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Dirk Gently: “Little Guy, Black Hair”

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After the violence in Wendimoor, Dirk tries to rescue Amanda and Todd. Back in Bergsberg, Farah and Tina try to find Suzie Boreton.

Blackwing has the Cardenas house under lockdown, but they still can’t find the portal to Wendimoor. Hugo is still lost, but Ken has things under control.

Tina and Farah. Photo by Katie Yu/BBC America.

Farah, having evaded Blackwing, finds a panicked Tina at the Sheriff’s department. Panto and Bart are gone, and Tina doesn’t know what to do without Hobbs. Farah convinces Tina that they need to find Suzie Boreton.

Todd and Amanda are being held prisoner by the Dengdimoors. Amanda is upset about the killings she has witnessed, and she’s also still pretty upset at Todd. Todd tells her that he now really has Pararibulitis, and that it gave him hope that he could make things right. Amanda laughs at him for seeking normalcy in a life so strange.

Hugo and Ken discuss Project Lamia, a.k.a. Mona Wilder. Mona is capable of becoming anything, but has a tendency to forget her past once she changes. Ken thinks he knows where she is though.

In Wakti Wapnasi’s cave, Suzie plunges the wand into the magic pool, and the pool responds.

Having escaped the red-haired woman, Dirk arrives in the Dengdimoor village, and helps and finds out that there’s to be an execution of a brother and sister who claim to be from another world.

Wygar Oak and the Queen question Todd and Amanda about the Trost’s guns, but Todd isn’t handling this “murdery, acid trip, ren fair, nightmare” very well. Amanda intervenes to tell the Queen the truth about Farson, that he’d run away because of the fighting and that it was the Kellum knights who’d spread the rumor that he was taken by the Trosts. The Queen ignores her.

Later Amanda tries to stop Todd from taking his medicine and explains that Pararibulitus is powerful in Wendimoor. She wants to use it, so tries to provoke Todd into hitting her to trigger an attack. They start slapping each other, but things lighten as they reminisce over childhood fighting. Todd tells Amanda that he and Farah had been on the run together, but she scoffs when he tells her that something happened between him and Farah. Todd reminds her that she’s “the one who ran off with a bunch of drunk, magic, homeless dudes.” Amanda corrects his thinking on the Rowdy 3, and he admits that he was just worried about her. Amanda is still hurt because he had been her hero before she learned that he lied to her, and now she doesn’t know how to get back to where they once were. She fears that time might be running out for them.

At Suzie’s house, Tina and Farah have found Bob watching a trippy video of Suzie on a TV that’s not plugged in. As they try to figure things out, the Mage appears on the screen and orders Bob to kill them. When Bob almost kills Tina, Farah shoots the television in desperation, and he releases his hold on Tina.

Dirk, having run out of the village to escape the red-haired woman, runs into the Rowdy 3 in the forest. Panicked he punches Martin, then recognizes how awful and out of character he’s acting, both to the Rowdy 3 and to the red-haired woman. He warns that Rowdy 3 that Amanda and Todd are in danger. The Rowdy 3 plan to create their usual chaos, but Dirk tells them he might have a better idea, and the Rowdy 3 agree to go along with his plan.

When Farah’s questioning of Bob fails to produce answer, Tina draws on tactics from her wild past to find out that Suzie’s gone, but that the Mage is still around. Bob also gives them (and me!) hope that Hobbs might still be alive, and his responses send Farah and Tina off to the quarry.

Amanda and Todd wait for execution while the Queen rallies the villagers against the Trosts. The Rowdy 3 interrupt her in their typical fashion by driving in and attacking everyone. When the Queen tries to pull the lever to continue the execution in spite of the interruption, Dirk stops her and frees Todd and Amanda. Silas confronts Dirk for hurting his mother. While Dirk faces of against Silas in a duel of scissors, the Rowdy 3 face off against Wygar Oak. Silas is startled to learn Dirk’s identity, and Amanda takes advantage of the situation to help them escape with Silas as a prisoner, taking the Rowdy 3 with them. Now “just friends”, Dirk takes the red-haired woman along too.

Questioning Silas, Dirk learns that Wendimoor has only existed for three generations. After Todd realizes that Dirk has solved the case, Dirk begins to explain. The Cardenas family found a child who had powers when he slept. This caused tensions to rise in an already tense marriage, and also attracted the attention of Blackwing. When Maria Cardenas killed her husband with scissors during an argument, the younger brother freaked out. Confused and not sure what to do, Arnold Cardenas called Blackwing and turned in his younger brother. In his fear, the younger brother tried to use his power and created Wendimoor, which also caused the Bergsberg blackout. After hearing the story, Silas questions if he is real or not, and Dirk explains that Wendimoor and everyone in it are very real, but the chaos will persist until the boy is returned. Dirk knows where the boy is, but unfortunately, he’s at the Blackwing facility. Vogel volunteers Amanda to take them there, but she’s not confident in her newfound powers. When Todd gleefully announces that everything is connected, Suzie reveals herself to them.

At the Quarry Farah and Tina see the Mage with Hobbs’ car, but he quickly knocks them out with his wand.

I thought this was a particularly quotable episode of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. I’m filled with cautious hope about Sheriff Hobbs, and very glad to see Dirk out of his funk and back to his old self. My personal favorite moment is Dirk’s victory snaps to celebrate solving the case: “Done. Did it! I’m making it a thing. Did it!,” and Martin’s response about this being the kind of “nerdy B.S.” that he expects Dirk to be involved in. What where your favorite moments from this week?

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