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Dirk Gently: “Trouble is Bad”

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This was a pretty rough week, both in Bergsberg and in Wendimoor.

Last week we left off with Suzie confronting Dirk, Todd, Amanda, the Rowdy 3, Silas, and Dirk’s new “just friend.”  When Suzie attacks, Wygar Oak stops her at the last minute and lets them get away. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like we can say the same for Wygar. Silas heads off to try to stop the fighting in Wendimoor, while the rest go to find a way to Blackwing. Lord Badevil meets up with Suzie, and she sends him to kill everyone.

Bart and Panto

At Blackwing, Ken and Hugo are trying to find Mona Wilder. When they discover she’s changed forms again, Hugo loses it…again. Once they figure out where Mona is, Ken reaches out to her, and Mona returns to human form.

Farah and Tina wake up at the Quarry after being knocked out there by the Mage last week. And what do they see? Hobbs!

Bart and Panto arrive at the Cardenas house dressed in great cowboy getup. This show has the most fun costuming, particularly this season. Panto is introduced: “Verily, I am normal man, from this world, much like yourself.” I don’t know about you, but I’m convinced.

Finally, we have a Bart and Ken reunion, which is pretty exciting, even if Ken is getting a little scary.

Bart: “I don’t even kill anybody anymore.”

Ken: “You just dropped a chainsaw.”

Bart: “Oh, no. I just like it.”

Ken and Priest try to convince Bart to come in to Blackwing, but as she says, on the list of things Bart’s not doing today, going back to Blackwing is near the top. (I love Bart this season!). Some of the Blackwing soldiers try to attack, but Panto shows them that Bart isn’t the only threat. And when Priest gets in the way, Panto slices him up pretty badly.

In Wendimoor, Dirk has an attack of Pararibulitus, but this time Amanda helps him master it.

At Blackwing, when Hugo says he’s a little afraid of Mona, and her response is not reassuring. I definitely wouldn’t mess with Mona. Ken takes over the interview, and Mona explains that she is a holistic actress, which is why she can be anything. She also tells them that a voice told her to send Dirk out of Blackwing.

Bart and Panto arrive in Wendimoor, and Bart is blown away. The universe seems to be kicking for Bart just as Silas arrives. After a romantic reunion for Panto and Silas, they head off to stop the fighting.

At Wakti Wapnasi’s pool, Suzie sends Lord Badevil through to Blackwing.

Ken tries to explain what’s going on with Wendimoor and the boy to Hugo, but Hugo is more concerned with the way Ken seems to be taking over. Unfortunately for Hugo, Ken’s seems to have supplanted him. But they don’t have time to deal with that because Lord Badevil’s knights show up.

At the Quarry, Tina and Farah try to stop the Mage, who is planning to blow up the Cardenas house and close the portal to Wendimoor. He’s having a “funtastic” time, and turns Farah and Tina on each other. Farah manages to get a shot off, and the Mage drops his wand, waking up Hobbs (Hobbs!!!).

Panto and Silas find their respective parents and try to convince them to stop the fighting. Things are looking optimistic, until the knights arrive. Dang it, Bart, why’d you have to jinx it? The knights kill Silas, Panto, and pretty much everyone else, so Bart returns to her role in the universe. I can’t help but feel like all is right seeing Bart return to her holistic assassin ways.

Dirk, Todd, and Amanda arrive at the second pool, but Amanda can’t open the portal alone. She needs Todd’s help. Just then, the “rainbow monster” alerts them that Suzie is coming, so the Rowdy 3 head off to stall her. Dirk’s going to have to go to Blackwing alone, which freaks him out a bit. Amanda and Todd open the portal, and Dirk bravely jumps in.

I don’t know about you all, but this episode has me nervous. Please don’t give me Hobbs back, just to take him away again. Or Farah and Tina. And, I’ve grown pretty attached to the Rowdy 3, and I am definitely going to cry if anything happens to them..or to anyone else. I’m excited and scared to see what’s coming next week.

Don’t Panic! The season finale of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency will air Saturday, December 16 at 9/8c on BBC America.


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