VIKINGS! Alex Høgh Andersen Reveals the Coming Conflict With Warrior Bishop Heahmund

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WARNING! Minor Spoilers for Vikings Season Five.

Show creator Michael Hirst knew there would be a huge void to fill after the loss of Ragnar (Travis Fimmel). The death of such a central character had  many fans fearful of the series moving forward. From what I have learned that challenge is well in hand. Alex Høgh Andersen who portrays Ivar the Boneless is a central figure in Vikings Season five. He had much to say about the newest cast member Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

Warrior Priests

Myers, like most characters in the world of Vikings is based on historical figures. Heahmund is a true warrior bishop. These Christian priests were simultaneously  feared and revered. The polarization of prostilization fervor against true battlefield beserker fury in blood spattered armor is a wholly unusual and fascinating combination. Show creator Michael Hirst himself predicted Myer’s character “is himself kind of a wild card!”

Alex revealed working with Johnathan Rhys Meyers was a positive experience and a “great pleasure.” “He is so intense. Johnny is absolutely tremendous.” There will be a fantastic dynamic between the two characters that Alex is excited for fans to witness.

Perfect Enemies

During this season Heathmond will be a worthy opponent for Ivar and  “an archenemy to Ivar [who] needs to have an enemy just as extreme but for a different cause and just as determined. Johnny really, really brings that to the table. Having these two characters square off  is phenomenal. The characters understand each other, [and] are very similar. There’s mutual respect between the two.”

Check out our video below to learn even more about the addition of Jonathan Rhys Myers to the series from Show Creator Michael Hirst.

Vikings season five premieres Wednesday, November 29 only on History.
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*Michael Hirst Source: EW

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