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Dirk Gently: “Two Broken Fingers”

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Things are getting weird in Bergsberg this week as everyone arrives. Although, this small town is probably not ready for what’s about to happen. And, wait a minute! Did we just see the boy?

In Wendimoor, the Patriarch of the Trost family, Jeppum Trost, is furious after the burning of his crops and the disappearance of his son, Panto. Jeppum has accepted help from the Mage, in the form of an automatic rifle.

Farah Black (Jade Eshete) and Sheriff Hobbs (Tyler Labine). Photo Ed Araquel/BBC America

At the jail, Tina wakes up Dirk, Todd, and Farah to help with their investigation into the two found bodies. After they get dressed in some truly spectacular outfits scavenged from old uniforms and the lost and found, they get to work examining the body found inside a tree. Farah is still an investigative rock star, and starts to make discoveries about the body. Dirk had started out by declaring this the “best case ever,” but his enthusiasm seems to wane the more Farah discovers.

On the road, Amanda tries to convince Vogle to reign in his violent enthusiasm as they arrive in Bergsberg, but neither realizes that Blackwing is not far behind.

Back at the Sherriff’s department, Dirk appears more and more uncomfortable about the investigation, suggesting that perhaps the confusing deaths were all done on accident. However, the investigations is derailed when Bart shows up to report Suzie’s attack on her.

Huge is still trying to figure things out at Blackwing headquarters, and he enlists Ken’s help in decrypting some old records on floppy disks. Ken agrees to do so if only for the opportunity to learn more about Bart, and also to finally get out of the damn taxi.

Bart (Fiona Dourif). Photo by Ed Araquel/BBC America.

With Bart locked in a cell, which she informs them is useless, Farah begins to question Bart. Unfortunately Bart still holds a grudge against Farah for stabbing her. Once the Sheriff and Todd take over, Bart starts to give her murder-filled account of events. Bart is particularly irritated because Suzie attacked her for no reason, to which Dirk reminds her of her multiple attempts to kill him. Bart dismisses this because Dirk still lives, in spite of her attempts. She also tries to convince them that she’s attempting to change her murderous ways. She has put them on the scent of Suzie, so the investigation is headed in a new direction.

Elsewhere in Bergsberg, Suzie drops in on book club, which means she isn’t home when the Sheriff, Dirk, and Todd show up to ask her some questions. Dirk runs into Suzie’s zombified husband, who attacks him. The Sheriff and Todd show up in time to save Dirk, and the Sheriff then tucks Bob Boreton into bed, convinced that Bob is just out of it on pain medication.

As Blackwing nears Bergsberg, Hugo struggles to keep Mr. Priests tendency towards lethal force under control, but as Hugo’s back at Blackwing’s facilities, he doesn’t have much impact.

Todd Brotzman (Elijah Wood) and Deputy Tina (Izzie Steele). Photo by Ed Araquel/BBC America.

The guys rush back to the jail when Tina calls to reveal that she and Farah are headed to check out Scott Boreton’s hit and run. Previously at the jail and on the way to the scene of the accident, Tina is more interested in understanding Farah than in understanding the crime. Farah reveals that she has fond memories of her father teaching her about law enforcement. At the scene, Tina shows that Farah’s not the only gal that can investigate by connecting footprints to the prints left outside the farmhouse previously. She and Farah head off in search of the hit and run victim.

At book club, Suzie isn’t getting the attention she thinks her new appearance deserves, and her former friends comment on her erratic behavior and showing up uninvited. Suzie accuses them of being snobbish and mean, but they remind her that she is equally as terrible as she claims they are. The mystery behind Suzie’s accident is finally revealed – she was on Xanax while driving a car pool of kids when she wrecked. Again, the people who know Suzie remind her that she’s one of the bad guys. Suzie’s had enough of this and pulls out her wand.

Farah and Tina find Panto Trost, and after a brief fight, Farah takes him out, further impressing Tina. At the jail, Todd confronts Dirk on his odd…er than normal behavior, and Dirk explains that he had hoped things would be better and calmer, but it’s Todd’s turn to reassure Dirk and give advice about life and the universe.

Amanda (Hannah Marks) and Vogle (Osric Chau). Photo by Katie Yu/BBC America

That evening, Suzie goes to the quarry because she realizes that her son’s phone is still in her dead boss’s coat pocket. Unfortunately, Mr. Mage is there with a wand of his own. When he calls out for a hidden Suzie to give him back his wand, which she refuses, he tries to call the wand to himself. She’s not letting go of her newfound power though, and he realizes who she is as she runs away.

At the jail, Panto tells Sheriff Hobbs and the gang of the prophecy, but there’s only one part that isn’t incredibly vague, find Dirk Gently.

Amanda and Vogle are holed up at the motel. Earlier Mr. Priest had lured Vogle out of the motel with the Rowdy 3’s van. A smoke bomb finally drives Vogle back out, and he unleashes an unholy fury on Blackwing. When Mr. Priest catches him, Amanda attacks Priest and she and Vogle are able to get back into the motel. Despite Hugo’s non-lethal orders, Huge mercilessly fires on the motel room with an automatic weapon. Hiding in a bathtub with Vogle, Amanda calls out to the universe, and when Priest breaks into the bathroom, Amanda and Vogle are gone.

As Priest said, “This is gonna be a wild one.”

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