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Women of the Week

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Can you believe we’ve now reached the end of the first month of the 2017/2018 TV season? Week 4 saw some pretty intense performances and these are our top leading lady performances of the week…

Nominated by Rueben: Patricia Campbell played by Anne Heche on The Brave
I’m gonna pick Anne Heche as Patricia Campbell in this week’s new episode of The Brave. Patricia was actually in the field with the covert team in order to interrogate an American turned Taliban member who was being held prisoner. He had details on a bombing that was set to take place and Patricia was there to get the intel out of him. She didn’t have to apply any means of force, but read him like a book; eventually getting the details out of him as his own Taliban bombed him and the covert team. She even held up pretty damn well even under pressure of his hold a a weapon to her throat. She is one courageous and tough woman.


Nominated by Ange: Gabriela Dawson played by Monica Raymond on Chicago Fire
I’m nominating Chicago Fire’s Gabriela Dawson played by Monica Raymund. Chihards know that Dawson is a bad ass but this week she took it to another level. After getting trapped in a parking structure collapse while off duty, not once did Dawson panic – even when she was literally holding a man’s head together in her hands. Any other person including me, would have been squeamish at the sight, but not Dawson – her training immediately kicked in and she stayed calm. When those around her were butting heads, she defused the situation and also made sure everyone got out safe first. Although we knew she was going to make it out alive, the whole situation had me on edge and I really admire the way Dawson handled the super stressful situation (and also her Macgyver like techniques to minimise danger since she didn’t have her paramedic or firefighter tools).

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