Will & Grace: Grandpa Jack Discussion

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This week’s episode of Will & Grace brought a new name for Jack that we never thought we’d call him. Grandpa! Let’s see what the Nice Girls have to say about “Grandpa Jack”.

Grandpa Jack! Jack has a grandson and he is adorable. What did you think about Skip?

Melissa: How is Elliott old enough to have a son as old as Skip??? They’re taking some liberties with the timeline, right? Anyway, I’m glad we got a conversion storyline because I think a lot of people don’t realize that conversion camps and conversion therapy still exists. If I can put on my LGBTQ advocate hat for a moment, I encourage you to visit 50bills50states.com to learn more about an effort to ban conversion therapy in all 50 states.

Lisa: I know! I thought Skip was a little old to be Elliott’s son too. I agree, I was glad that they approached the conversion storyline with a bit of humor. It’s a shame that places like this still exist. And how great were Andrew Rannells & Jane Lynch? I love when they have guest stars. And Mel you put on that advocate hat girl! You wear it  well.

Elliott, Jack’s estranged son, is all grown up and very conservative. What did you think about his back story? Do you think we will see more of Elliott & Skip on the show?

Melissa: Honestly, I’m surprised that Elliott went uber conservative given who his parents are. But it’s encouraging that when he realized what that camp actually was, he took Skip out and helped his wife realize that wasn’t the right thing to do either. I hope we see more of both of them. I always did like the Jack/Elliott dynamic.

Lisa: Me too! At first I was upset that they sent him to the “Straighten Arrow” Camp, but I was so glad to see that Elliott came to his senses. It would be interesting to see Elliott and his wife’s relationship after taking him out of the camp. And I think Skip is so cute. I hope we have more of him on the show.

Tony, Tony, Tony.  What do you think of Grace’s cute singing employee? Will he be able to keep up with Karen?

Melissa: Sorry, that storyline felt a little tone deaf given what’s happening in Hollywood right now. Sexual harassment and inappropriateness in the workplace is not a joke, even when the script is flipped and a man is on the receiving end. That’s not empowering and I expect better from this show.

Lisa: Yeah, the timing on that storyline couldn’t have been worse. II know it’s bad to say but I found it hilarious to see Karen harassing them both. I know isn’t right, but there isn’t too much Karen can’t make funny. I laughed out loud when she was dancing behind Grace. Everything they do in that office is inappropriate (they drink, talk about sex, drugs etc.) and I think that’s why they can get away with it on the show. But where are their customers? We never see customers. lol I like Tony though and I think he is cute. I hope they find a good storyline for him.

Favorite joke or scene?

Melissa: Jack’s heartfelt conversation with Skip at the camp was lovely.

Lisa: Yes! His speech to Skip made my heart melt. I also thought the “pajama party postion” was funny and Grace singing literally had me in tears. And Skips line “Jesse Tyler Ferguson she is fabulous!”


Melissa: I think I may have to give this one to Elliott. He always brings out the best in Jack, grounding him and letting us see who Jack could have been if he truly grew up.

Lisa: My MVP is Skip. It was refreshing to see a young child on the show. He was adorable!

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