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Dirk Gently: “Girl Power”

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Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency is in trouble this week, with Suzie and Mr. Priest closing in. Amanda is learning to master her powers in Wendimoor, and the Rowdy 3 have got her back. Things seem grim though, when Dirk loses the boy.

Deputy Tina Tevetino (Izzie Steele), Todd Brotzman (Elijah Wood), Dirk Gently (Samuel Barnett), Farah Black (Jade Eshete). Photo by Katie Yu/BBC America

Scott tries to express his love to his mother, but Suzie isn’t winning any awards for mother of the year when she turns him into a frog. At Blackwing, Hugo has discovered that the Rowdy 3 are gone. He’s in search of assistance, which he finds in Ken.

Todd and Farah wake up from the aftermath of the music festival and Suzie’s love charm, finding themselves crashed out on the floor of the Sheriff’s Department. Tina wakes up too, and quickly evicts the guests who had been partying with her there the night before. Dirk panics when he awakens in Bart’s cell, and Bart can’t seem to understand why he isn’t over the whole her trying to kill him thing. She recognizes a lot of similarities between her and Dirk, especially in their current uncertainty about their roles in the universe, and Bart’s got a bad feeling about where things are headed.

Mr. Mage is not interested in Suzie’s apologies for failing to kill Dirk because he’s still in shock at Arnold’s drawings of Wendimoor. He had always won, but the drawing paint a different picture, portraying him as being built to lose. Suzie’s not letting him give up though. She wants the power she was promised.

Amanda Brotzman (Hannah Marks), Martin (Michael Eklund). Photo by Katie Yu/BBC America

Todd questions Panto about Suzie’s connection to Wendimoor, and he realizes she must be in league with the Mage. Tina tries to lure Suzie to the station, but Suzie’s not falling for the ruse. She’s not going to let anyone humiliate her anymore. She warns Tina that she plans to kill them all.

In Wendimore the Rowdy 3 are trying to understand the crazy world they’re in, but Martin tells Amanda that they are there for her and they’ll stay as long as she needs to so that she can learn how to use her powers. The Rowdy 3’s supportive friendship should be a squad goal for us all.

Back at the Sheriff’s Department Tina is freaking out after realizing that they missed calls about the hotel shooting and the call from Hobbs. She’s scared for Hobbs (Me too!), and Dirk is upset that he’s gotten everyone in danger again. Dirk convinces them all to go talk with Arnold Cardenas before anything else, but they don’t realize that Mr. Priest is watching from outside the building.

Mr. Priest (Alan Tudyk). Photo by Ed Araquel/BBC America

Amanda is working on her magic with Wakti Wapnasi, but afraid of pushing herself so far that she triggers an attack. Wakti Wapnasi pushes her, challenging her punk credentials. Amanda is gonna show her how punk she is, and when the attack comes, Amanda takes control of it.

At the hospital, the crew run into an old police officer friend of Tina’s, and Farah gets him to reveal that someone has stolen a shipment of weapons and that the thieves were paid in gold bars right out of a fairy tale. Dirk tries to get answers out of Arnold Cardenas, but  Arnold is upset and plagued with unexplained guilt at the thought of Wendimoor being a real place. He tells Dirk and Todd that his parents fought over an offer to sell the motel, with both his parents ending up dead. Arnold also says that someone had promised he would go to Wendimoor, and he when Todd asks if he can take them there, Arnold says yes.

Suzie Boreton (Amanda Walsh). Photo by Katie Yu/BBC America

Outside the hospital, Mr. Priest observes a deranged Suzie “looking sorta nuts” heading into the hospital, where she quickly starts killing people with her wand. Mr. Priest reports back to Hugo and Ken that things are getting “distinctly supernatural” in Bergsberg. While I’m not entirely sure about this dark Alan Tudyk, I’m happy to see his character finally get a little of that Tudyk whimsey about him in this episode.

Suzie finds Dirk and company as they attempt to escape the hotel. Tina draws her fire, and Farah shoots her in the head. Unfortunately Suzie is unfazed by this and fires back, trapping Tina behind a door. The others run away, but while they try to break down a door, Suzie kills Arnold. Just then Mr. Priest appears and fires multiple rounds into Suzie while the others get away. Even this doesn’t seem to be enough to stop Suzie though. Todd and a dejected Dirk get away in a car that Farah has stolen.

Dirk Gently (Samuel Barnett). Photo by Ed Araquel/BBC America

In Wendimoor, Amanda sees into her world and also sees something bad approaching. Wakti Wapnasi reveals that she must use the eyes of another to see into other realms. Am I the only one who finds Wakti Wapnasi a little suspect? Amanda sends the Rowdy 3 to scout out what dangers approach

Panto is trying to get Bart to break him out of his cell so that he can return to Wendimoor to help his people. Bart still relies on the whim of the universe, but Panto urges her to take control of her life and help him. He wants her to go to Wendimoor with him, and he wants her to consider what she wants in life.

Todd, Farah, and a nearly catatonic Dirk arrive at the Cardenas house. When Farah and Todd see Mr. Priest driving towards the house, Todd must practically drag Dirk into the house while Farah gets ready to face Mr. Priest alone and without ammunition.

Farah Black (Jade Eshete), Todd Brotzman (Elijah Wood), Dirk Gently (Samuel Barnett). Photo by Ed Araquel/BBC America

Once inside Arnold’s bedroom, Todd tries to find the doorway to Wendimoor with no success. Mr. Priest quickly dispatches Farah and heads in after Dirk, who is convinced that Farah must be dead and that Todd will follow her soon. Todd finally figures out what to do, and he and Dirk disappear just before Mr. Priest enters the room.

At Suzie’s place, the Mage reminisces about his love of causing pain. He’s ready to forget Wendimoor now, and he’s ready to take on this world. Suzie arrives, covered in blood, and tells him that Dirk is defeated and the boy is dead. She’s ready for Wendimoor now.

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