s death…

Rueben: Wow, I don’t think I could say it any better than you gals. I was glad to learn who he was, and that he wasn’t the person who killed Stuart; but also unsettled about his involvement. But given why he was doing all that he did, it made sense. Hirst really knows how to manipulate people to get what she wants.

Once it was revealed Vance was a former U.S. Marshal did it make more sense that Allison was in the episode?

Roz: Yes, it did, but it was also nice to tie in Christmas for why she wanted to be around with her daughter.

Lisa: Yes, and I enjoyed her working with the team which was new for me because I wasn’t a big fan of hers.

Leah: I did not like her when she was dating Weller (Team Jane) but she was a nice addition to the episode.

Cay: She certainly has gotten cozy with Jane and Weller over the years. I saw the connection with Vance for what it was – mostly a reason to justify her coming back with her daughter to pull on Jane and Kurt’s heartstrings and compound the issue of him not telling her about her daughter.

Rueben: Cay said it all and said it so well, I can’t expound on it anymore.

Just what kind of end game does Roman have planned given how the clues for Jane’s “new” tattoos seem to be even more intricate than when Shepherd was behind it all?

Roz: I think he just wanted another game to play, so his end game is a total lose to me.

Lisa: This is what is most puzzling to me. I can’t figure it out! He definitely enjoys playing the game and he is a master at doing it, but why?

Leah: I know the whole underlying point of the show is the tattoos but I really have a hard time “justifying” the reality of tattooing someone months and month ago and then all of your plans just lay out in perfect order and timing. I have no idea what the end game is.

Cay: Yeah, I’m with Leah. Much suspension of disbelief is needed to get past this, particularly the second time around. He is a sociopath, so maybe he just enjoys the game, like a cat playing with a mouse before eating it? Although I have to think there has to be SOME final goal that he’s working towards. Seems like too much energy to put into it otherwise, even for enjoyment.

Rueben: I have always been confounded by the tattoos; but the intricacy of these “new” tattoos has been even more confused. I mean, I am able to follow each episode, but how they all piece together – it blows my mind.

Did you expect Jane to contact Clem, the guy who worked those rescue missions with Jane back in the day, to help locate her daughter? What kind of result do you see coming out of that?

Roz: We already know that Weller’s met Jane’s daughter, but I think she’ll want to know who her daughter is and what she can do. I don’t know if that means we should expect Jane’s daughter to die or not.

Lisa: I was surprised but it makes sense. I’m so skeptical about everyone on the show at this point so I’m not sure he can be trusted with such a task. He seems legit but with those Blindspot twists and turns, you never know. We will have to wait and see.

Leah: Trust no one! But I’m still interested to see how this all plays out.

Cay: As soon as I saw her with Kurt’s daughter, I pretty much figured that would be the result. Weller needs to tell her what he knows NOW. It’s only going to get worse. I wonder if she’ll tell him that she contacted Clem?

Rueben: I figured she would set out to look for her daughter on her own, without telling Weller since she originally told him she didn’t want to know. I certainly didn’t expect her to contact Clem especially given he seemed to not be completely on her side let alone all that fully good of a guy. It’s gonna be interesting to see if Jane tells Weller and vice versa. If Weller doesn’t Jane the truth soon, though, as Cay said it’s only going to get worse.

Any favorite lines from this episode?

Roz: I’m out of good lines from this week because it wasn’t an episode that was filled with many jokes.

Lisa: I don’t have any favorite lines, but I did enjoy the scene with Zapata and Reade on the couch talking about how they first met. That is until Big Bad ruined it.

Leah: No favorite line but Zapata looking at a picture of her and Reade on her phone with wistful eyes was nice.

Cay: Yeah, no Rich Dotcom and too little Patterson to have any particularly memorable lines!

Rueben: Patterson had a pretty good line: “God, I love it when the criminals are amateurs.” Otherwise, like the girls said it was more about little moments than great lines.

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The next new episode of Blindspot will air on NBC on Friday, December 22 at 8/7c.

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