The Gifted Roundtable: “eXit strategy”

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Last night the latest episode of The Gifted aired on FOX, entitled “eXit strategy.” The episode focused on the mutants efforts to save Lorna and Reed from Sentinel Services before they basically disappear for good, but in order to do that Marcos has to make a big risk and the Strucker children play a part in the rescue effort.

Here is the official description for the episode:

“The mutants devise a plan to take down Sentinel Services; Eclipse looks to an old friend to obtain information; Lauren and Andy attempt to combine their powers to help the group.”

Please join Roz, Leah and Rueben as they discuss their thoughts on the intense episode:

You just knew that the show wouldn’t include Zach Roerig from The Vampire Diaries for a cameo at the beginning of the episode, right? Did you expect him to be working with Sentinel Services, though, and do you anticipate seeing him again?

Roz: I didn’t recognize Zach from TVD but I don’t think he’s done being a mutant working against other mutants. It’s not the first time I’ve seen it happen and it’s never the last because so many mutants don’t trust their powers enough to work for their own cause.

Leah: I didn’t recognize him either. I had to IMDb to see who was playing Pulse. I didn’t figure a prominent flashback would result in nothing, but I was surprised to see him at the battle. It didn’t really look like he was entirely himself though. Maybe that is where our Dr. Campbell comes in?

Rueben: I recognized Zach right away, and knew he had to play more of a part than just in that flashback. I had a bad feeling after he was shot that he would end up in the hands of Sentinel Services, but wasn’t expecting him to be working right alongside them, using his powers against his own people. They are either controlling him or have brainwashed him in some way to think he is actually helping the “right” side.

Marcos has basically made a deal with the devil. What do you think Carmen, the head of the cartel, is going to make him do?

Roz: Well, she already made him into Muscles for the purposes of getting her drugs back but that seemed rather tame compared to what I think Marcos is still going to do to keep Lorna safe.

Leah: Yeah…..what the hell? I get the reasoning but this isn’t going to be smooth sailing.

Rueben: I agree with you both. I have a feeling Carmen is going to rear her head at the most unexpected times and none of it is going to be good for Marcos or the rest of the mutants.

How long do you think Clarice is going to keep quiet about the memory that Dreamer supplanted in her mind?

Roz: She’ll be quiet until the dreams means she’s getting no sleep. At least Clarice thinks they aren’t real.

Leah: Agree with Roz. At least she thinks it is a dream. As soon as she doesn’t, we are going to have a problem.

Rueben: I was relieved that she didn’t seem to think they were real, but perhaps one small “girly” part of her might wish it were true (Johnny is a hunk, after all); but I think she is a pretty smart gal who will reason it out and want an explanation. Dreamer better watch her back.

We didn’t see Dr. Campbell (Garret Dillahunt) in this episode, but what do you think he will do when he learns what Lauren and Andy can do with their combined powers?

Roz: For siblings who don’t get along well, this information is going to be useful to Dr. Campbell once he learns of it.

Leah: He is going to love getting his hands on them and that is scary!

Rueben: I totally agree, Leah. This isn’t going to bode well for either of the Strucker kids. But I also feel sorry for Dr. Campbell because Mama Bear Caitlyn will be a force to be reckoned with if anything happens to her children!

What did you think of Reed for putting himself on the line to allow Lorna to pull out the metal screws in his leg? And, how about her take-down of Sentinel Services?

Roz: I was happy to see a scene like this! This is very similar to a scene in X2, but with more harm to Reed ( Magneto uses extra iron in a guard’s blood to escape) and like I always say, she’s Magneto’s kid without having to say it.

Leah: Was there any other way she would have really trusted him? She may still not trust him but this was a very good start.

Rueben: He was trying to convince Lorna that he was now on the mutants side, but I guess she needed a little more tangible proof of his commitment. Like Roz, I think she’ll trust Reed in that moment, but he’s going to need to do a lot more for her to fully trust him.

How about Caitlyn not only taking out that guard with her meds but also stealing the Sentinel Services SUV to come in like the cavalry to save them?

Roz: I love how involved she is now and that she realizes the weight of what they’re doing. Not only did she get through to the Underground on not always using brute force to get to Reed and Lorna, but she’s practical.

Leah: I like that she can be useful…although I think I may have yelled that the SUV must have GPS.

Rueben: OMG, Leah, exactly! Sentinel Services could so track that SUV, but if they have that mutant who can make anyone who comes near the Mutant Underground building fear for their very lives, then I’ll bet they have someone who could disrupt that GPS. As for Mama Bear Caitlyn, I’m loving that she is stepping up more and more each week, and I can’t wait to see what she will do next.

Turner is on the war path, how bad do you think it’s gonna get for the mutants now?

Roz: It’ll be bad, but I didn’t expect this to be a cake walk.

Leah: He was already angry, and I am sorry his daughter was killed, but he is on a path he can’t come back from. He’s not going to feel better until every mutant is “gone” and he can’t make that happen. Can we take a moment to talk about how ridiculous it was that he was at the front of the bus at the bottom of the stairs and his guy in the bus was saying Lorna and Reed were not restrained and instead of charging into the bus he just stood outside looking around.

Rueben: Yeah, not that you mention that, what was up with that? Not well thought out planning, huh? As for Turner’s warpath – he’s gonna bulldoze through anyone who gets in his way to get at the mutants, but even then – and with all their weapons – I think they are going to be severely outnumbered. Although with Pulse on the Sentinel Services side, it could level the playing field.

What are your thoughts on the show so far? Do you have a favorite character? What do you think is going to happen next. Please share your comments below.

The next new episode of The Gifted will air on FOX on Monday, October 30 at 9/8c.

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