Outlander Recap: “A. Malcolm”

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It’s the episode that fans of Outlander have been waiting a LONG time to see: the reunion of Jamie and Claire. As everyone knows by now, the much-beloved couple have been separated in time – 20 years for each of them in their respective time periods, but 200 years apart when you think about the centuries for which they actually live.

Here is the official description for the episode:

“After decades apart, Jamie and Claire finally reunite and rekindle their relationship; Jamie’s new business dealings could jeopardize the couple’s hopes for a simple life.”

A New Perspective

Last week we saw Claire’s journey to get back to Jamie, and in the opener of the episode we saw the arrival date of Claire from Jamie’s perspective: getting dressed for the day [with a little help from an unexpected woman – more on her shortly], walking to work at his print shop, dealing with two ne’er-do-well associates at the print shop as well as his assistant Geordie creating his own bit of havoc for Jamie.

As he is preparing new copies of leaflets, wearing spectacles to boot, he hears her voice. And as he turned to see for himself what was happening, we saw him pass out from shock of her arrival.

Waking Up to a Dream

Jamie came to with Claire leaning over him, shock clearly written on his face. He was also worried he had pissed his pants when it was – thankfully – only the spilled ale pot. We finally got to see them realize that neither was a dream, that are both facing the one person they have each been dreaming about for the past 20 years. That first shared kiss, led to another one and would have stretched into another kiss if Geordie hadn’t interrupted them.

Meeting Brianna and Willie…and Fergus

Much like in the book on which this season is based, Claire brought pictures of Brianna with her to show Jamie, telling him a little about his beautiful, head-strong daughter. And, in turn, Jamie told Claire about his son Willie, who he has not told anyone about – not even his sister Jenny.

Soon after that Jamie realized the time had gotten away from him, and he was needed at an appointment. He and Claire proceeded to a local tavern, encountering a very surprised Fergus, who was also shocked by the return of “Milady.”

What Is Jamie Up To?

At the local tavern Claire was introduced to Mr. Willoughby, another associate of Jamie’s [who we will see much more of as the season rolls out], and we learn that Jamie is into much more than just the print shop.

“Home” Sweet “Home”

Much of the episode was then focused on Jamie taking Claire to his room – above a brothel of all things – where they shared a meal and learned much more about their 20 years of separation. It was here that we discovered the woman who was assisting Jamie get dressed at the beginning of the episode was Madame Jeanne, the owner of the brothel.

It may not have been the perfect place for their much-anticipated reunion – in more than just heart and mind – in the end it couldn’t have been a more imperfectly perfect place. With Jamie asking Claire, “Will you come to bed with me, then?” and her saying “Yes!” it was the moment fans had been waiting so patiently to see.

The slow removal of their clothes, Jamie’s reaction to the zipper on her corset, the moment he told her “Christ, Claire, you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen!” and the culmination of 20 years of wanting, that resulted in a few awkward moments, it was a love scene for the ages! A love scene that actually lingered and lingered with Jamie and Claire sharing heart-to-heart conversations, passionate embraces and more love-making.

Trouble Is a Brewing

After a wonderful night together, Jamie was forced to leave to conduct some business – even though he “dinna want to leave” her. It was then that Claire met young Ian Murray, Jenny and Ian’s 16-year-old son, who was looking for his uncle; but was quite surprised to find his long-thought-dead aunt Claire in his room.

Claire then went downstairs for some breakfast, meeting three of the whores: Dorcas, Molly and Peggy – all of whom were quite surprised by the reaction of Madame Jeanne when she discovered Jamie’s wife sitting with them. While Claire didn’t seem to mind the company, Madame Jeanne was less than pleased.

It was then that things turned dire, as a man was ransacking Jamie’s room, looking for ledgers. He didn’t believe Claire was his wife, spoke down to her as if she was one of the whores and harshly grabbed her by the face before the screen went black. Not even a day in the past to reunite with Jamie and Claire has found herself in trouble yet again.

Please share your thoughts below on the reunion of the century? And, remember the next new episode of Outlander will air next week on Starz on Sunday, October 29 at 8/7c.

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