December TV Calendar

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The following list provides the dates of the new dramas that will air on streaming services as well as the major and cable networks and the made-for-TV movies and more that will all air during December:

December 1 – The two-hour season premiere of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will air on ABC at 8 PM

NOTE: The show moves to its regular timeslot of 9 PM on December 8.

December 2 – The Hallmark Movies & Mysteries movie Christmas in Angel Falls will debut at 9 PM

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: Angel Gabriel (Rachel Boston) – Gabby – gets a special assignment and is dispatched to the town of Angel Falls. The town has lost its Christmas spirit and Gabby is charged with the task of helping the residents recapture it. Along the way, she befriends Jack Avery (Paul Greene), the Volunteer Fire Chief, who’s initially skeptical about her plan to revive the local Yuletide cheer. Determined, Gabby takes a job at the local church as the volunteer coordinator and sets about her business of recruiting residents to get the town’s holiday back on track. In the process of bringing back beloved Angel Falls Christmas traditions, Gabby has a surprising revelation about herself and her own dreams that set her down an unexpected path.

December 2 – Christmas in Evergreen is the latest Hallmark Channel holiday movie to debut at 8 PM

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: Snow globes can have a magical, mesmerizing sway over those who concentrate on them. No one knows that better than residents of Evergreen, Vermont. In this bucolic burg, where families have lived for generations and take care of each other, there’s a belief that if you wish upon the snow globe in the local café, that wish will come true. The only catch is the wish must be completely sincere. When the town veterinarian wishes that this will be her most romantic Christmas ever, she figures that will happen with her longtime beau. Stranded in an airport, she befriends a businessman and his daughter, who had made her own wish on the snow globe. The magical Christmas they share turns out to be more than anyone wished for. The cast includes Ashley Williams, Holly Robinson Peete, Barbara Niven, and Teddy Sears.

December 2 – The Lifetime original movie Four Christmases and a Wedding will debut at 8 PM

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: When event planner Chloe (Arielle Kebbel from Midnight Texas) is hired to plan the local Christmas Festival, she is beyond thrilled to embrace the challenge. Professionally, everything is going great, but much to the dismay of her mother (Markie Post from Night Court), Chloe confesses she has given up on ever finding Mr. Right. That all changes the night of the opening of the festival when she meets Evan. The two begin a whirlwind romance, but as Christmas Day nears, Chloe learns that Evan is being transferred overseas for work. What follows is three more Christmases where Chloe and Evan cross paths at the annual festival, but each year something — or someone — stands in the way of true love. The movie also stars Corey Sevier, Judge Reinhold and Robyn Lawley.

December 2 – The Lifetime mini-movie The Ugly Christmas Sweater will debut at 10 PM

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: During her first days working at a social media company, Megan’s team is tasked with finding the best Christmas hashtag and she is determined to be the one to do so to impress her boss and the cute guy in her cubicle. However, when she is forced to wear her eccentric grandmother’s gift – an ugly Christmas sweater – her unfortunate turn of events may well be the key to winning over her new boss and her new beau.

December 2 – The season finale of Versailles will air on Ovation at 10 PM

December 3 – My Christmas Prince is the new Lifetime holiday movie that will debut at 8 PM

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: Samantha (Alexis Knapp from Pitch Perfect), a dedicated teacher in Manhattan, returns to her home town of Maple Falls, Wyoming every year for Christmas. This year, she’s delighted when her boyfriend Alex, a European diplomat from the tiny country of Madelvia, decides to joins her. Samantha later discovers Alex is actually a prince destined for the throne, turning her entire world upside down. Realizing that staying with Alex means spending her life in the constant glare of publicity and giving up the job opportunity of a lifetime, Samantha must decide if she loves Alex enough to make the transition from teacher to royal – or will it be too big a leap for this small-town girl?

December 3 – The Lifetime mini-movie Dear Santa will debut at 10 PM

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: When a young girl tries to write a letter to Santa, she confesses to the mailman that she can’t think of what to ask for after her Grandma passed away and her mother has been really sad. Without family to spend the holiday with, the mailman decides that for the next twelve days, he will deliver surprise gifts to the mom to remind her of the Twelve Days of Christmas.

December 3 – The original ION holiday movie The Spruces & The Pines will debut at 9 PM

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: A Romeo and Juliet romance takes place among two feuding New England Christmas Tree lot families. Against their families’ wills, Julie Pine and visiting-from-Texas, Rick Spruce, fall in love, but are forced to hide their Yuletide relationship. The cast includes Jonna Walsh and Nick Ballard (Too Close to Home).

December 3 – The Hallmark Channel holiday movie Christmas at Holly Lodge will debut at 8 PM

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: Sophie Bennett begins a new holiday tradition of spending every holiday at the Evergreen Inn and Ski Lodge, which she inherited from her parents. Evergreen Inn is a special place filled with people who cannot make it home for the holidays or who have had such wonderful experiences that it has become their home-away-from-holiday-home. This Christmas, Sophie will meet an unforgettable family, and her own life will be forever changed. The film stars Alison Sweeney.

December 3 – The UP TV movie 12 Days of Giving will debut at 7 PM

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: A man who wins a small fortune decides to share his winnings by acting as a Secret Santa to people in a small town. The film stars Ashley Jones (The Bold and the Beautiful) and David Blue (Ugly Betty).

December 3 – The Hallmark Movies & Mysteries holiday movie Magical Christmas Ornaments will debut at 9 PM

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: Publishing executive Marie finds her Christmas spirit reawakened when her mother begins sending her the family’s Christmas ornaments. As each ornament arrives, it brings a positive change to Marie’s life, including an introduction to the handsome male nurse Nate from next door. The cast includes Jessica Lowndes and Brendan Penny.

December 3 – The new TV One holiday movie Miss Me This Christmas will debut at 7 PM

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: Regina and Franklin Young, a “perfect” couple, were married on Christmas Day at the Chesterton Hotel; but when Franklin (Redaric Williams from The Young and the Restless), a record exec at an up-and-coming hip-hop label, comes home at dawn after a long night of partying in the city, Regina (Erica Ash from Survivor’s Remorse) mistakenly thinks he has cheated on her with his ex-girlfriend and present pop star client, Alex Palomino (Christiana Leucas). Franklin denies it, but their trust has been broken and there’s nothing he can say to make it right. The couple separates and the divorce is set to be finalized on Christmas Day.
Regina’s best friend and sneaker empire heiress, Trish (Eva Marcille), gets Regina back out on the dating scene. Franklin still loves Regina and is hoping for a reconciliation, but when she gets engaged to multimillionaire tech entrepreneur Ullyses Danburg (Allen Maldonado from Black-ish and Rosewood), Franklin thinks there’s no way he will ever win her back. But there may be a happy ending for Franklin after all, and just in time for Christmas.

December 4 – The mid-season finale of Supergirl will air on The CW at 8 PM

December 5 – Both The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will air their mid-season finales on The CW at 8 PM and 9 PM respectively

December 6 – The new Syfy series Happy will debut at 10 PM

Show Synopsis: Based on New York Times best-selling graphic novel of the same name, the series follows Nick Sax (Christopher Meloni from Law & Order: SVU) – an intoxicated, corrupt ex-cop turned hit man – who is adrift in a world of casual murder, soulless sex and betrayal. After a hit gone wrong, his inebriated life is forever changed by a tiny, relentlessly positive, imaginary blue winged horse named Happy (voice by Patton Oswalt).

NOTE: The show was moved on the schedule from November 29.

December 6 – The streaming service series Shut Eye will air its second season on Hulu

December 6 – The History Channel series Knightfall will debut at 10 PM

Show Synopsis: The Knights Templar were the most powerful, wealthy and mysterious military order of the Middle Ages, entrusted with protecting Christianity’s most prized relic—the Holy Grail—and harboring secrets capable of great destruction. This series will go deep into the clandestine world of this legendary brotherhood of warrior monks. From their battles in the Holy Land, to their complex relationship with the King of France, to the betrayal that would ultimately lead to their tragic dissolution, the story of the Knights Templar has never been fully told until now. The cast includes Tom Cullen, Sam Hazeldine, Simon Merrells, Ed Stoppard, Olivia Ross, Julian Ovenden and Jim Carter

December 7 – The much-anticipated Psych: The Movie will debut on the USA Network at 8 PM

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: Fake psychic detective Shawn Spencer (James Roday) and Burton “Gus” Guster (Dule Hill) open up their new office in San Francisco, appropriately (though perhaps awkwardly) named psychphrancisco, and are back in business solving a case after a mystery assailant targets one of their own. The rest of the cast of the long-running series return as well as guest appearances by Zachary Levi, Kurt Fuller Ralph Macchio, Jimmi Simpson and John Cena.

December 7 – The mid-season finales of Supernatural and Arrow will air on The CW at 8 PM and 9 PM respectively

December 8 – The mid-season finales of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Jane the Virgin will both air on The CW at 8 PM and 9 PM respectively

December 8 – The second season of the Netflix series The Crown will debut online

December 9 – The Lifetime holiday film Christmas in Mississippi will debut at 8 PM

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: Photographer Holly Logan (Jana Kramer from One Tree Hill) returns to her hometown of Gulfport, Mississippi for Christmas. The town is resurrecting their traditional holiday light show for the first time since a terrible hurricane struck five years earlier. Holly volunteers to pitch in, but soon has second thoughts when she discovers the festival is run by her high school sweetheart, Mike (Wes Brown from True Blood and Hart of Dixie). Now Holly must spend the next few days with the man who broke her heart. With the help of Caroline (Faith Ford from Hope & Faith), her match-making mother and Mr. Kriss, the kind man who will play Santa in the town’s celebration, Holly begins to fall in love with her hometown, and Mike, all over again. The film also Barry Bostwick (Spin City and Cougar Town) and Richard Karn (Home Improvement).

December 9 – The Lifetime mini-movie Holiday Trap will debut at 10 PM

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: When a couple on the brink of divorce gets stuck in an elevator together on Christmas Eve, both think this will be a nightmare. But surprisingly, the Christmas music brings back memories, the gifts they have just shopped for spark a flame, and a misunderstanding from a Christmas past is resolved. As the elevator crew works overtime to rescue them, they realize where they went wrong and rekindle a love that had never really died.

December 9 – The ION holiday movie Runaway Christmas Bride will debut at 9 PM

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: A runaway bride, Kate, making herself scarce for the holidays, meets a ski patrol rescuer, Jason, at a resort. Her December days begin to brighten, until her parents and jilted fiancé, Alex, show up at the mountain to reset the wedding for Christmas. The cast includes Travis Milne and Cindy Busby.

December 9 – The Hallmark Movies & Mysteries movie Christmas Encore will debut at 8 PM

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: A struggling actress is cast in her last off (off) Broadway show – a modern take on “A Christmas Carol” – before giving up her dream and moving home. Instead, she finds romance with her director and a renewed passion for her craft and the city. But when the historic theater loses its lease and the show is set to fold, she and her cast mates are need of a Christmas miracle. The film stars Maggie Lawson and Brennan Elliott.

December 9 – The Christmas Cottage is the latest holiday movie that will debut at 9 PM on Hallmark Channel

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: Still only in her mid-twenties, Lacey Quinn has already given up on love. Her heart’s been broken too many times, and now she concentrates on her career as an interior designer in Raleigh, North Carolina. When BFF Ava Callahan asks Lacey to be her maid of honor, she must take on a few responsibilities, including making sure the Callahan family cottage is perfect for the honeymoon. Legend has it that if newlyweds spend their first night there, everlasting love and happiness follow. Lacey isn’t sure she buys into that notion. Still, when she finds herself snowed in there with Charlie, Ava’s brother, Lacey has to reconsider if the little house may hold some romantic magic after all — especially at Christmas. The cast includes Merritt Patterson and Steve Lund.

December 10 – The Hallmark Movies & Mysteries movie Karen Kingsbury’s Maggie’s Christmas Miracle will debut at 9 PM

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: Maggie spent one unforgettable summer with a boy when they were teens and she’s never forgotten his magical definition of love. Now a high-powered attorney in New York and a single mother, her young son unexpectedly connects them again. The film stars Jill Wagner and Luke Mcfarlane.

December 10 – The TV One holiday movie You Can’t Fight Christmas will air at 7 PM

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: The Chestertown Hotel is being all decked out for Christmas by Leslie Major (Brely Evans from Being Mary Jane), who is the designer behind the Christmas magic. While decorating the hotel, Leslie finds out about the plans that Edmund James (Andra Fuller from Love By The 10th Date), nephew of the hotel owner, and his uptight business partner and love interest Millicent (Persia White of Girlfriends fame), have to turn the old hotel into an upscale resort once Edmund inherits the hotel from his uncle. Scheming Millicent also has plans for Edmund that involve a wedding ring but Edmund may not be ready to take their partnership to the next level.

December 10 – Sharing Christmas is the next new holiday movie to debut at 8 PM on the Hallmark Channel

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: Anna works for a New York City real estate development company that is trying to buy an old building in a prime location, hoping to flip the property for a profit. Unfortunately, there is one tenant holding out—-the owner of an old-fashioned Christmas shop. Anna has been hoping for a way to step up in her job, and finally she’s been given the golden opportunity to take point on this assignment. Anna approaches the Christmas Shop’s handsome owner, Michael, who is not only protective of his family’s legacy but appreciates what the holiday means to everyone. But with sinking profits, Michael finally gives in to Anna’s attempts to change his mind. Anna will spend one week working in the store, and after that, if she doesn’t realize why this shop is so important, they can talk. When Anna’s company finds out about what’s going on and her career is on the line, she is forced to make a choice, one that will change her forever and make this one of the best Christmases she has ever had. The film stars Ellen Hollman, Bobby Campo and Dave Koz.

December 10 – The holiday movie A Royal Christmas Ball will debut on ION at 9 PM

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: Dateless for the Christmas ball, 39-year-old bachelor, King Charles of Baltania, tracks down his American college sweetheart, only to discover Allison has never been married, yet raised a 17-year-old daughter, Lily, who mathematically might be Charles’ biological princess. The film stars Tara Reid and Ingo Rademacher.

December 10 – The season finale of the third season of Outlander will air on Starz at 8 PM

December 10 – The holiday movie Christmas Princess will debut at 7 PM on UP TV

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: The true story of Donaly Marquez who, through a childhood of neglect and abuse, achieved her dream of becoming a rose bowl princess. An inspirational story of resilience, strength and finding a family to call your own. The cast includes Rosa Blasi (Strong Medicine), Nicole Munoz (Defiance) and Zak Santiago (Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency).

December 10 – The Walking Dead season finale will air on AMC at 9 PM

December 11 – The mid-season finale of Valor will air on The CW at 9 PM

December 13 – The mid-season finales of Riverdale and Dynasty will air on The CW at 8 PM and 9 PM respectively

December 13 – The season premiere of the fourth season of The Librarians will air on TNT at 8 PM

December 16 – The Lifetime holiday film Snowed-Inn Christmas will debut at 8 PM

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: Jenna Hudson (Bethany Joy Lenz from One Tree Hill) and Kevin Jenner (Andrew Walker from When Calls the Heart) are polar opposites, working for the same online publication in New York City. With both having nowhere they want to be for Christmas, they volunteer for a special writing assignment. After a snowstorm forces their plane to land in none other than Santa Claus, Indiana, the two are placed in a Christmas Wonderland and the focus of their story shifts to saving the historic town inn run by Carol and Christopher Winters. As the two overcome their differences, they also rediscover the magic of Christmas. But with the inn’s fate in jeopardy and the return of someone from Jenna’s past, Carol and Christopher lend a helping hand to bring Jenna and Kevin together.

December 16 – The Lifetime mini-movie Christmas Grandpa will debut at 10 PM

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: The cashier at a small market is a grouchy man who never has a smile for anyone; but when a little girl asks for a Grandpa for Christmas and chooses him, he is completely transformed by the child’s love and compassion.

December 16 – The ION original holiday movie A Christmas Cruise will debut at 9 PM

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: When her best friend invites her along for a holiday themed sail, an aspiring novelist, Pam, unexpectedly finds the love of her life on board. But what will happen when the ship returns to port for Christmas? The film stars Vivica A. Fox and Kristoff St. John.

December 16 – The holiday movie Rocky Mountain Christmas will debut at 9 PM on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: Evil stepmothers don’t only lurk in castles, tormenting helpless children. Sometimes, they’re on ranches, tormenting adults. A year after her father died in a fire at their Oregon ranch — a fire accidentally caused by her stepmother, Mae — Sarah has finally found her footing, turning the family homestead into a successful dude ranch. Still, Mae is pushing to take it over, seeing it as a potential goldmine. Meanwhile, Graham, a Hollywood superstar, wants to use the ranch as the location of his next movie. Sarah isn’t inclined to allow it. During a long horseback ride through the moonlit mountains, Graham explains why this project is so dear to him. That and a soulful kiss make Sarah relent. But all does not run smoothly once the movie starts. Graham and his costar, Simone, had been involved; Sarah has fallen hard for the handsome star. Still, she won’t allow jealousy to cloud her professionalism. When Simone’s horse runs wild, Sarah saves her. And when Sarah’s evil stepmother, Mae, also runs wild — suing Sarah — Simone, in turn, saves Sarah. The film stars Kristoffer Polaha, Lindy Booth and Treat Williams.

December 16 – The Hallmark Channel movie Christmas Next Door will debut at 8 PM

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: Work-obsessed Eric Randall, chief technology officer of a major tech company in Kansas City, is laid off two weeks before Christmas. Divorced and the father of three, this will be Eric’s first Christmas alone with the kids. His ex-wife, Marie, encourages Eric to postpone a job search and instead make Christmas a true family holiday. Unfortunately, he’s better with computers than children. With baby Max strapped into a backpack, Eric is determined to build a sled with son Liam, no small feat for the math-challenged boy. Eric also gets roped into volunteering at daughter Chelsea’s junior cotillion class. At least her teacher, Kate Moore, is lovely. Kate teaches Eric some dance moves, and Eric realizes he’s avoided relationships by burying himself in work. Though enthralled with all old-fashioned romance, Kate finds a lot to like in this digital-age dad while Eric learns that family time does not need to be restricted to Christmas. The cast includes Jesse Metcalfe and Fiona Gubelmann.

December 16 – Ten Days in the Valley will roll out the rest of its debut season on ABC starting tonight at 9 PM

NOTE: The other episodes will air consecutively on Saturday nights.

December 16 – The season finale of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency will air on BBC America at 9 PM

December 17 – Berlin Station will air its season finale on EPIX at 9 PM

December 17 – The holiday film Christmas Connection will debut on the Hallmark Channel at 8 PM

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: It’s not easy being Henry, the only child of divorced parents. Every Christmas, he’s flown cross-country to be with his dad. Because he’s 8, a flight attendant looks after him from gate-to-gate. Henry instantly takes to the engaging Megan, who wears a Santa hat while helping him write a letter to the jolly guy. Megan promises to mail it to the North Pole, but slips the note to Henry’s dad. Henry has already decided Megan and his dad would be a great couple. And with all of the sophistication of a little boy, he tries setting them up. It turns out that Megan has no plans for Christmas dinner. Naturally, Henry invites her over, giving the adults a chance to see that they are perfect for each other. The cast includes Brooke Burns and Tom Everett Scott.

December 17 – The PBS series Last Tango in Halifax will airs part 1 of the 2-part special at 8 PM

NOTE: The second part of Last Tango in Halifax will air on December 24.

December 17 – The new holiday movie Romance at Reindeer Lodge will debut at 9 PM on the Hallmark Movies &

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: A group of adults from different parts of the country have sworn off partaking in holiday events. Two of those people are Molly and Jared. Upon arriving at their destination, they discover it’s a Christmas themed ranch. With no flight out until after Christmas, the group ends up staying. The Christmas activities eventually melt everyone’s cynical hearts and Molly and Jared’s love blossom.

December 18 – The new 3-part HBO thriller Gunpowder will debut at 10 PM

Mini-Series Synopsis: British activist Guy Fawkes and a group of provincial English Catholics plan to blow up the House of Lords and kill King James I in the early 17th century. The cast includes Kit Harington (Game of Thrones), Liv Tyler (The Lord of the Rings franchise), Mark Gatiss (Sherlock), Tom Cullen (Downton Abbey), Edward Holcroft (Kingsman movies) and Robert Emms (Atlantis) [among others].

NOTE: Parts 2 and 3 will air on December 19 and December at 10 PM.

December 19 – The 100th episode of Major Crimes will air on TNT at 9 PM

December 19 – The final episode of the National Geographic Channel mini-series The Long Road Home will air at 10 PM

December 22 – The 6-part UK series The Last Post will air to American audiences on Amazon today

Show Synopsis: The series is set during the social and political unrest of the mid-sixties, in the simmering heat of Aden, Yemen, centering on the lives of a unit of Royal Military Police officers and their families. The cast includes Jessica Raine (Call the Midwife), Richard Dillane (The White Princess and Outlander), Ben Miles (The Crown), Jessie Buckley (Taboo) [among others].

December 23 – The Hallmark Channel holiday movie Christmas Getaway will debut at 8 PM

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: Travel writer Emory has never had a traditional Christmas. Although her free spirit makes her the perfect travel writer, a surprising breakup with her boyfriend takes her personal life back to square one. Hoping to spend the holiday relaxing and recovering, Emory takes the picturesque Christmas vacation planned for the two of them, alone. Through a mix up on the rental site – or maybe a little Christmas magic – Emory is forced to share the cabin with a handsome widower, his young daughter, and mother-in-law. What begins as an annoying inconvenience blooms into a romance she never knew was possible, and a Christmas they will cherish forever. The film stars Bridget Regan and Travis Van Winkle.

December 25 – The UP TV movie Winter Wedding will debut at 7 PM

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: When Hallie and Lucas get engaged, they quickly begin planning the tropical beach wedding of their dreams. But the happy couple starts to get caught in family drama when both sets of parents can’t seem to agree on anything. Adding to the turmoil, their destination is completely booked and the next available spot is over a year away. Not wanting to wait, they decide to have their ceremony at Lucas’ mountain lodge in the snow. Their love is tested when the stress of keeping everyone happy gets to be too much. The cast includes Andrea Bowen and Susan Walters.

December 25 – The Call the Midwife Holiday Special will debut on PBS at 9 PM

Special Synopsis: The special opens with Poplar under a thick blanket of snow, as the midwives face the challenge of the coldest winter for 300 years. The winter of 1963 saw temperatures plunge to a record low and the whole country brought to a standstill due to the severe weather. Battling snow, ice, power cuts and frozen pipes, the midwives strive to provide the best possible care for their patients. Valerie helps a young couple, newly arrived in London, who experience a traumatic birth, and Sister Julienne strives to reunite a family torn apart by a tormenting father.

December 25 – The Hallmark Channel special When Calls the Heart: The Christmas Wishing Tree will debut at 8 PM

Special Synopsis: A loved one returns, Christmas spirit is renewed, and children’s wishes are granted in this heartwarming Christmas movie featuring the series’ beloved characters. Elizabeth’s fiancé, Jack, surprises her, coming on home on leave and bringing a young Mountie desperately searching for Christmas inspiration. The community of Hope Valley works together to aid this young man with the help of an enchanted Wishing Tree. And as mayor, Abigail is pretty busy. Recognizing that, her newly adopted son, Cody, engages classmates in creating the town’s annual Christmas Celebration. While Sheriff Bill Avery forges a relationship with the disgraced former mayor, Henry Gowen, Rosemary and Lee are reminded that family is the true meaning of Christmas.

December 25 – The annual Christmas special of Doctor Who “Twice Upon a Time” will air on BBC America at 9 PM

Christmas Special Synopsis: Two Doctors stranded in a forbidding snowscape, refusing to face regeneration. And a British army captain seemingly destined to die in the First World War, but taken from the trenches to play his part in the Doctor’s story. This is the magical last chapter in the Twelfth Doctor’s epic adventure. He must face his past to decide his future. And the Doctor will realize the resilience of humanity, discovering hope in his darkest frozen moment. It’s the end of an era. But the Doctor’s journey is only just beginning.

December 26 – The second season of the Canadian series Travelers will air online on Netflix

December 28 – An extended sneak peek of the Freeform series Beyond will air at 10:30 PM

December 30 – The Hallmark Channel movie A Royal New Year’s Eve will debut at 8 PM

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: Magazine assistant and aspiring fashion designer Caitlyn’s world is turned upside down when Prince Jeffrey and his presumed future fiancé Lady Isabelle come to town. Isabelle hires Caitlyn to design a dress for the royal New Year’s Eve ball where Jeffrey is expected to propose, which could launch the fashion career she’s always dreamed about. Navigating through her boss Abigail’s efforts to sabotage her, Caitlyn spends time creating a dress fit for a princess with her friend Doris, and planning the ball with Jeffrey. Caitlyn and Jeffrey begin to develop feelings for one another but Jeffrey’s royal commitment to marry Isabelle and assume the throne stands in between them. As the New Year’s Eve ball approaches, Jeffrey and Caitlyn must decide if they can overcome royal tradition to pursue their happily ever after. The film stars Jessy Schram, Sam Page andCheryl Ladd.

Mark your calendars!

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