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Dirk Gently: “Shapes & Colors” Recap

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Questions are finally starting to be answered this week in Bergsberg. Farah and Sheriff Hobbs are trying to sort out how Suzie Boreton relates to what’s been going on. Dirk, Todd, and Tina run into Arnold Cardenas, who starts to fill them in on the mystery of his family. In Wendimoor Amanda meets Wakti Wapnasi, who helps Amanda to understand herself better.

Sheriff Hobbs (Tyler Labine), Farah Black (Jade Eshete). Photo by Katie Yu/BBC America.

The Rowdy 3 are still in Blackwing, and they’re starting to worry how much longer they can last there without absorbing any energy.

Hobb’s deputizes Farah, clearly an unexpected and emotional moment for her. At the Boreton’s, Farah is suspicious of Suzie’s odd behavior, but Suzie deflect that attention onto her son. She sets them up to find him later that night at the Sound of Nothing music festival.

Despite a new intention by Dirk to take a more systematic approach to investigations, He, Tina, and Todd stumble upon Arnold Cardenas while they’re out for breakfast. They take him to the abandoned house, where he explains that his drawings tell the tale of the Mage’s defeat.

At the jail, Panto is getting to know Bart better, and he’s hopeful because he feels like things are starting to move now. Bart tells him a little about her childhood and how her connection to the universe works. Hobbs and Farah are trying to sort out the details of their case, and Hobbs is feeling pretty overwhelmed by the interconnectedness of it all. They plan to head out to the Sound of Nothing festival to find Scott Boreton and question him. Farah’s brother calls to warn her that Blackwing is active and ask her to join him.

Amanda Brotzman (Hannah Marks), Wakti Wapnasi (Agam Darshi). Photo by Ed Araquel/BBC America.

In Wendimoor Amanda and Vogle are are knocked out in the forest by the Bofuki Nepoo. Amanda wakes to find herself surrounded by strange creatures in an unsettling environment. Soon she meets Wakti Wapnasi, who reveals that she is the voice Amanda has been hearing in her visions.

Back at the jail, Arnold is starting to freak out a little from dealing with the resurgence of his past. When Hobbs tries to lock him away, Arnold finds the air gun and starts shooting. He stops when he sees Panto, and then collapses clutching his heart.

Wakti Wapnasi pushes Amanda to discover who she really is, and explains that the Rowdy 3 bring out something in Amanda that already existed. She tells Amanda that it’s possible to control her gift and convinces her by showing Amanda something from her visions. While Amanda is working on her power, Vogle wakes up to find himself in the colorful village of the Bofuki Napoo. However, Vogle senses danger on the horizon. The Mage’s soldiers are coming.

Bart comforts Panto, who feels guilty about Arnold’s collapse. She cheers him up by bringing in music and performing a very Bart-style dance.

Todd Brotzman (Elijah Wood), Dirk Gently (Samuel Barnett), Farah Black (Jade Eshete). Photo by Ed Araquel/BBC America.

At the Sound of Nothing festival, Farah tells Todd about her brother’s warning. Farah also admits that this is the first concert she’s been to. Tina and Dirk catch up to them, and Tina has a plan for how they should look for Scott. Tina and Todd head up to the stage while Farah and Dirk search the crowd. Dirk quickly stumbles upon Scott, much to his irritation, but Scott runs off when Farah tries to question him. Suzie’s arrived at the concert too, and she’s looking for Dirk so that she can kill him.

In Wendimoor, the Mage’s soldier’s arrive and Vogle gets ready to fight with the villagers. Wakti Wapnasi pushes Amanda to bring over someone who can help fight the knights.

On stage at the concert, Todd and Tina spot Suzie tracking Dirk and realize that she has the wand. Suzie is struggling to get through crowd though, and in her frustration casts a spell to calm the crowd. The spell seems to have spread good feelings through the crowd, as when Todd finds Dirk he begins to pour his heart out to Dirk about how much he values their friendship. Dirk responds in kind, and when Farah reaches them she lets go of all the worries and unhappiness she’s been feeling about her father and who she is. She’s happy now that she’s discovered a place where she belongs. The did they or didn’t they question is finally answered when Todd and Farah admit that they’ve at least made out. The good vibes have got Tina feeling a little frisky. They’re not the only happy ones, Bart and Panto are dancing and having a good time at the jail.

Sheriff Hobbs (Tyler Labine). Photo by Ed Araquel/BBC America.

Amanda is finally able to bring someone through, and the Rowdy 3 are reunited at last. They make quick work of the Mage’s soldiers and then celebrate with the Bofuki Napoo and Wakti Wapnasi.

At the Cardenas house the Mage is not happy though. He’s seen Arnold’s drawing, and it doesn’t show the story ending how he imagined. Having gone to the hospital with Arnold, Hobbs is now outside the house, and when he goes into the barn to investigate a mysterious truck, he finds that things are amiss. The Mage finds him there and we’re left with a bright flash from the Mage’s wand.

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