BLINDSPOT Roundtable: This Profound Legacy

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This week on Blindspot the team helped save a child and his mother from mercenaries (as they do) while Patterson and Zapata dug deeper into Stuart’s death.

Weitz….blech. Congressman Weitz…double Blech.
Do you think he’ll play a bigger role in this season or was his appearance a way to bridge last season to this season?
Rueben: I hate this guy, I hate this guy. And he’s behavior in this episode don’t endear him at all. I’m hoping this is the wrap-up to his storyline and that we NEVER have to see him again.
Cay: He’s not gone. I suspect the writers put him in as a dig at all of the obnoxious politicians currently running our country. He’s going to be used to prove a point.
Leah: What you guys said. And an extra yuck!

Hirst and Reade. In cahoots or is she framing him?
Rueben: First of all, why? Why would she be framing Reade? Why would they be working in cahoots? Why, why, why? I’m just so perplexed by it all, and can’t quite fathom the reasons behind any of it.
Cay: The why is definitely important. If Hirst was involved in Stuart’s death, what was he on to? Could she be working with Roman?
Leah: I don’t understand the reason for pulling the team back together only to keep secrets. It was secrets that tore them apart last time they worked together. Learn something people.

Was Reade especially snippy this episode?
Rueben: Yeah, he was in rare form, wasn’t he? I’m not sure if it’s a defense mechanism or if he is feeling a little too lofty in his position. It’s a little bit cool, but – at the same time – a little bit frustrating. You just kind of want to bitch slap him upside the head.
Cay: We saw the same behavior when he was in deep with his drug issues last season. It’s his standard defense mechanism.
Leah: It was to the point this episode that I wondered if he was having a chemical imbalance. Not good.

Also more of a side note….if Reade didn’t constantly remind us he was in charge would you even remember? Weller still calls a lot of shots.
Rueben: I would remember because he kinda says it enough, don’t you think?, but Weller does seem to still bark orders. I know that can’t co-run the office, but that certainly seems to be what they are doing most of the time whether Reade likes it or not and whether Weller fully realizes he keeps on trying to run the show.
Leah: Weller is just a stronger personality and since he was the boss I feel like he just can’t remember to alwasy wait for Reade to lead.

Berlin! Did you at all think that was the secret Weller was keeping? Let’s take bets on how many episodes until that is revealed and things fall apart for our main couple.
Rueben: I yelled, “What!” at the top of my lungs after that ending scene. How could he keep that from her? We had talked about them keeping secrets, didn’t we?, but this one might just be unforgivable – especially in Jane’s eyes. I don’t think they are going to let this one linger on for too long. There will be a big “come to Jesus” moment in the fall-winter finale for sure.
Cay: Why the hell did he not tell her right away??? He just doesn’t learn! And this is a big one and the longer he doesn’t tell her, the worse it will be
Leah: Right? What the ever loving heck was he thinking? He needed to tell her and now that he didn’t he really should ASAP. It will not get better if she finds out he knew before he tells her.

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