The Tick: The cast discusses season 1

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If you haven’t already watched, Amazon’s live-action reboot of The Tick provides a few hours of clever escapism. A smart, self-aware and decidedly irreverent send-up of the superhero genre, The Tick mixes laughs with real heart and terrific casting. Amazon brought many opportunities to enjoy the series to New York Comic Con back in October and we have the panel for you, to keep you going while we wait another two months or so for the second half of season 1 (due in February).

The panel included the majority of the cast for the first half of season 1– Peter Serafinowicz (The Tick), Griffin Newman (Arthur), Valorie Curry (Dot), Scott Speiser (Overkill), Brendan Hines (Superian), Yara Martinez, Jackie Earle Haley (The Terror), and Michael Cerveris (Ramses IV) as well as Tick creator Ben Edlund.


The first 6 episodes of The Tick are streaming now on Amazon Prime. The rest of season 1 will come to Amazon in February 2018.




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