Lucifer: ‘The Sinnerman’ Roundtable Discussion

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A lot was revealed in this week’s episode of Lucifer, but did we get answers? Join Nice Girls Leah, Karen, Melissa and Lisa as they discuss season three, episode 9 The Sinnerman.

Holy smokes! Amenadial and Dr. Linda went for it. Yay or nay?

Leah: I get that they have had some deep talks, but I don’t love this pairing. I think she would know better than to be involved with Lucifer’s family in that manner.
Karen: NAY. Unnecessary. Is she gonna make the rounds in the angel roulette? Crass? Maybe, but dude. Also, she KNEW it would hurt Maze and it DID. Even just being buddies with him hurt her. GIRL. CODE. LINDA. Heard of it? We don’t need this as tension. Maybe I’m alone on my island, I dunno.

Melissa: This isn’t all on Dr. Linda – Amenadiel is “making the rounds”, too, if you want to go there. And he was also aware that Maze was uncomfortable with him and Dr. Linda being friends. Honestly, of all the potential pairings for Dr. Linda we’ve seen so far, Amenadiel makes the most sense. He’s kind and compassionate, he’s patient and strong, he can be playful, he asks the hard questions and he provides comfort when needed. And he’s smoking hot. I don’t love that this will cause tension with Maze, but they could be fantastic together.

Lisa:  I’m on the fence here. I also think they would be great together but hurting Maze in the process sucks. I want to see Dr. Linda and Maze happy. I need a little more convincing before I’m sold on them as a thing. And Karen, girl  your “Angel roulette” comment cracked me up!

It was great seeing more of Maze again in this episode. Were you surprised by her jealousy of Amenadial & Dr. Linda’s relationship?

Leah: I’d be annoyed too if I was Maze. She did end it but she didn’t have much practice with any type of real relationship so this hurt.
Karen: I love Maze, LOOOOVE Maze. Can we get more? I don’t want this Maze where she’s completely ignored by everyone. Please don’t step on my Maze. Don’t break girl code on her, don’t brush her off chasing the Sinnerman, just don’t.

Melissa: I felt for Maze, being brushed off and ignored, but she’s been gone for a long time. It will take a bit for her to get back in the groove. And no, I wasn’t surprised by her reaction to Linda and Amenadiel. I think there may be more truth to the “she’s my best friend” comments than she realized, though.

Lisa: It was cool to see a more human side of Maze but when she said Dr. Linda was her best friend she broke my heart. We definitely need more Maze in every episode.

We finally got to see the Sinnerman. What do you think? Was it too easy for Luci? Should they have stretched it out a bit more?

Leah: I don’t mind that they showed us who it was but I am waiting to see who/what he is. I need more information.
Karen: This is a good time to out him. There’s still mystery behind the story. He knows a lot about Luci – about his powers, how they work – and it sure seems like he’s at least taking credit for the wings and Luci’s “losing face”. I’m dying to learn more. He’s played by Kevin Carroll from The Leftovers. He did a great job.

Melissa: WAS that the Sinnerman? Or is he controlled by the Sinnerman somehow? Gouging out his eyes so Lucifer can’t compel him to confess his desires was an extreme act. What is he hiding??? I need more information!

Lisa: Yessss! I need more information. I was surprised when we saw him but I thought it was too easy. Even with the mystery, it seemed wrapped in a bow. I think he is a pawn in a much bigger game and Pierce is calling the shots. And I agree with Karen, Kevin Carroll did a great job in this role.

One great thing about this show are the duos. Chloe & Luci, Maze and Trixie, Amenadial & Dr. Linda. This episode Chloe and Charlotte teamed up. Were they a good team or did it fall flat?

Leah: I don’t like Charlotte. She has never been a favorite character of mine so any pairing she is in doesn’t really work for me.
Karen: They were fine. I don’t mean to sound lukewarm, I think any team-up on this show works well. That’s one of the strengths of Lucifer. This wasn’t one of the strongest pairings, but I liked the stuff Charlotte did in the bathroom with Dan more than her team-up with Chloe.

Melissa: Eh, they were fine. Chloe & Pierce and Charlotte & Dan were both more interesting pairings than Chloe & Charlotte.

Lisa: I wanted them to have chemistry but they just didn’t. I’m not sure how this Charlotte can fit in with the team because right now she seems out of place. I like Mama Morningstar Charlotte better.

Chloe really opened up to Lt. Pierce and appears to trust him. Most of the Nice Girls don’t trust him at all. Have your feelings towards him changed at all?
Leah: I like him fine, but I still don’t trust him.
Karen: I still don’t. Okay, maybe I do. Or not. ARRRGH. I don’t know. He’s perplexing. It sure looked like he wanted to take down the Sinnerman, but was it because he could’ve incriminated him, or was it because he killed his brother? *shrug*

Melissa: Nope. Still don’t trust him. I don’t buy the “he killed my brother” story. I think Pierce is the Sinnerman.

Lisa: I’m with Mel. I think he is full of it and I think he is calling the shots or he is the Sinnerman.

Favorite Line/Scene?

Lisa: I have to say I loved that Luci gave a shoutout to Hogwarts at the beginning on Dr. Linda’s couch. I know Mel probably liked it too. 🙂
Leah: I second that!
Melissa: That was pretty funny. 🙂


“You wouldn’t ask Superman not to fly? A Kardashian not to selfie?” -Lucifer

“If there’s anything I can do to help with Joey’s killer, you let me know, ’cause I would love to bring him in.” -Frankie

[WHISPERS]: “That means he would kill him.” -Charlotte

“Oh, thank you, Charlotte.” -Chloe

“I figured you wouldn’t want my sloppy seconds, anyway. And you know me, I was all over that angel. I went in deep. Used every tool in that Swiss Army knife. Know what I mean? I touched nerves that he never knew he had.” -Maze

Lisa: I also loved Maze’s “all over that angel” line because we know it was true. lol

Additional comments/predictions?

Karen: I STILL don’t trust Pierce. And that Sinnerman dude… WHAT DOES HE KNOW, and HOW DOES HE KNOW IT?!?! *grabby hands*

Melissa: Dr. Linda asking Lucifer and Amenadiel questions about being an angel was awesome! Sure, she thought “angel school” was a thing, but come on! If you had access to TWO angels, wouldn’t you be asking questions?

Lisa: Definitely! All I have to say is I would have loved to see Trixie in this episode and I want more Sinnerman information. What is really going on? Can’t wait to see what happens next.

Lucifer airs Mondays at 8pm on Fox.

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  1. Sandy

    December 5, 2017 at 11:13 pm

    I think Pierce is Sinnerman!

    • Melissa

      December 7, 2017 at 10:06 am

      Me, too! He’s definitely not who or what he appears.