The Gifted Roundtable: “boXed in”

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The latest episode of The Gifted entitled “boXed in.”, focused on the aftermath of the Sentinel Service rescue last week. After his rescue along with Polaris, Reed faced a less than warm welcome from some of the mutant Underground but a warm one from his family. Polaris and Marcos kidnap Agent Turner to get info on Pulse.

The mutants have hard lives, but it sometimes feels like they make things worse, like when Polaris kidnapped Agent Turner

Roz: I don’t see the kidnapping as a bad move so much as it gave Polaris and Eclipse the time and effort to understand why Sentinel Services operates as it does. It is true that knowing your enemy is useful and I can’t think of a better way to understand the hunting than from a lead hunter.

Rueben:  Yeah, that probably wasn’t the best idea even if she was simply trying to get a little payback – as well as answers as to why Pulse is working for them.

Leah: That just didn’t seem like a good idea at all. SHE JUST GOT OUT OF PRISON! Maybe give it a few days? A month? Never?

Cay: Leah – exactly!

Melissa: I get the impression Lorna is an impulsive person. Marcos seems to be the voice of caution in that relationship, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he prevails. On a story note, I’m glad we got learn more about Agent Turner’s past. That last scene, when he had to find out Grace was dead again, was heartbreaking. Point of query: Is the July 15 incident something from the movies? Are they weaving in the movie universe without having to spend the money showing us the X-Men a la Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?

Roz: There is nothing I can remember that is from July 15 in any of the X-Men movies, but this show has been trying to be in the universe without using any of the characters from those movies. (I can’t think of any big event happening in either New York or San Francisco like that flashback.)

The medical stuff lately has been less believable than the mutant’s powers

Roz: Handwaving is my friend here. When you have people with the power to control metal, sometimes science has to go away.

Rueben:  Yeah, that whole finding the bullet too easily was a little too much to believe and her sewing him up that quickly.  They could have done that a bit better.  Surely they could have the money for a consultant to make it at least a little more realistic.

Leah: I am willing to let some things slide because it is a mutant world, but too much and this show will lose me.

Melissa: The blood transfusion was weirding me out. It really struck me as sci-fi, you know?

Cay: It probably shouldn’t, but ridiculous medical stuff (injections into the heart or random places in the neck not to mention the super quick little surgery there) take away from my enjoyment of shows. It’s not hard to make it somewhat accurate/realistic! Let us save our suspension of disbelief for more important plot points!

As expected, Blink didn’t take it well when she realized that Dreamer placed the memory in her head

Roz: She shouldn’t take it well as she found out about Dreamer. But at least she knows for sure now.

Rueben:  You could practically see the steam rising of her ire as Blink watched Dreamer use her power on Turner.  Part of me wanted to see Blink bitch slap her – or at least do something – but they are probably saving that for later (maybe)

Leah: I’m glad she knows but the whole idea that mutants would use their power on other mutants without “permission” is just not okay. Haha Rueben – I was also hoping for some fisticuffs! 🙂

Cay: To have your memory altered would definitely be very violating, but at the same time, I understand why Dreamer did it.

Melissa: I knew that wasn’t going to go over well. Nor should it. I still maintain that Dreamer’s power is the most dangerous. Did she accidentally erase Turner’s memory because she wasn’t able to finish the job when she was searching for information about Pulse? Was it just his daughter’s death or did she also erase Reed and Lorna and their capture/escape?

It looks like the Struckers are all in, at least for the time being

Roz: I’m all for the family sticking together, especially because we keep having to separate some of the mutants from the rest.

Rueben:  Yes, it would seem that way, but I have a feeling the Invisible Man and his ire hatred of Reed will come back to haunt them at some point.  I’m glad they are a family unit again regardless.

Leah: Good because a show with too many pulled focuses is messy. Team Mutant (including the Struckers) against Sentinel Services is a good balance.

Melissa: I’m glad the Struckers are back together so our focus isn’t so split. It looks like factions are developing within the Underground, though.

Cay: Yeah, I think Reed and other circumstances might lead to some sort of schism within the Underground as Melissa suggests.


Roz: Lorna baby!

Rueben:  I think Dreamer only because she was able to get quite a bit of information out of Turner even if it wasn’t exactly what they needed/wanted.  That being said I felt only slightly bad for Turner because of the aftermath of what Dreamer did to him; not knowing about his daughter’s death will just set things back to square one and he could end up being even more horrible to the mutants because of this.

Leah: Lorna – her abilities are pretty amazing.

Melissa: Lorna and Marcos – they make a great team!

Cay: I’m apparently alone in not liking Lorna at all. And her and Marcos together are just a bit too saccharine for me (Aurora borealis…blech!).

Favorite lines/scenes?

Roz: Lorna’s facade with Turner made me smile.

Rueben:  I can’t say there was any particular part of the dialogue that stuck out for me so I’ll go with scene.  I liked the very quick moment between Marcos and Lorna in the car, talking about the baby and the aurora borealis that happened when they touched their hands to her as-yet unnoticeable baby bump.

Leah: I’m with Rueben.

Melissa: The Aurora/Rory conversation was adorable. (For the record, I have a niece named Aurora and I love the name Rory for a boy.) I also liked when Polaris and Eclipse worked together to destroy the drone; using the rearview mirror to bounce the light was ingenious.

Cay: I repeat my above comment: Aurora borealis…blech! I guess my favorite was seeing the Struckers reunited.


What are your thoughts on the show so far? Do you have a favorite character? What do you think is going to happen next. Please share your comments below.

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