Lucifer: ‘The Sin Bin’ Roundtable Discussion

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Wow! There was a lot going on in this week’s episode! This is an episode that is going to change the course of the rest of the season and we’re all on board. Join Nice Girls Cay, Leah, Karen, and Melissa as they discuss season three, episode 10 The Sin Bin.

It’s been too long since we’ve had some quality Trixie time!

Melissa: Yay, Trixie! She was a bit too spot on with Charlotte, but I can forgive that because she’s just the best. (But…is anyone else concerned that Dan just handed her over to Charlotte? Or am I, as an audience member NOT blinded by lust, not cutting him enough slack?)

Leah: Finally! Trixie! It’s not that I don’t think Trixie can hold her own but I’m with Melissa….no handing anything over to Charlotte!

Karen: LOVED Trixie with Charlotte! If Dan is going to continue his relationship, it stands to reason that he’d be giving her a chance now that she’s with the DA’s office. Seeing Trixie play “wing-girl” was ADORABLE!

Cay: Trixie is so adorable, but I do worry her life situation is forcing her to grow up quicker than she should. I’m will Melissa on the fact that Charlotte wouldn’t exactly be the person I’d trust with my kid, although probably better now without divine influence.

What did you think of the “almost” murder of the week (Maggie the roller derby player)?


Cay: Until they found her, it reminded me of the Grave Digger on Bones many seasons ago (which, coincidentally enough, also had a roller derby episode). Chloe’s knowledge of roller derby seemed kind of out of left field, but it’s always nice to see her knowing so much more about a subject than Luci.

Melissa: It was nice to see Chloe showing why she’s considered one of the best detectives in the LAPD.

Leah: It’s been awhile since I wasn’t completely put off by an episode. Chloe knowing things hasn’t always played out this season. So again….Finally!

Karen: I feel like there’s always a roller derby episode with a police procedural. I remember loving the Psych RD ep. Seeing Lucifer out of his element, but still trying to hit on the skaters was pretty funny. Then saving the day with his pint… CLASSIC.



Did you expect that the “Sinnerman” would end up dead so soon, or did you expect the story to continue longer?


Melissa: That sort of surprised me, but given that he blinded himself at the end of the last episode, I thought he probably wasn’t going to be around too much longer. I did expect him to survive winter hiatus, though! He was really good at his job, though. He kept them all guessing, really got under Lucifer’s skin…kinda sad he and his mind games are gone already.

Leah: I was surprised they didn’t drag that out longer. Anyone who can upset Lucifer on that level is an interesting character.

Cay: Luci’s idea that him killing a human would bring back his devil face and permanently banish his wings was interesting. I feel like it’s probably not that simple, especially if he’d be doing something that 1) seems somewhat justified 2) was being done only to thwart God’s plan, whatever it is. I thought the mind games were pretty clever – I wouldn’t have minded another episode of them chasing after the Sinnerman’s next victim with him always seeming to stay ahead of them.

Karen: Good timing. Especially since he was just a dead herring. GET IT? hahaha. ugh. I made myself groan.


How about that last scene at Lux with Luci and…Cain? Where is this storyline going?

Melissa: I KNEW IT! Pierce/Cain is immortal! I mean, I didn’t know he was the world’s first murderer, cursed to wander Earth for all eternity, but I knew he wasn’t who he said he was. And that he and Sinnerman were somehow connected, beyond that fake story about Sinnerman killing Pierce’s brother. VINDICATION. TVLine has an enlightening interview with Tom Ellis about what this all means for the storyline. The second half of this season sounds far more interesting than the first half.

Leah: We knew he couldn’t be just one thing! I’m glad they let us in on that “secret”.  I’d like to harken back to the shocked look on Pierce’s face when he actually got taken down jumping in front of the bullet for Chloe. So it’s not just Lucifer she “disrupts” it’s all immortals? Also read the TVLine interview and it sounds like its going to get good!

Karen: Yup, we called it Mel! Pierce is the hinkiest. Technically, the Sinnerman DID kill his brother, he’s the villain, and he killed his own brother. See how clever they are? I can’t wait to see where they take this story. It makes Pierce SO much more interesting. I think Chloe’s “specialness” doesn’t discriminate. She’s part ethereal being, as she was specially created by the Will of God, so it doesn’t make her unique to just Lucifer. However, I’m sure she was meant to interact with Lucifer specifically.

Cay: There were a few seconds there where I really wondered if Luci was wrong and actually killed a cop. I thought the reveal was well-done. So, did Cain just happen upon Luci/Chloe, or was he sent to them? And what happens now? Chloe doesn’t believe that Luci is immortal, so she’ll never believe him when he tells her about Cain.

This episode was very different compared to most of the rest of this season. Did you love it/hate it/in the middle?

Melissa: I liked it better than most episodes so far this season.

Leah: First time in quite awhile I wasn’t bored or annoyed. Good episode.

Karen: I LOVE the twist episodes, so yeah, I dug it. It blew my mind almost as much as the Dr. Linda backstory ep a couple of weeks ago, except this one was tied into the main arc – which makes it more compelling.

Cay: I thought it was one of the better episodes this season! Can’t wait to see what they do with it.

Lucifer returns on January 1st at 8/7c on FOX!

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