Blindspot: ‘Upside Down Craft’ Roundtable Discussion

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There was a lot of teamwork in this episode and we finally got some answers about Patterson and Rich.com. See what Nice Girls Roz, Cay, Rueben and Lisa had to say about this week’s episode of Blindspot titled “Upside Down Craft.”

Patterson and Rich.com were part of The Three Blind Mice. What did you think about that storyline? Did you think they had a bigger secret?

Roz: I’m glad we have some of the answers to why she was so friendly with him earlier, but that plan was dangerous. I didn’t think that was the only secret they shared, but it’s a start when everyone has had other lives.

Rueben:  I agree with Roz that we finally have some answers, and it’s not that they were having a sexual relationship, which would have just given me an “ewwww!” feeling.  But, I wasn’t expecting them to be hacktivists.  It’s like Patterson was the college version of Felicity Smoak from Arrow.  This was a twist to their past that I totally wouldn’t have thought of.

Lisa: Yes! I was pleasantly surprised that this was their secret. I totally didn’t see it coming. I thought they had a secret love affair and I thought that was just too easy. I’m so glad the writers had this twist because they make a good team.

Cay: I want more details – did they purposely team up from the beginning, or did they find out later that they were both involved?

There was a lot of teamwork in this episode. Who was your favorite duo – Weller & Jane, Rich.com & Patterson or Reade & Tasha?

Roz: Rich.com and Patterson! They are opposites and bicker with the best of them

Rueben:  Yep, this time around it was totally Rich and Patterson.

Lisa: We are all in agreement! Rich.com and Patterson are great together. Their back and forth banter is great. As much as I like Weller and Jane, Patterson and Rich.com are my favorite duo (as long as they don’t try to get them in a romantic relationship).

Cay: Rich and Patterson are my two favorite characters on their own, so them together is awesome – she’s so serious, he’s so…anything but serious! And the bickering is hilarious!

Roman, Roman, Roman. His hate and need for revenge on Jane is consuming him. Is there any redemption for him?

Roz: Not to me. He’s dug his grave and now he wants Jane and the team to bury him and cover the casket.

Rueben:  No, I don’t there is any redemption for him whatsoever; and whatever ends come to him – most likely at the hands of Jane – he will so totally deserve.

Lisa: Sigh. I used to root for a reconciliation because they are brother and sister but that ship has sailed. He is too far gone and unfortunately, there is no hope for him. I agree with Rueben, whatever comes his way, he deserves.

Cay: I never say never, but you never know on this show! It’s possible that at some point he could die saving Jane, or something like that, although I doubt they’ll ever have a real relationship.

What an ending! Who was the guy with the strange ear and what is he up to?

Roz: He sounds like Stuart so I wouldn’t be shocked if he’s a relative.

Cay: Nah, definitely someone nefarious, and not related…

Rueben:  Yeah, what the heck was that?!  I did not expect that twist at all.  This show really knows how to give us zingers, don’t they?

Lisa: Yes they do. Just when you think they can’t surprise you anymore, they come up with another twist. It’s so good. I have no idea what he’s up to, but Roz might be on to something with her relative theory.

Favorite scene or line?

Roz: Rich’s wink when he didn’t blow up the plan. Or really anything with Heather Burns being over the top! What has happened to Cheryl and where is Gracie to disapprove?

Rueben:  I loved the line by Jane to Weller after she shot through that can of oil:  “I have a lot of new tricks.”  And, then there was Rich saying to Patterson after they realized they were wearing shock collars:  “Oh my God, she’s gonna make us play The Hunger Games, isn’t she?”
*NOTE:  We should remind folks who may not have recognized Heather Burns (Kathy, the hacktivist) or understood Roz’s last sentence that Heather Burns was in the movie Miss Congeniality, playing Cheryl, the woman who won the beauty pageant, and that Sandra Bullock was Gracie.

Lisa: Rich had quite a few good lines! I liked the Hunger Games line too. I liked when he said (referring to the co-worker) “His name is Gary? I’ve been calling him Rick this whole time.” Hee Hee. Rich cracks me up.

Cay: Am I really the only Chuck fan in the room? LOVED the callback – the third “Blind Mouse” worked for the “Nerd Herd” and even was wearing the same uniform from Chuck when she was interviewed by the FBI!

I was also impressed that Patterson built the backdoor into all those phone. I love it when she’s not always just the goody-goody!


Roz: Patterson just for her back door hack into everyone who plays her game.

Rueben:  Yeah, I have to agree Patterson was really on par in this episode.

Lisa: Patterson is always an MVP in my book, but this episode it was Rich.com for me! He was entertaining and didn’t blow it all up when he had the chance. He really is part of the team now and this episode showed his loyalty.

Any additional comments or predictions?

Roz:  See above about Heather Burns!

Rueben:  I enjoyed the downtime dinner between Reade, Zapata, Jane and Weller when Zapata got on Reade about playing Wizardville.  It was nice to see them have a lighter moment, albeit short-lived.

Lisa: I agree with Rueben. It’s nice to have a few “normal” moments on the show. I hope we get to see more of Patterson and Rich together. This was another great episode and I can’t wait to find out who the mysterious ear man is!

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