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The mutants put together an ill conceived plan to break into Trask and the episode ended with quite a few people in peril.

It wasn’t just me that saw her completely manipulate everyone into heading to Trask is it? Does she really have family in there or does she have another motive?
Karen: NOPE! I keep wondering what her deal is as well. She seems a little hinky to me. She was REALLY insistent, and then everybody got caught. hmmmmm.
Roz: I think she has a plan to get into Trask, but I think the line about her family is such a lie. I can’t figure out what her plan is now, but there has to be something to getting the Struckers caught.
Rueben: Yeah, she was outside Marcos and Lorna’s room, with her eyes glowing blue – using her power to implant that horrible dream into Lorna’s mind. So yes, she definitely manipulating Lorna, which just spurned the rest to go along. I don’t think she has family in there either; but I’m not really sure what her true intention is to get inside.

Mutant Powers
I get there are only a few mutants with “combat powers” but is there really only 5 or 6 mutants with helpful powers in that entire overflowing building? Couldn’t a few more have pitched in to help make this mission more successful?
Karen: Of course, but it’s a TV show. I know that’s a cop-out, but it is what it is. The mutants they sent in were super powerful already. If they’d sent in more, or had more on standby, it would’ve looked strange to have that many of them captured in the end. And apparently we need those particular mutants captured.
Roz: I mean, we aren’t getting top shelf mutants, but there have to be some more with the abilities to get work done.
Rueben: They’ve had refugees coming in from other underground locations pouring into their main location so, yes, they should have had more powerful mutants to help out. Karen is right, though, they’ve got to focus on the MAIN characters so…. But they could’ve had more help.

Agent Turner
He and his wife always say, “Until the jobs done” What is that point? Do you think he is going to come to the realization that the job will never be done? Maybe he has gone too far? Or do you think he will continue until all mutants are behind bars?
Karen: There’s no “done” anymore. There will always be mutants, and there will always be bad guys. He’s obsessed, and the quicker he self-actualizes, the better. When he enlisted Campbell, I stopped having empathy for him. I’m sure we’re supposed to care more, but I just don’t. I’m okay if he sinks with the ship when it capsizes… and it will – eventually.
Roz: Karen’s spot on. Turner will never be done with this hunt for mutants. The help that Campbell is giving ruins so much of the good guy doing less than great things.
Rueben: I agree. Karen is totally right. My bigger question is how long will his wife accept the same excuse? At some point, she’s got to get sick and tired of that old line, don’t you think?

The Strucker Kids
So they have some super super powers. What did you think about the hair blowing hand holding duo?
Are you a little surprised they didn’t tear through a wall in the sub-basement and try to keep going instead of surrendering?
Karen: They read the stories about their bloodline, so they know what they’re capable of. When Andy pulled away I was shocked. He’s the one I had predicted as going off the rails first, and it looks like he might be keeping Lauren in check. They won’t just blow a hole in the wall, they’ll destroy the building around them. Andy knows it, and that means killing the agents AND their Sanctuary comrades. He knew what the fallout could be.
Roz: I’m glad that Andy realizes that actions have consequences and didn’t blow the building up/down. But I’m glad they know what they’re capable of.
Rueben: The hair blowing and glowing hands seemed a little over the top, but I guess they had to have some kind of visual effect to show us what their combined powers can do. As for Andy pulling away, I was pretty surprised by that too, as I thought it would be Lauren who would pull away first. At least they have more common sense than their ancestors did. Hopefully that will play into their favor in the end.

Thoughts? Questions? Concerns?
Karen: Nobody was surprised that Reed had mutant abilities as a child? (I’d guessed he did, but it was nice to get confirmation) The ramifications from that alone are staggering. He knew all along that his children were 99% likely to be mutants, and as TWINS, incredibly powerful ones. Did he become a Sentinel agent to protect them or was it out of guilt? And seriously, how long will it be before they allow Amy Acker to do her thing. She is WASTED as THIS Kate Strucker. Amy Acker + Stephen Moyer + Matt Nix SHOULD BE GOLD. The show is great, but it could be way better. Take note: they mentioned The Hellfire Club in this episode. If they go ANYWHERE with that, it would be amazing. Great characters to pull from there.
Roz: I wouldn’t mind getting more from The Hellfire Club, but who can we get that isn’t already in the property? Unless we’ve got a surprise! Emma Frost in the works.
Rueben: I wish I knew more about the universe, as I don’t know anything about the Hellfire Club, but I will be interested to see where that leads. I also agree with Karen that Amy Acker needs to be used more in the story than she is. It’s almost a waste to have her on the screen without being at least a little kick-ass, right?

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