ONE CHICAGO Women: CHICAGO P.D. “Home” (5×05) & CHICAGO FIRE “Devil’s Bargain” (6×05) recap

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Can you feel that? It’s the rising tensions in the ONE CHICAGO world this week. As Intelligence were investigating a scam involving selling off children from other countries online and rehoming them over on CHICAGO P.D., over on CHICAGO FIRE ,  Firehouse 51 were dealing with office politics following the new chain of command established last week and of course troublemaker Hope. Read on as we discuss what got up on the leading ladies’ grills in the ONE CHICAGO world this week…

CHICAGO P.D. — “Home” Episode 505 — Pictured: Marina Squerciati as Kim Burgess — (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC)

Kim Burgess: After what one could consider a drought over the last couple of seasons, Atwater fans have been pretty lucky these past few weeks with plenty of Burgess and Atwater scenes – it’s just a shame about the circumstances. This week’s episode centered a lot on Atwater and the aftermath of last week’s episode where he encouraged his brother to speak up as a witness, who is now being harassed for being a snitch and so is their younger sister. We see Atwater struggle a lot with what is best for his siblings – is it better for them to all be together in Chicago or are they better off if he sends them to their aunt’s in Texas where they’ll be safer? The fact that Intelligence’s latest case is about rehoming children does not help the conflicted officer. Throughout it all, Burgess is there to support Atwater as well as his younger sister Vinessa when she is attacked by some older kids. (Thankfully it doesn’t get to far but you could see Burgess’ concern as she considers Atwater’s family her own.) While trying to find clues with this week’s case, Burgess and Atwater also pose as a couple looking to rehome their daughter. When Burgess starts asking the suspects for references, they get spooked and try to turn it back around on Burgess, telling her they don’t think she’s ready to give up her “daughter”. Ha, if only they knew!

Trudy Platt: Is it just me or does it seem like so far this season, the only time we see Platt is when there is a child involved in a case? Don’t get me wrong, I like seeing a softer side to her but c’mon, I want more of the snarky Platt that we all know and love. This week she bonds with a young boy that Intelligence found in a storm cellar. He doesn’t speak English and after Platt offers him a sandwich, he manages to reveal that he is from Vietnam, which helps Intelligence get the ball rolling with their investigation. Over on FIRE, Platt’s husband Mouch reveals that she has two rules when it comes to men – no cats and no vegetarians. We also thought Platt was more of a dog person anyway.

Hailey Upton: Although her partner is Halstead, over the last couple of weeks we’ve gotten to see Intelligence’s latest recruit team up with other members and see what their dynamic is like – last week it was Ruzek and this week we got a scene with her Antonio. I’d love to see her team up with Atwater next and witness what their dynamic is like. Speaking of dynamic, when she was first introduced as Halstead’s new partner, I didn’t mind it because it was clear that they were going to have a different partnership to the one that he and Lindsay had. This week though, there was a weird moment where he was looking on the dark web trying to find information connected to their children trafficking case, when she put her hand on his shoulder and he gave her a look as if he was also surprised/confused about it. I’m chalking it up to working long hours on an intense case and nothing more. Right guys?

CHICAGO FIRE — “Devil’s Bargain” Episode 605 — Pictured: (l-r) Monica Raymund as Gabriela Dawson, Kara Killmer as Sylvie Brett — (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)

Gabriela Dawson: Poor Dawson, it was a big case of being stuck in the middle of important people in her life this week – she was caught between Brett and Kidd when Kidd was convinced Brett’s friend Hope had stolen her cheque and Brett overheard them in the bathroom. Awkward. Then Dawson was caught between Casey and Severide with her husband frustrated with how Severide reacted after he pulled rank on him. Dawson could see why Severide wasn’t happy with Casey but her husband was not impressed that she did not support him 100%, and then her dad popped by and considering the prior tensions between her dad and husband, Casey took what her father Ramon said the wrong way. So much drama! Dawson was also there for Brett when her ambo partner realised her new beau was married and Dawson gently reminded her that she sees the good in people and that’s why they love her and it isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

CHICAGO FIRE — “Devil’s Bargain” Episode 605 — Pictured: (l-r) Kara Killmer as Sylvie Brett, Monica Raymund as Gabriela Dawson — (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)

Sylvie Brett: It takes a lot to get Sylvie Brett mad so when she’s mad, you know that it’s serious. When everyone gets their pay cheque except for Kidd, Kidd is convinced that Hope (who was handing them out) took it  even though Hope tells her she follow up with payroll and get to the bottom of it. Kidd makes the unfortunate mistake of ranting about to Dawson while in the Firehouse bathroom where Brett has just happened to have finished showering and overhears the whole thing and defends her hometown friend but as things get heated, Brett comments that it’s mighty convenient that Kidd has had all these issues with Hope after she found out Hope was hooking up with Severide. Burn! (Dawson later tells Kidd she was pretty proud of Brett for making such a ballsy comment and Kidd admits she was too.) Also this episode, after responding to a call where an 8-month-pregnant woman was feeling faint at a grocery store, a cute doctor who happened to be there later asks Brett out and she accepts. Things seem to be going pretty well until their night is cut to an end because he has a patient emergency. When Brett (along with Dawson) goes to visit him the next day at work, a nurse interrupts them with a phone call from his wife. Scum! Poor Brett, she’s pretty hard on herself and Dawson tries to give her a pep talk and tells her that she always sees the best in people and that’s why they love. Those words seem to set a light bulb off in her head and at the end of shift, she warns Hope that she better not be messing with her family at Firehouse 51 and that it would be convenient if Hope had taken Kidd’s cheque so she could be the hero and save the day when Kidd finally got paid. Basically Brett is onto Hope and knows she has something to do with Kidd’s missing cheque even if she has no proof yet. Hell yes, #TeamSylvieBrett.

CHICAGO FIRE — “Devil’s Bargain” Episode 605 — Pictured: Miranda Rae Mayo as Stella Kidd — (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)

Stella Kidd: Ugh, Hope is the worst, isn’t she? Don’t worry Kidd, we’re totally with you that there is something up with that girl but we’d also be careful if we were you and be a bit more subtle on how you call her out on things. When Kidd is the only one not to receive her pay cheque, she’s skeptical when Hope tells her Payroll must have made a mistake and that she will follow up. Kidd is pretty frustrated as money is pretty tight for her – luckily Severide isn’t just a good roommate but also a good friend and tells her it’s okay if she needs to stay with him a bit longer. It causes some tensions with her and Brett too – note to Kidd, you might want to check not just the cubicles but the entire baathroom before you badmouth someone. Hope constantly keeps Kidd updated and even tells her (and Chief Boden) she will make sure that Kidd receives her cheque, even if it means going down to payroll herself – which she apparently does and manages to get Kidd’s cheque. BUT then at the end of the episode, we see that she did take Kidd’s cheque in the first place and that Brett was most likely right – it was so she could play hero and win Kidd over. What a conniving little hussy! What is your damage girl? Watch your back Kidd, don’t be fooled by the innocent act. Next week is FIRE‘s fall finale (due to Thursday night football) so here’s hoping it’ll be Hope’s final episode! Pretty please?

CHICAGO P.D. airs Wednesday at 10/9c, CHICAGO FIRE airs Thursdays at 10/9c and CHICAGO MED returns Tuesday, November 21 at 10/9c. All three shows air on NBC.

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