The Gifted Roundtable: eXtreme measures

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The Gifted made some progress, but so did Agent Turner in this weeks episode.

1. Dr. Campbell pulled some strings to get Turner back on the case, but the alliance doesn’t seem to be easy. Do you think Turner went at this issue the wrong way?
Roz: Oh Turner just made his bed with the biggest baddest devil and there’s no way out! I understand that he wants to save non-mutants from mutants, but Campbell is clearly not the way to go. Taking down that poor woman from the DoJ was not something I expected to see, but I suppose Campbell is really an ends justifies the means guy.
Rueben: I agree that he choose the worst kind of devil; and nothing that Dr. Campbell brings to Turner or the Sentinel Services is going to be good. I have a feeling there is going to be harm on both sides, especially given what Campbell’s minion did to that DoJ lady.
Leah: Oh Turner has lost it. Although I feel like he is having second thoughts which means he is still wresting with how far to take this. There is still hope he will realize he is not on the right side of things. or maybe that the way he is doing things isn’t the answer.
Karen: I wanted to yell at him LAST week for it, so I’m already pretty disgusted with him. I know he felt backed into a corner and devastated to hear about his daughter for the second time. But… nothing good can come of this. Nothing.

2. Blink and Thunderbird have to work together to find some answers that Blink has. Is this team something you looked forward to seeing again or were you happier as Blink went on her own road?
Roz: For the two mutants that have some background people might know, I’m glad to see them working together, but I think that Dreamer’s work has made this trip a one-time only show. Blink needed answers and it hurt so much to watch her see the carnage from Sentinel Services.
Rueben: I was glad to Johnny and Clarice together again, even if it ended in sadness for her. We needed to have a resolution of why she kept opening that portal while she was sick/unconscious. Given what she can do with the portals, she is going to be just as important to the mutant underground as Johnny.
Leah:I like them and I’m glad she is back. Like Rueben says – her ability makes her very useful to the underground. Also, she needs some family.
Karen: I’m good with it. The “underground” as a whole needs to work together, so they need to get along and be comfortable around each other. This team-up helped in that regard, even though it was wrenching to both of them.

3. Why can’t Marcos quit Carmen? Is this the worst idea ever or THE WORST idea?
Roz: Marcos is so dumb when it comes to women. I get that he needed help for Lorna, but Carmen’s clearly not someone to let anyone walk away.
Rueben: I think it is THE WORST idea, but given that he needed Carmen’s help to save Lorna, he – unfortunately – made a deal with the devil [just like Turner did with Dr. Campbell]. Carmen is obviously very jealous of “magnet girl” – or else she wouldn’t keep bringing it up – and she’s not going to willing give Marcos up, but she won’t stand a chance against Lorna when all is said and done.
Leah: Marcos is just so pretty, not so smart. I know, he needed Carmen and he made a deal to get Lorna back but this will not end well.
Karen: Blech. Carmen needs to go. There’s already enough going on, The show can drop that storyline and concentrate on Amy Acker – who needs to be written a little fuller.

4. Was Reed right to narc on Wes for all the bad he had done? Is it time for Reed to be dividing the group that’s there?
Roz: I think Reed’s still operating within the law where he can – and that means he does have to worry about who could be dangerous for everyone – but I think Reed missed the part where everyone in the safe house has probably done something wrong and needed to escape the law.
Rueben: You poise a really good argument. Reed is still thinking like a prosecutor, but he is also thinking like a worried father. On one hand, he had to protect his daughter and the underground, but – like Roz said – he will have to realize that everyone in the underground has done something wrong, even his own kids. At some point, he is going to have to choose a side.
Leah: I was annoyed by this. Reed is barely liked as it is. Turning in mutants (I know that isn’t exactly what he did) who didn’t have stable families and did some questionable things in the past is really not going to endear him to anyone. He needs to get on board with the fact that just about everyone there has done something shady and this is his world now.
Karen: Okay, I’m of two minds here. He’s a dad trying to protect his daughter. I get that. But he needs to get with the program. Nobody hiding out in that sanctuary is an angel. They can’t be in order to stay safe. Plus he’s a kid. Unless the dude had done something completely out of line, he should just get over it.

5. So Reed’s dad worked for Trask Industries and that just scares me more than it should. If you know anything about Trask, how dangerous is that new thread in the story?
Roz: I hate Trask so much! (He’s the guy who in comics/movies build the original sentinels – so big robots that kill mutants like those spiders from the premiere and depending on which canon is also responsible for them being adaptable to all mutant powers/threats.) I didn’t want to see Trask’s handiwork in this universe, but I should have guessed it when Turner works for Sentinel Services. Basically, bad mojo is on the horizon if there are actual Sentinels (of any kind) floating around.
Rueben: Yeah, this is bad all around! I have a feeling that Karen was right from last week that Strucker is related to Baron Von Strucker. There is absolutely NO WAY this is going to end well at all.
Leah: Not good. Not good at all!
Karen: I’m with you Roz. I can’t believe I hadn’t connected them to Trask already! I’m thinking we’re going to see some experimenting real soon (like next week), and Campbell will be crafting his mutant hunters from that research. I’m about 110% sure of that.

6. Favorite line/scene?
Roz: Lorna and Dreamer at Carmen’s gate was fun, if a bit frightening.
Rueben: I have to agree, that scene was pretty great albeit not for the guards.
Leah: I’m with you two on that.
Karen: I concur. Lorna is badass. All that metal, and plenty of time. 🙂

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