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Women of the Week

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As we head into fall finale and sweeps season, the level of performances on screen are lifting their game. Read on to find out who the Nice Girls are nominating as their latest Women of the Week.

Nominated by Ange: Mindy Kaling as Mindy Lahiri/Executive Producer/Creator/Writer on THE MINDY PROJECT

It’s not that often you see women lead a show that they created, wrote and produced, and even more rare a woman of color. Over the last six years Kaling has not received nearly enough credit for bringing into our lives that can make us laugh one minute and unexpectedly feel deep emotions the next. Doing it all is not easy. Last week the final episode of THE MINDY PROJECT went to air and with lots of throwbacks to the show’s pilot, we were reminded just how far our heroine Mindy Lahiri has come. She may not be flawless but she’s grown enough to not make the same silly mistakes she made six years ago or even a season ago. Fans were cheering when she got her happy ending because she deserves it.

Nominated by Ange: Aja Naomi King as Michaela Pratt on HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER

Remember in season one after the Keating Five accidentally killed Annalise’s husband Sam and Michaela completely freaked out? She’s come a long way and now in the season four fall finale, it’s her taking charge when everyone else is freaking out when the group has once again been caught up in another deadly accident. (Seriously guys? Get it together!) Despite the blood splattering all over her as the gun went off, where most people would freak out and get hysterical, it’s Michaela who is the one who thinks quick and stages the scene to look like a suicide and also arranges for Laurel to leave the scene ASAP so that no one will ever know that she was there. Like I said, Michaela has come a long way!

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