Women of the Week

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We have a few nominations this week that highlight great performances by women in TV

Nominated by Rueben:
Caitriona Balfe as Claire Fraser on Outlander
I need to nominated Caitriona Balfe for what Claire went through in this past Sunday night’s new episode. From surviving jumping overboard, to trudging through the wilds of the island for which she ended up on, dealing with biting ants and a slithering snake, to dealing with a less than sane Catholic Priest and his pseudo mother-in-law (he ran away with the woman’s daughter many, many years ago despite his vows), to racing through those wilds in the hope of find her husband Jamie, Claire went through the absolute ringer in the episode. At least the ending of the episode found her back in the arms of her husband, enjoying a wild night of sex with him – despite an injured arm, burning with fever and being drunk from heavily-sherry-laced turtle soup.

Nominated by Ange:
The Women of Crisis on Earth X
This week I’m giving a shoutout to all those involved (both on screen and behind the scenes) in the Crisis on Earth X Arrowverse crossover – what an epic four hours of television and how great was it to see so many strong female characters teaming up together?!
Seconded by Rueben: You are so right, Ange. The women of all four shows really got to shine in that four-way crossover.
And by Karen: I think I’d point out Melissa Benoist as VIP, for portraying Overgirl in such a convincing way. She showed evil in her voice, expressions, and even movement. For such a young talent, it was outstanding. The other women were amazing in their own rights, but Melissa was a real standout.

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