Blindspot Roundtable: Gunplay Ricochet

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On this week’s episode, Gunplay Ricochet (I have no idea what the titles mean this year!) we were treated to boozy clips from Jane and Weller’s wedding video juxtaposed with them pursuing the latest tattoo case – preventing a presumed dead bomber from completing his most recent “project”.

Join me, Roz, Rueben, and Lisa as we discuss this episode below. Add your thoughts on in the comments!

Thoughts on the wedding video and that unexpected addition at the end?

Cay: I felt it was jarring because it just doesn’t fit with the tone of the rest of the show. There were some funny bits, but they weren’t exactly in character, either – i.e. sloppy drunk cleavage-bearing Patterson. Roman is impressively diabolical!

Rueben:  I guess it was the show’s way of trying to lighten the mood of the episode, and to give us more of an inside look at their wedding; but it did feel a little off compared to what was happening overall.  I think, though, it was mostly to give us the creeps over Roman inserting his own video message to them at the end.

Roz: I think we all wanted to know that the team could be normal, but the video seemed too drunk and too awkward. That said, Roman’s comment at the end is not atypical because all he wants to do is terrorize Jane and Kurt.

Lisa: I enjoyed the video and seeing everyone a little out of character but when Roman popped in at the end I got goosebumps. He is literally everywhere and it’s frightening.

Speaking of Roman, thoughts on his endgame?

Cay: He’s so good-looking and charismatic that it seems like there’s no limit to what he could do, especially now that he has a large fortune. He clearly has some plan he’s working towards, other than just “ruin Jeller”, right?

Rueben:  Yeah, he definitely wants to ruin Jane and Weller, but I just can’t figure out how all the puzzle pieces are going to fit.  What is the point of tracking that Blake girl?  And how does that play into whatever else he has planned because he clearly has a plan.

Roz: I feel like his endgame is going to be something big, but ruining Jane and Kurt can’t be all of it. Rueben, I do wonder about the tracker on Blake too!

Lisa: I agree with Cay. Roman is so charming and handsome, watching him flirt with the Blake girl for a second I almost forgot how terrorizing he is. But like Rueben said why? How does she fit in? Roman’s end game is bigger than just Kurt and Jane I think but what in the world is he up to?

Operative Cuttlefish

Cay: Patterson is really enjoying her little “side project” with Zapata, at least the idea of it, if not the reason for it. Not really a big surprise that it seems to tie in with Rossi.

Rueben:  If I may say, I certainly wasn’t expecting Rossi to know Jane so that was a twist.  Where the side project is concerned, it only makes sense that it has something to do with him because why else focus so much attention on him, right?

Roz: Patterson wants to solve Stuart’s murder and so I think this is a good thing, especially since it’s implicating someone in the office.

Lisa: Plot twist! I wasn’t expecting Rossi to know Jane either so that was a surprise. I haven’t always been the biggest Zapata fan but she is starting to grow on me and this project with Patterson works. Two intelligent women solving problems is always a win.

Jane may have a daughter? Discuss! 

Rueben:  That was completely out of left field, and how do we know that this isn’t some kind of elaborate scheme by Roman through Rossi to get at Jane even more?  We know all too well that documents can be forged and since Jane’s memory was wiped, she’s not gonna know for sure.

Roz: While I agree that this detail is out of left field, it could also give Patterson another name to find in Rossi’s book. It could be false, but any leads are good leads.

Lisa: Did not see that coming! Wow! If it is true that will be one hell of storyline to find her and I’d be interested in seeing who would be cast to play her daughter.

Cay: How old is Jane, anyway? I’m wondering how old this daughter could be. Clearly pre-memory loss life, so at least 4?


Rueben:  I think it has to go to Jane and Weller when they were dealing with that bomb.

Roz: Yeah, Jane and Weller for me.

Lisa: Agreed. Jane and Weller saved the day. They make a great team!

Cay: It’s a good thing that my “steady” hands aren’t required to prevent massive bombs from going off! My favorite scene, though, was Patterson and Zapata in Rossi’s car.

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